Time, everybody is always worried about time. “What time is it?”  “What time do we start?” “How much time will it take to get there?” ” How much time will it take?” “How much time do we have?” “ How much time do I have here?

Time, as we think about it, is really only earth time. The recent earthquake in Japan sped up the earth’s rotation by a fraction of a second thus shaving time off of our year. Did that change your days? If it would have sped it up by 2 minutes and we would have lost 730 minutes/year and that would mean 12 hours l0 min and 30 seconds or about a half a day a year just gone. We already get a quarter of a day each year added on. That is why we experience leap year every four years. ( you know Feb. 29th ). So then would we have to put a make- up day every four years and cut it off at Feb.27th ? Do we notice? Do we care?

Why do we always think of time in one straight line? The word eternity means forever. Before the human race began there was God. Why do think of  eternity in a straight line instead of a circle or something else never ending. It cracks me up when the self- inflated God skeptics talk about creation as a ” big bang”. ‘We are all one big accident, no big deal. If that is so, then why is it taking so long to figure out amazingly brilliant design of everything? Huh?

The 7 days of creation, ( well, really 6 and 1 to rest) is viewed by these silly people as literal earth days. Nope…couldn’t possibly be. Here’s why. Read….

Genesis 1;1-5

When God began creating the heavens and the earth, the earth was at first shapeless, chaotic mass, with the spirit of God brooding over the dark vapors.

THEN God said , ” Let there be light.” and light appeared. And God was pleased with it and divided the light from the darkness. So He let it shine for a while and then there was darkness again. He called the light ” daytime”, and the darkness ” nighttime. Together they formed the first day.

Think!….how do we eat a cake while we are baking it if it hasn’t been made yet? How do we measure all of the cosmic creativity as a day, when God was making the first day… the first earth day. Now even if this passage was referring to 7 earth day, what was a day?

Come on, we just saw the earth’s rotation change so what is a day?

Can you see this? Try this out ! Ted says, ” Well you know, back in the day blah blah blah….” And his friend Bob says, ” Excuse me, what exact day are you talking about? What was the date? ( really? ) Or this, “the day of the dinosaur”… and that exact date would be? Focus! We aren’t convinced that time is real at least not the way we know it. It is another day somewhere on earth as we cross the international date line…so what day is it really?

If two people are experiencing the same moment in time, but it is two different days at the same time…think! We really don’t  know what time is. other than a schedule that we can live by and prevent chaos. It is a gift…..but what is it?

As far as the big bang theory, look at Genesis. Light-explosion?

Chaos-matter dispersed everywhere? Dark vapors- gases ? Dark matter? Dark energy?

A simple explanation for all people of all ages on earth. The kicker is scientists that think all of this happened by accident, without a plan. Really? This kind of brilliance? Pla-eeze!

Time and space are basically joined at the hip, but how? We already accept the fact that time moves so slowly in space compared to earth. In space, it could take us thousands of earth years to decide what to eat for dinner. That is why space travel to distant places seems possible because we would age so slowly and it wouldn’t seem like long to get there, or so we think. However when we came back (if ever) would there still be anyone, anything left that we would know? Any life form or the earth itself would it still be here? Maybe that is why we enter life on earth as an infant, on our own schedule and don’t want to be rushed and do the same as we age. So what is time?

What if time was like a springy coil? You know, the kind that children play with that slinks up and down stairs? Now imagine gently stretching out that coil and permanently connecting both ends. Now we have eternity. Let’s say our known time on earth, ( recorded history) represents I inch of one coil. The curve would be so minor that we would view it as a straight line. Now since this coil is flexible, it can be stretched out to go slowly or bunched up to go fast. Still none of the coils would be touching each other.

It can be twisted, overlapped anything as long as no coils touch. Now let’s imagine extra dimensions. Other coils that have a few circles that mingle in between the first circles of the first coil, but still

not touching. This would create new circles of space that were few and far between. Tiny circles in comparison and these could be the worm holes physicists are grappling with.

We have to admit that on earth there really are no straight lines. Even if we get in our car a drive in a straight line across the planet, we are driving on a ball, a curved surface. The bottom line of path is curved. We know that space can bend light so even if we see a straight line is it  really straight?

Physicists really believe that time travel is a distinct possibility. With this theory it seems that it would be easier to travel many, many years into the future or past than it would be to travel  just a few days. It’s fascinating to say the least and maybe someday we will know. But we will only know the new stuff if we have an open mind. Knowing that God is in charge gives us faith that eliminates fear and lets us wander into new knowledge without denial because we are afraid.

So what would we redo if we could travel back in time? Chances are we would choose matters of the heart. Would we want to travel ahead? Not so much… would we want to know when someone we love is going to die and how? Would we want to know that they were going to suffer? Would it create such a dark cloud over us that we would not choose to celebrate the love and the time that we share together? Speaking of love, the Bible tells us that love is the energy that lasts forever. Love conquers all…that includes space and time. God is love. God is in charge of space and time. Maybe those scientists that give God credit for His brilliance in design will be privy to more of the true information/ knowledge.

Knowledge is a gift from God. We simply accept it and let it flow through us.

Now we are saying time and space are  related things, but what is space? We have always thought of it as one universe and now scientists are starting to believe that it is a multiverse. Many, many dimensions all co-existing at the same time. As a matter of fact,  but not really,  not fact that  is just a saying) they think that there are 8 other dimensions in addition to the 3 that we live in. But then of course, there are theories out there saying that there never were even 3 dimensions that we live in one. No one knows and that what makes research so fun.

Now back to the multiverse . The best explanation someone gave is this; We walk up to a bakery counter. There are l0ts of cookies and pastries to choose from. We like them all. We choose the lemon cookie…this time…BUT we could have chosen any of the others. The way a multiverse works is that 9 other of ‘us’ chose each of the other cookies at the same time. That sounds crazy but most new thoughts do. For years people spoke of having an identical twin somewhere on the planet. Maybe we weren’t so far off if this multiverse thing seems to be true. It would make sense on a cosmic scale that by the end of our earth life we were able to see all of the ‘real’ different decisions that we could have made or did make in the multiverse and have a conglomeration of all of them and God would then take the sum total of our choices into account for consideration of any forward journey.

Wait!.. maybe not! It’s hard enough for us to accept full responsibility for our own choices of thoughts and actions much less stand by and see another one of us making different choices. Either way, a Christian knows that if we keep on trying and keep on forgiving and asking for forgiveness that our mistakes can be erased when we leave and can enter the long haul of time with a fresh start, as children ready to learn all over, as we are told.

So what really is time? If earth time and our experience is so fast compared to the universal clock, it seems like that would be a very good thing. It is hard here. We have to choose every minute of every day who we want to be. Our bodies age and we get sick. We have worries and stress even though we are told not to by Christ, but we try…don’t we?

Look, if we don’t see thoughts and words and actions coming out of ourselves that represent what we would see in a paradise situation like heaven, and we are not even trying to get past our own mistakes well.., then, we need to go ahead and worry about time. Time will not be on our side because it’s earth time and earth time only, that we will have.

Let’s try to wrap our head around a concept like eternity. No matter what theory scientists are working with, no one seems to think that time is finite. No one thinks that time has a definite beginning or an end. We might. Earth might, but just because we are not here does time stand still? Does it vaporize?  So why do we see time in one straight line? How about this? We are egotistical brats that think no one that has ever lived knew any more than we know now…period. We think that we have gradually learned and each generation added on to what that last one learned and here we are.

Let’s talk. First, there are very sophisticated buildings throughout this world that are carbon dating back the, twenty even thirty thousand years or more. Buildings that would be near impossible for us to replicate today even with all of our technology. hm. Now let’s think. If a cataclysmic event happened to the earth…today.. and all buildings, writings, art and so forth that represented our civilization were destroyed or buried or both and all that was readily available to future people  would be etched in stone, what would they think about us? Our buildings in Washington D. C. Hm.., would they not look like the Rome or Greece just not as old?

The people most likely to survive something like that would be the ones already living off of the land like the tribes hidden in the Amazon forests, New Guinea, Africa and so forth. Depending on the problem that did us in, if it was manmade they might not even know about it. Their day does not depend on the stock market. There are people that know nothing of our world. So they make it through without noticing too much hell.

A few others(modern man) actually make it through the hell too. Some remember and tell the children stories of the way things used to be. Others  generations might think of them as myths because they never saw them even when they were here. Survival would be hard and day to day needs exhaust the people, so progress would be slow. We would be hunter gatherers again. So what do the people of the future think. Will they think like we do that no one has ever done these things before? That they are the first people doing all of this wonderful stuff? Will their ego get in the way?

What do we really think?

So what if all of this history was about percentages? Go slow, but think. If a long time ago most of the population were hunter gatherers and a small percent was modem man, most of the artifacts that we would find would mostly be from the hunter gatherers and that is why we think this has been a straight line time event.

It would be the opposite now if…IF modern man’s buildings and all evidence of our civilization had survived enough for archeological excavation, but chances are it wouldn’t. The native peoples of the forest would probably carry on unaffected and the ego of future man would more than likely say the same thing that we say now.

If someone takes a journey online, check out the cities under water on the ocean floor, inland seas, in mountains, the excavations all over this planet. It is absolutely amazing.

What if the majority of the people that were hunter gatherers in our past, did so as a choice? A choice because the first of humans to survive a cataclysm were so busy with surviving AND a culture of rejection of modern man had begun? They saw that those dependent on society and shared jobs, did not survive. The only ones that survived were those that knew how to live with nature and take their food from the land. What if the mention of progress or even mention of the way that things had been before was so taboo that it was forbidden from one generation to the next except in the form of myths and legends. What if people truly felt that it was a matter of life or death to give up the conveniences of modern man and be able to survive in the wilderness.

Future archeologists would see both if they were to excavate the world we had now. Native tribes, simple farmers in land with no clean water, people living individually and ruggedly in the mountains all the way to suburbs and huge cities. So why wouldn’t our ancestors have experienced that diversity too? Futuristic writers have produced some famous works depicting just such things. So why is it not likely to true about our past just as we have it in our present? Do we think it is a possibility for our future? Yes. Probability? Don’t know.

We know so little. We aren’t just the children of the universe, we are the toddlers barely able to speak. That’s why it is so funny to see people act like they know so much and that they are “all that”. It kind of reminds us roosters in a barnyard all going around strutting their cock feathers at each other. When we look at this from our perspective, a human one, they all look so similar that we think it’s funny and would be a serious waste of time for us to do it. Yet we do it every day. Look how smart we are (strut, strut.). Look how rich we are (strut, strut). Look at what I’ve done (strut, strut). Look how good looking I am (strut, strut).

Christians know that we are what we are because God created us and everything else. We know that we have the freedom not to waste our time on earth on such silly matters and choose and new path that gets us on the road to ‘out of here’ to something much, much better when we leave. We don’t want to waste time separating from God with our thoughts, words and actions. We want to improve for God and love others, improve ourselves and help make the world a better place. When it is our time to go, Will the good kind hearted people be truly glad to have shared time with us? Or will they be glad that we are out of here? We took up space and God said that we could have it so that we could choose what we did with our time.

The more we know, the more we know what we don’t know.

Boredom is death of the spirit. Children act like they are dying when they are bored and they really feel that way. We’ve all heard stories of prisoners of war saying what they did to counteract boredom because they knew that they would lose the will to live. So it is amazing to constantly learn and re-learn. We erase facts of old with new facts or at least what we believe to be true. We have a deep desire to learn and not be bored. Relax a minute. Movies, music, books, adventures are all forms of learning. Relationships, spirituality, love, are all growth processes and we learn. Life is a great teacher.

When we aren’t allowed to learn and grow we become sad, angry, bitter or we shut down. On the other hand, when we find all of our passions in life, it gives us energy and desire feeds desire to move ahead. We hate being held back, pulled down.

So I’m going to get a little science geeky for a few. Physicists are constantly trying to prove the “theory of everything”. Einstein threw this out there that everything is connected. Physicists have suggested a “string theory” to imagine how this could be. When physicists try to connect electromagnetism, ( our life force and the planets) with strong force, weak force and gravity, they can’t.

Gravity never seems to fit. Even in string theory gravity seems to be a closed loop unable to attach to everything else. Einstein wasn’t a fan of gravity. It is suggested that he thought Sir Isaac Newton was calling it something just to name it because he knew it existed. That he made it up! Every animal and plant knows that they are pulled and/or pushed toward the center of the earth. When Einstein threw out his theories and most of the main stream scientists thought he was nuts. After all, Einstein was just a patent clerk in and office for Pete’s sake, not a professor or anything close. ( OR so they thought!) He became a professor later after some of his theories had gained excellent standing in the scientific community, but for the most part, he was considered a nut job.

The time/space thing wasn’t proven for 4 years after a couple failed attempts at photographing solar eclipses until finally he had the evidence that he needed. Still, many people didn’t like it. Maybe they were ‘flat earthers’.

So gravity doesn’t fit with what physicists are doing today and Einstein wasn’t a fan of it so why do we hang onto it as if it were so? As if it were fact?( Squawk, squawk, SQUAWK!) …..shhhhh. Calm down. Here’s a thought;

The earth has a strong magnetic core that spews out and creates the electro-magnetic field. We call these areas poles. The magnetic field then arches in and elliptical or oval like path around our planet. The earth is rounder than the arch of the electro-magnetic field so it strongest at the equator, the fattest part of our planet. What if we are simply dealing with magnetism in general instead of electro-magnetism and gravity. What if they aren’t 2 different things?

Think… a ph scale one end is acid and one end is alkaline. They are opposites but both are measured by their potential hydrogen, thus pH. They are both equally destructive, but neutralize each other out. Great drinking water is neutral at a pH or7. ( the middle) We accept the fact that two opposites are measured on the same scale.

Now what if the core of the earth is dense magnetism and as it spread out into the atmosphere becomes electric with voltage and is carried in the current flows to stay magnetized.

We are a carbon based planet we are just now realizing that carbon can be magnetized. So what if the core of the earth is pulling everything in or down, (like gravity)and the electromagnetic field was pushing everything away or down from above and up from the field.. We know that the electromagnetic field defends us from oncoming asteroids, radioactive burst and so forth. So we know that it repels. Why wouldn’t it repel from all sides? Meaning that the bottom side of this would repel stuff away from it and thus satisfying the ‘push’ factor that scientists have been tossing back and forth? We would then have the push from above and the pull from the center, below. Then would that fit into the theory of everything? Why not have a Gf (gravitational force) that registers all of magnetism?

Then it could exist like pH exists because of the things that it measures exist .The Gf in the positive numbers could  be the attracting force of magnetism as in the dense core, and the negative numbers be repelling forces of magnetism, as in the magnetosphere.

There are eye witness accounts of UFOs punching holes in the sky and accelerating straight up at phenomenal speeds. Relax, pilots and military people that didn’t want to see this crap are more than credible witnesses. As a matter of fact, a ‘keep it quiet’ but well known incident at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport even has video footage of the hole punched in the sky. And ,”No,” the temperature at any altitude was not cold enough to form a weather phenomena. Check it out for yourselves.

Now think, if a flying saucer could capture the magnetic pull down from our earth’s center core and slide it around to the top side of the craft while it simultaneously captures the push down from the magnetosphere and flips it over to the bottom of the craft, it would create lift as fast as reverse crash. We aren’t stunned when we see something crash to the earth at amazing speeds because we know that the forces at work would cause that. Think. If a saucer could do this reverse, it could crash upwards at the same speed. Leaving a hole in the sky, clouds and magnetosphere exactly where it needed to depart so that no remaining push down would interfere with rapid departure.

We capture and convert energy all of the time. What do we think solar energy is? In the case of the saucer, energy wouldn’t even need to be converted, it would just need to flipped top to bottom. Wouldn’t it also make sense in space travel that we would need to gather , use and store energy wherever we went.? We store energy all of the time, it’s called batteries. Open minds have outrageous thoughts that sometimes lead other open minds to research that allows us to discover all kinds of new things along the way.

Here’s another thought, we claim that the moon is responsible for the tides. The moon has barely enough gravity to hold a 1501b. man on it when he’s standing right on it. ( you know direct contact?) Now this weak gravity is responsible for moving how much water in our oceans? Going against how many currents? What about the Coriolis effect? Fill a 50 gallon drum with water and try to move it. Or try to tell water to do something it doesn’t want to do. Water is one of our strongest forces on the planet and we think that the weak moon does what? Water finds its own level.. right? And the moon does what? BUT! This idea about space actually being something not just a vacuum is interesting. If we….. Can bend and manipulate space…wouldn’t this already happen in space? Outrageous ideas from simple everyday things. If space is like some invisible marshmallow wouldn’t it make sense that as the moon gets closer to earth that space would be compressed or stretched between earth and the moon at least momentarily until space would find ” its own level” so to speak?

When we fill a beverage at self- serve pop/soda dispenser we would notice this. If we filled the cup too full, all the way to the brim, when we put the lid on it, it will overflow. Why does it overflow? Because we put more pop/soda in it? No. It overflows because there is pressure on the top of the liquid.( the meniscus) The lip around the lid that attaches to the cup is enough to create some overflow and if the lid goes down a little bit in the center, depending on its design, the pop/soda overflows more. Wouldn’t make more sense that the moon applies pressure to space as it nears the earth or pulls and wraps space and causes this effect to water first versus harder land? The oceans are moving and filled with air( sea foam) like pop?

Remember, Einstein got his inspiration from everyday things in the world, simple things. Concepts came to him when he was away from pencil and paper and just thinking with an open mind. Space and time was inspired by a clock in a tower, right?

How about this when the moon is farther away and there is no pressure from space the oceans can find their natural level and rise without restraint, the second high tide? We need to think. The water is in motion from the compression of space on it.

To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction? It goes out…it comes back in. Space either is something or it’s not. We think that it is bendable and malleable because we think it has substance. Was this line of thinking available when Newton first thought of gravity?

We need to appreciate the old and the new. Sort through all of it and find out what is junk and what is valuable. Copernicus was laughed at for thinking the sun was in the center of our galaxy and planets revolved around it, but now we know, we chuckle at the people who laughed at him!

When things aren’t ‘jiving’ we need to re-group and figure out if something went wrong in the beginning. It doesn’t help to keep banging our heads against the wall. Insanity is ‘ thinking the same thoughts and doing the same things, the same way for the same reasons  that we were before and expecting different results. Why are we so sure Sir Isaac Newton was right on everything that he said? Is this another unsinkable Titanic moment? Come on we know it works, it’s our world, we just can’t figure out how. Maybe the answer is in one of the many other dimensions. Hey, crazy thoughts usually get someone on the path of discovery sooner or later. It just makes sense that if space is ‘something’, then anybody that moves space has the power of the space that it moves to affect something else.

This somehow makes more sense than the weak magnetism/ gravitational pull of the moon overriding heavy, heavy, resilient water already effected by currents, wind, land forms, and our own earth’s magnetism/ gravity. Doesn’t it?

So we can waste our time worrying about time and space. Or we can explore our God given life with an open mind and a heart of gold. Gold is an excellent conductor by the way. It’s easy to share the good stuff of a heart of gold. On the other hand, every moment that we waste on worry and fear, is truly gone to us and the quality of our life. Christ told us not to worry about anything man does to our body or our money and we worry about both. “Time is money” we say and we spend our life in pursuit of imaginary money that mankind made up and the insane rules to go with it. Then we worry about time because we don’t want to get old, age, but we want to live a long time without getting old? Figure that one out.

Here’s one more thought to fry the brain.

  1. Slowing down of the reproduction of healthy cells.
  2. Speeding up of the production of new unhealthy cells.

Line A is the natural process of aging. Line B is cancer. Exact opposites.

We have to be around a long time to age. The process of cancer is the opposite.

Cancer is the body’s attempt to overcome something that it doesn’t like. That is why we call them carcinogens. It seems that in some of us our genetic structure has a pattern to over react to the bad things and develop cancer more easily than others. In the early 90s a study was done at a university in California ( I believe) that had volunteers take shots for longevity ( anti-aging). These shots were made from the scrapings of malignant (cancerous) tumors.

Crazy, huh? As we go through life there is so much to learn, to wonder about and let ourselves be afraid of. If cancer is already a knee jerk reaction to something that the body doesn’t like, it would seem that the body, at least chemically speaking, may already be in a type of fight or flight. Fear then, would seem to support this reaction.

Stress always makes our weakest point blow. For some it is the stomach or rashes or colds whatever. Stress does not help. There is a lot of stress in fear.

Fear and faith occupy the same space ( a real thing) in the heart, mind and soul. So fear, has the potential of causing physical problems and lowering the quality of life by separating us from God. Many people at the end of their life or even through very challenging times realize that they have wasted their time being afraid and worried about things that don’t matter. People want to love more and spend more time with the ones they love, not worry more, not work more for money. We hear it all of the time that people wish they would have lived differently while they had the chance. They wouldn’t have let the imaginary rules and lies of this world drag them down. Gravity or magnetism is doing a great job of keeping them on the ground.

As we learn new things we have had a tendency to choose a new way to be afraid. When we develop all of these tests to see if we have to worry about our future….then we worry. Go figure. We have to stop wasting our time worrying about tomorrow or our eventual departure. We should plan for tomorrow, but never worry. It’s the daily bread concept.

As more and more truth becomes available in our lives we need to faith check it first. Remember a fact is only a fact until another one comes along and disproves it. God lifts us up. Love lifts us up. God is love. In this information age, we need to be careful that we are not wasting our time being addicted to the thoughts of this world. We should live the way that so many people have said that they wish they would have lived. when they had the chance. They share  this in their last days when their time here is almost up. Let us not wait. Celebrate life and love. Thank God for all of it.

Choose our own paths and try to find happiness. None of us knows what tomorrow brings so why waste time today separating from God and being afraid. Science is the discovery of God’s brilliance . Amazing, as it is,. w e need not waste our time worrying. God has a handle  on it. Do we have a handle on our own choices?…so we don’t waste time?

Titus 1;2

I have been sent to bring faith to those God has chosen and to teach them to know God’s Truth that changes lives- so they can have eternal life, which God promised them before the world began- and He cannot lie.                                                  Romans 1;19-22

For the truth about God is known to them instinctively; God has put knowledge in their hearts. Since the earliest of times men have seen the earth and the sky and all God made, and have known His existence and great eternal power. So they will have no excuse. I when they stand before God on judgment Day]

Yes, they knew about Him all right, but they wouldn’t admit it or worship Him or even thank Him for His daily care. And after a while they began to think up silly ideas of what God was like and what He wanted them to do. The result was their foolish minds became

dark and confused. Claiming themselves to be wise without God, they became utter fools instead.

2 Peter 10-13

The day of the Lord is surely coming as unexpectedly as a thief, and then the heavens will pass away with a terrible noise and the heavenly bodies will disappear in fire and the earth and everything on it will be burned up. And so since everything around us is going to melt away, what holy, godly lives we should be living! You should look forward to the day and hurry it along- the day God will set the heavens on fire, and the heavenly bodies will melt and disappear in flames. But we are looking forward to God’s promise of new heavens and new earth afterwards, where there will be only goodness.


Another big bang? Sounds like it.

Genesis 1;14-19

Then God said,” Let there be bright lights in the sky to give light to the earth and identify day and night; they shall bring the seasons of the earth, and mark the days and the years. And so it was. For God made two huge lights, the sun and the moon, to shine down upon the earth- the larger one to preside over day and the smaller one, the moon to preside through the night; He also made the stars. And God set them to the sky to light the earth, and preside over day and night, and divide light from the darkness. And God was pleased. This all happened on the fourth day.


( on the fourth day God established a way to mark the days and years…so what is a day in terms of creation. Prior to this, the earth day had-not been established. The first four days are  called days and so are the last three. So if they are all days of creation and we were four days into it before things were established enough to count time in earth days and earth years….. what is a day of creation? Time…space different.. relativity…continuum ..think we need to thinkl The more we know…. the more we know what we don’t know. For the faithful…that makes us appreciate God and all of His brilliance more and more all of the ……time…………………….