A man is sponsored into a position that he is intelligent enough for and educated enough for, but not experienced enough for. The people that sponsor him want him to know it and know that they own him. They do this for their own agenda. They want what they want whether it is right or wrong, good or bad and they want to control him because after all he wasn’t really ready for this job. He is just a puppet that no one can touch because they call him ‘black’.

He has brown skin but it isn’t even dark brown. That is because his father’s skin was dark brown and his mother’s skin was beige. His father was not a father, only the physical donor to his life through his genes. His mother and his mother’s parents, his grandparents were the ones who loved him and nurtured him and believed in his life and his future. All of their skin was beige. But now, these confused people use him to further their agenda. By constantly saying he is black when he is really light brown and raised by the beige people that represented 50% of his physical make up. They say,

“Anyone that disagrees with him, it is because they are racist.” The truth is …they are the ones that are racist, because all that they see is a person whose father had dark brown skin. They don’t see that the people that loved him and cared for him had beige skin. They are the racists by calling him black when there is no such thing as a black person. Dark brown, brown, light brown, tan, beige and pale beige are all of the colors of skin, the same family of color and the same family of man. We are who we are because of who we choose to be and that is what counts to God and to us. Our looks do not define us…never have… never will.

Racists view this differently and will use the ‘race card’ to gain every advantage that they can. They will falsely accuse everyone that disagrees with this man as being racists. They are “bearing false witness” against people that they don’t even know and saying terrible things about them just to make sure that they get what they want, ‘come hell or high water’ and they are creating both. Half of us are on fire with anger and the other half are drowning in the sewage water of their evil stupidity.( an emotional state…the opposite of God’s gift of clarity of thought)

So by their own actions they have shown that they are simply using this man, a man that is God’s unique and miraculous creation just like everyone else, a man that is intelligent and has thoughts and dreams of his own. Thoughts and ideas are worth agreeing with or DISAGREEING WITH. It’s okay to disagree with people. ITS OKAY! If their lies were to be true that everyone with beige skin that disagrees with him, is doing so because they are ignorant racists; then…….it has to HOLD TRUE…that everyone that has brown skin that has ever disagreed with a person in his position with beige skin was doing so because they are ignorant racists themselves. It has to be true then, that none of these people are capable of thinking complete and meaningful thoughts. Their opinion is of no value. Is that true? That is what they are saying!  It is the same as those they accuse of being racist, those that disagree with person of brown skin, because of his skin. His skin isn’t even as dark as the skin of a beige person with a suntan.

This evil is so diametrically opposed to anything God wants from us that it has to stop ll Christians, true Christians appreciate all of God’s Creation, God’s children. True Christians know that everyone has complete freedom to believe anything that we want to believe. It is God’s plan. Christians don’t want to hate. Christians don’t want to be angry. Christians don’t want to be racists. Christians don’t want to fight. Christians want peace and understand that peaceful problem resolution is the only intelligent problem resolution. These evil accusations are a giant smokescreen just for the people that think that they control this man to get away with what they want. Will we ever know who this man really chooses to be? If we don’t ever know…….. thank God that God does.




The average person needs to see something, hear something, or do something three times in order for it to sink in. Once it sinks in, we can review it, store it, retrieve it, use it, or reject it. Think

Colossians 3;11

In this new life one’s nationality or race or education or social position is unimportant; such things mean nothing. Whether a person has Christ is what matters, and he is equally available to all.