A lady named Hope stops in a local office to pay taxes due. As she is handing the clerk her money another lady comes up to receive her money to help her out. The clerk takes the $20.00 bill from Hope and changes it and gives the other lady $1. Hope says,” Wait a minute! I just gave you a twenty! Why is she only getting one dollar?“

The clerk sighs and says, “Here’s the deal. You give $20 and  $1 goes to pay the people that collect and the overhead, you know rent and utilities for the office they work in.”

“ Then it is sent to the state where we pay people to count it and the overhead there so another $2 is lost.”

“ Then we send it to Washington where we have to pay people to count it there and the overhead there too and that costs $2.”

“Then $3 goes to the lawmakers that make the laws. They make an income and get paid in retirement and healthcare for life even if they only work for four years. Then they have a lifestyle, you know ,with special offices with elaborate bathrooms and everything, plus they have dinners at expensive restaurants, trips across the country many times in private jets and so forth. That takes another $4.”

“Then we need to think about waste and fraud that takes up another $2.”

“Then it is sent to the offices that divide it up to the states and that takes another$2.”

“Then it is sent back to the state where people divide it up to go each county and that uses $2 .

“Then it is sent to this local office where people give it to the ” people in need” and that takes another $1.”

Well, all of that is $19.00. So now, there is $1 left for this lady.”

Hope was livid! “Do you mean to tell me that $1 out of $20 actually goes to help someone in need that I want to help and the rest of it goes toward people that make more money than I do and that have better benefits than I do?”

The clerk nodded yes.

” I can’t believe that they keep complaining that there isn’t enough money and we need to pay more taxes when this is what is happening to our money!” Hope turned to the other lady and said, ” I really want to help everyone that truly needs help. I hope that you will be in the position soon to be able to help others too. But right now, I am disgusted that all of these people are using your hardship as an excuse to make a really good income. They make more than I make and want more of my money to feed the lie that they are helping you when you barely get Jack. We would be much better off keeping it local. Then by this clerk’s calculations you would get $19 of it instead of just one. You would be able to dig out a lot sooner, wait, we wouldn’t need all of these people in all of these jobs and they wouldn’t be able to make a living but sucking the life out of both of us. They are screwing us at both ends; mine on the giving side and yours on the needing side. I wish this weren’t so. I wish I had a way to give you true help without all of this evil nonsense. God bless you girl.”

That little story speaks volumes of truth. We keep paying taxes for the few in government to waste it, to lose it, to line their own pockets, to whine about it, to print more and more. Do you know we print $900,000,000.00 a/day 5 days/ week?

Look! LISTEN! We, mankind, invented money. We invented it so lazy people would not benefit from the hard work of others. In any society there is clean water, food shelter, clothing and care to produce. It easier if we all work together rather than each one of us doing everything for ourselves. Now we are to the point that we have added on so many imaginary rules that we have convinced society that it is hard work and acceptable hard work to play with other people’s money and invent even more new rules to go with it. IT IS ALL IMAGINARY!

That is a hard pill to swallow because how many people have suffered because of imaginary money, the lack of it, having it stolen from them or spiritually suffering from sadness, desperation, greed, workaholic or whatever. How many of us have based our lives, our careers, our homes and other purchases, our relationships, our lifestyle, and our happiness factor on… imaginary money? Christ told us to choose a master …money or God? He told us that wanting the good things in life was the same as idol worship which is against every ounce of faith. Christ told us to be happy if we have enough to eat and clothes on our back.

Christ told us to give away our riches if we want to be his. Christ told us that a poor women giving to charity when she had next to nothing was infinitely better than the rich giving a lot which still represented very little of what they had. So what are we doing?! WHAT?! SINCE THE WHOLE THING IS IMAGINARY WE CAN DESIGN IT ANY WAY   WE WANT !!!!

The American dollar has only been around for 150 years? Do you know how many currencies we’ve had? States , colonies, counties, towns have all had their own dollars right here in America! What is going on with England’s pound? What about the Euro? Where did Germany’s Deutschmark go? Do you know after W.W. II that the citizens of Germany had to turn their money for the new money at a l0 to 1 loss. How would you like to turn every $100 you have for $10? There are over 182 world currencies. Even more if we count the ones that aren’t traded everywhere.

The dollar is made of cotton and flax/hemp. It isn’t paper at all. The coins were gold and then were silver. They were silver when we converted to the gold standard instead of the silver and now they are what? Lay all of the world currencies on the table. Look them over and decide which one we want. Oh, look! Here’s one for a million! Let’s take that! Oops, it is a Zimbabwe banknote its only worth a couple of dollars. Well, we better hold off because we don’t what we are doing. Is the Zimbabwe note still in circulation? It’s been revalued several times. They have a 100 trillion note. The Zimbabwe note was in circulation from 1980 til 2009. Where is it now?

What? Some of these bills are fake and worth nothing? Quit? Of course we want to quit. We could choose nothing or something based on its value today. What a lot of work for nothing. Oh, the games! How many people have spent their whole life in search and care and mourning over a currency that doesn’t even exist anymore? If it was real….it still be here. All money is pretend!

We are so deeply addicted to feeling right about money that we are willing to make other people suffer and suffer ourselves because we are brainwashed to believe that this has to be right! We have to be right! We couldn’t be wrong than that would mean that so many people have suffered needlessly including ourselves. Could it?

When people are on their death bed is money real at that at that point ..or is God and love? A man driving to work is freaking out about his stock portfolio losing so much money. He can barely stand the stress. This is bad. BANG! We hear him utter,  “My God, I am in so much pain. It looks like I’m bleeding really bad. I feel dizzy. This was a bad accident. I can’t move. I can’t reach my phone. All I want God, is to call my wife and kids and tell them that I love them. All I want is for them to know that I love them.” he fades off. WHAT IS REAL? WHAT!!!!!

We keep making new rules and people can buy new laws with their connections and imaginary money. Count on it, it’s true. FULL TIME LAW MAKERS………..MAKE LAWS FULL TIME! They keep stacking up. One law after another. Its job security. Our country was designed to have dedicated people a public servants to “We the People” on a basis of sessions to review the laws and possible problems and legislate new laws ….IF NEEDED! The insane bills coming out of Congress that they want to make into laws that are 2000 pages long and that nobody reads, but that do butter everybody’s buddy’s bread just to get the vote and campaign contributions for the next election. Imaginary money is funding elections that were supposed to be for people willing to serve us! They’re creating careers of full time lawmakers and moneychangers that hurt everyone because it’s not real!

These positions were originally held by people that had to travel by horseback, carriage or train very long distances and sacrifice whatever they had going on at home. It could be businesses, law practices, farms, whatever. This was a job of service for the people. Boy, have we lost our way! We could have all our representatives meet in a convention center in the geographical center of the country in Kansas during the true ‘sessions’ depicted in the Constitution and save a boat load of money. Public servants do it because they care.. not because it is a lifetime ‘hook up’ for money and benefits or for a luxurious lifestyle of imaginary money and imaginary power.

Do people know  Jake? Jake is a student in high school. He’s a great student. All A’s, in advanced placement and honors classes. He was taking a course on World governments and 80% of his grade was based on this paper that was due. He wrote about current legislation that they were trying to pass at the Capitol. He turned it in on time, of course. There were 2l pages and he was just a little nervous but was banking on the fact that he did get good grades and he didn’t slouch on this paper.

A couple weeks later the teacher passed the papers back graded. Everyone had a cover page showing the grade and explanations. Jake got his and it had a big red F on it. He checked the name, oh my God it was his! He felt sick and put it in his back pack.

Later on that evening he mustered up the nerve to look at it. The cover page had these comments. Confusing To Reader…Objective Not Clearly Stated.. Too Many Words To Say So Little….Ambiguous At Best….Many Times It Is Self Contradictory.,,. Narcissistic Style Writing, Use Of Words To Impress Fools And Not Inform People.

He then decided to re-read what he had written and figure out what went wrong. He got two paragraphs into it and quickly turned the page and then leafed through  the rest of it. He texted his teacher to ask if he could see her first thing in the morning. In the morning Jake approached his teacher and asked if she would consider grading his paper again. She asked, “Why, what did you change? I could barely stand looking at it the first time much less re-grading it.”

Jake replied, “l realized what I had done when I got home. You see instead of turning in my paper, I accidentally turned the first 2l pages of the actual bill that is before Congress now. You never saw my paper you were trying to read the actual bill.”

Sad but true. We have to stop the madness. It seems like mankind has lost its’ collective mind. We have to stop. I asked a couple of attorneys if they were delivered 1200 pages of legal briefs on a Sunday night at 9:00. Would they be ready to represent their case the next morning at 10:00 ? They all laughed and said , “No, they  wouldn’t even try. They would ask for a continuance. It’s not fair by a long shot to go into court that determines the welfare of others and the truth when you don’t know the information.” FOCUS!!! PEOPLE…FOCUS!!! That is exactly what our Congress is doing.

“ We’ll have to vote on the bill first in order to read it.” sound familiar? Bills are bought and paid for by special interests all based on greed. Laws that effect our lives and they don’t even read them. Even if they do, these bills are written to mean next to nothing real and say it in a mind numbing way and clog up our courts interpreting them. It has to stop. It’s spinning out of control as fast as the National Debt Clock. Have you seen it? Don’t freak out… none of its real…none of it.

Well, enough complaining, are we ready for some answers? Hang with me through this with an open mind. Information isn’t scary. We have freedom to keep it, use it or throw it out. Just hang in there, okay? The first thing we have to admit …ready? Bigger is not better. Again…BIGGER IS NOT BETTER. The bigger the corporation, government, school district anything the more opportunity there is for money and people to fall through the cracks. The more opportunity for people without morals or values to infiltrate their way in and commit fraud and jam up the system. The bigger entities lose the sense of the importance of the individual, we become numbers. We need to localize and size down everything…EVERYTHING.

Then work together as a group. Every team member has their own equipment and is strong and ready to go. Then we have to change…a lot…a whole lot. There is something that we need to know. The governments of the world have been on a crash course building underground self- sustaining cities, everywhere. This isn’t just information from the extreme web sites, it has been reported by regular news. These cities are ” invitation only” and have systems set up to support people for months and years. Hydroponic farming to grow their own food, waste disposal, a system to make their own clothes, full water /sewage and waste systems, and air purifiers are built into these cities that go 7  stories underground of the most simple, unsuspecting 2 story local government buildings.

So, here’s the deal. True Christians don’t care about their cowards’ bunkers. People weren’t responsible for our creation and our presence here on Earth. It will not be our decision or our responsibility if we as humans survive as a species and carry on. True Christians, TRUE Christians have already voluntarily given their lives to God. Given it to Jesus Christ. We know God is in charge of us and our lives and our departure from earth. We know God is in charge of the cowards too, they just don’t know it. They can have their bunker cities, we don’t want them BUT THESE BILLIONS AND TENS OF BILLIONS THAT THEY ARE SPENDING ‘OFF THE BOOKS’ to build these cowards’ bunkers is making our present day life really hard with this manufactured and expanded financial crisis.

If these people truly believe that these are our last days on earth, they must be saying, “It doesn’t matter how hard it is for them. They are all going to die anyway.” (meaning all of us,.. that’s right…you and me.. our kids.. everybody not on the list) “We need the money to build these to keep the human race going.” (like they will have anything to do with it.) It will be all about God. So when you see them struggle with legislation and fight, it is because they don’t know what to do. If they have to do anything at all!  Since we peons, the slaves don’t have  “that long”  anyway! What are they suspecting? A monetary collapse? Anarchy? A cataclysmic event? Who cares?!

They have made terrible choices to do all of this because of fear, not faith. The thing that we have to KNOW is this. ‘We the People’ ARE THE BANK! Our economy is based on quite a few things but the main pillars are this;

#l the G.D.P. of gross domestic product. This is everything ‘We the People’ make and produce as services. The more we work the more tax money there is. The more we work, the more we can buy other people’s stuff that they make.

#2 this goes hand in hand with the first. Consumer Sentiment, which is more accurately called Consumer Confidence. In other words, how much do we spend? That creates the need to produce more stuff and that raises the G.D.P. The MORE WE WORK…THE MORE TAX IS PAID…THE MORE MONEY THE FED RELEASES TO THE BANKS ….THEN THEY LOAN OUR OWN MONEY BACK TO US AT AN INTEREST RATE TO MAKE MONEY…..OUR OWN MONEY….YOU SEE WE ARE THE BANK!!!

These people that move money, count money and collect money are not the engine of our economy….we are. We have to know this. We to change. We to realize that even the governments don’t think any of this is sustainable and frankly they don’t know what to do anymore. It’s time for a ‘do over’. Christ is all about ‘do-overs‘. We have to think with an open mind and get rid of everything that we find that is junk along the way.

People, this is serious. Shake off the crap that we thought ‘had to be’ because it doesn’t ‘have to be’ it is all imaginary. Think…rethink.


  1. We need to turn back the clock and do a couple of things. First we need to go to a 30 hour work week. This will instantly open up 25% of our present jobs for new hires. A husband and wife would work a combined total of 60 hours.

Now,..the following steps will save so much $ (money )  in interest that the reducion of monies paid would cancel out anything we felt as income loss switching to a 30 hr,/week. AND  CREATE better  quality of life God’s Way, spending more time with the people we love.

  1. We need to go back in time to when we produced things that last. The last generation enjoyed washers and dryers that lasted 25 yrs. Then in 1983 we decided that for job security we needed a faster turnover of repeat sales and we designed things to have a much shorter life. WRONG. WE DON’T NEED TO WASTE OUR INCOME! IT IS A CRIME TO WASTE OUR RESOURCES!!! SUPPLY AND DEMAND!! WE NEED TO REALIZE THAT EVERY DOLLAR WE SPEND REPRESENTS TIME/HOURS OF OUR LIFE TO EARN IT. PEOPLE NEED TO DESERVE OUR LIFE/HOURS WITH EXCELLENT PRODUCTS.

This will also stop the stripping of our natural resources and stop creating so much junk in our landfills. We have to stop, we have to! We should not only “ not buy” these things but, fine $ the companies that sell the junk that has such a short life that it adds to our waste. The Earth will run out. We will use it up. Supply and demand…simple, but true.

The SAM …..Success Account Monies

  1. Every citizen is allocated a 1,000,000 ( that’s one million) Success account. Look since we imagine money, no God given life should be determined by our imaginary rules. No one should not be able to experience God’s bounty of food, shelter, medicine and so forth based on imaginary made. This world is God’s creation for all of God’s children and we are fools to interfere with that. We print the money anyway. We print money for loans for all of these things already Think! We work, we pay it in taxes, the government ( group of people..that’s all) has money because of our work and our taxes. The government (people) lends money to the banks at ” prime rate ( a low rate that we can’t get,- only the banks can-which by the way-prime has been near zero for a couple of years now that things have turned insane- our money loaned to the banks and we can’t get that zero interest) .

(THIS CRAZY! OUR DOLLAR WILL TANK….Really? If you are well informed don’t you think that it will anyway? We have the people, the know -how, and the resources to not only provide everything that we need and want, but to succeed. How long do you think it will be before other people in other countries demand to do the same? Huh? GO ON!

SO HERE IS HOW IT WORKS….breathe it’s okay. This 1,000,000 account can be used as follows;

  1. Up to $20,000 can be used on the purchase of the first car at 0 % interest with a pay back of 3% per year of original amount borrowed. Proof of repayment ability is standard. At the time of sale/ trade in, balance will be paid off and credited to individual SAM account.

2.Up to $230,00 on  can be spent on college or secondary education ( we have to admit sending the next generation into debt to learn what we already know, learn more, carry on and improve our society is barbaric. Advanced civilizations of the universe would view us as we view cannibals)……Upon graduation or a reasonable time period of non-completion,3% of balance is due in the form of payments each year until debt is satisfied once again  all at 0% interest . At least we are not making money on interest from our kids. Standard practices of successful college experience and grades need to be maintained in order to continue with college tuition payments.

NOTE up to $550,000 including all of the unused or paid back education funds plus other SAM monies may be used for business start-ups with a viable business plan at the same payback rate and all of the above.  Payments would be credited to individual SAM account. BOTH OF THESE ALLOW  EVERYONE TO FOLLOW THEIR PASSION, THEIR DREAMS AND WE ALL KNOW THAT ANYONE THAT DOES THIS IS EXCELLENT AT WHAT THEY DO AND CONTRIBUTES GREATLY TO SOCIETY.

  1. Up to $250,000 may be used for the purchase of the first house. Standard guidelines apply when determining how much we can afford in payments. Even though it is a payback of 3% of the balance only, no interest, for 30 yrs. the same formulas of affordability must be applied.

All loans must take into account all bills and lifestyle expenses and other loan repayments. This applies to primary residence only, not investment properties. This may be used in conjunction with standard financing through banks when the purchase price of the house is more than the SAM allocated loan amount IF all standards of payback ability are met.

At the time of sale of this house, all monies borrowed from SAM account will be paid back to and credited to individual SAM account and not used for other home purchases. Married couples will be considered joint income and have access to both SAM accounts. It is feasible that they could pay off their home interest free at a very young age and be financially strong members of the community.

  1. At least $500,000 must be reserved for retirement and medical care including contributions to Freedom Health Savings account. Medicare can be disbanded as a % of the average amount spent on Medicare recipients can go directly to Freedom health Savings account. Through attrition it will eventually go away.



Ending Medicare

Year 1- average how much money is spent per recipient and pay directly to the

Home  Hospital…. Freedom Health Savings Account  of the recipient’s choice

Retiree’s Plans                                              Working Contributors

Year 1    Pay Amount= 90% of average         stay the same for one year

Year 2-   Pay Amount= 70% of average         reduce payroll deductions to 90%

Year 3-   Pay Amount= 30%  of average        reduce payroll deductions to 70%

Year 4-   Pay Standard fee for HSA fees        reduce payroll deductions to 30%

Year 5-   Maintain for all people above           reduce to zero

Above retirement age                       invest in our own HSA for

Retirement in SAM account

Make it solvent; then dismantle.


Social Security can be done too. With this account, elderly can use the money in monthly payments as anyone younger would at their time of retirement. We are going to make sure that they get their money one way or another. These are not entitlements. They are mandatory pre-paid programs that are due to these people. They paid it forward….THEY GET IT BACK…IT THEIRS!!!!!..

  1. Periods of UNEMPLOYMENT will go as follows;

If it is determined that the employer chose to lay off … the employer pays for lost wages for one month.

The rest of the time off. Funds will be taken from SAM account at a 3% payback per year when gainfully employed.

***** This will stop people from gaming the system as they are paying their own way. Their own retirement funds will be hurt. There will be an abundance of jobs available with the new business start-ups and 30 hr. weeks Employers will compete for employees with the way that they treat them. They no longer have to worry about costs of a 30 hour week and more employees because each employer can determine a fixed amount that they will contribute to the Freedom Health Savings account and use this figure as one of the selling points to working for them. With this competition Unions will play a different role and not need so much in dues and that will save the employees money also. Unemployment will be negligible.

THIS IS NOT A BIG BROTHER STATE!. If people want to use their SAM account they can. No government body can tell us anything about our Health care at all…period. With a tax that is fair as described before,) no government (people) is telling us how to spend our money nor are we planning and doing defensive maneuvers not to overpay taxes. April 15th  will be a new holiday…Freedom Day.

Ways to self-destruct your SAM account.

  1. 1st conviction of a misdemeanor……………..  $ 50,000 taken out for fine
  2. 2nd  conviction misdemeanor …………………… $100,000
  3. 3rd   conviction misdemeanor……,…………….  $300,000

* Any more troubles, the SAM account balance will be put under government control. This holds true for juvenile records too. If people realize that it comes out of their own pocket, real time , money gone instead of a vague reference to their future, many will choose to fly right and we save a lot of money in the courts and if not we break even.


Level 2 1st  felony conviction………. ………….$200,000

2nd  felony conviction………. …………$500,000

3rd  felony conviction………. ……………done Life sentence ……done


When people make terrible decisions that ruin their chance of using any of their SAM money and have to go ‘on the dole‘, they are really on the dole. If they are out of prison, they will live in government assigned housing getting government issued food dropped off to them and along with clothes. All able bodied people will be assigned jobs to help with the needs of society. They will be assigned doctors and clinics and get minimal spending money.

If they don’t want government assistance, they don’t need to receive it. But if they do, this is it. They are told where to live, what to eat, what to wear and how much can be spent and where.

People experiencing catastrophic medical injuries or illness have full and unlimited access to the Health Savings Accounts… even if they can no longer contribute. If disabled and can no longer work, they will consult with their SAM agent in order that all of us as a society make sure that they are well cared for with as much freedom as possible.


30 hr work week….. ……..everybody working.. excellent quality of life

less gasoline consumption & traffic possibly 25%

products that last ………….less waste/fewer purchases….. cash stays in our lives

less of earth’s resources used or wasted……

SAM accounts save people $100s of thousands in interest……

SAM accounts reduce monies spent on criminal justice

SAM accounts end nearly bankrupt Social Security/ Medicare…….

SAM accounts make unemployment almost non-existent……..

Freedom Health Care everybody has care in the best medical system……..

Banks will still be in the business of lending.

The SAM account is only for the first car, the first house, part of a business start .

They will be lending to a much stronger customer,clientele. They will see people follow their passion and contribute greatly to the quality of everyone’s life. If the banks take a hit in some way or the other…. So be it. Most of this crisis we have been through is from dumping the sound banking and business principles that we did have. Look.

The liar loans

  1. The price of houses was over inflated and rising too quickly.
  2. Appraisers were told by banks to “make this mortgage work” or they would lose their jobs.
  3. Junk loans were put out there for people with no proof of income.
  4. New products like negative equity loans left people owing more on their house every month that they lived there.
  5. People could borrow up 20% more than the over inflated value of their house.

It happened like this;

Jack and Jill wanted to buy a house for $100,000. It was really only worth $90,000 in a fair market, but okay.. The appraiser drove by and said okay, its worth $100,000 because they were told to “make it work” and the last appraiser that didn’t  “make it work” is no longer working at all.

So they got a loan with zero down and the bank gave them an extra $20,000 (20%) but that’s okay too because… values were increasing at a hyper rate of l0% a year so that’s only two years of a gamble on the bank’s part. Besides they were going to do “updates” to it and if they spent $10,000 on it , it would raise the value $20,000. So the mortgage lenders were banking on the fact that the house would be worth $140,000  in 2 years. Good deal.

So let’s sell Jack and Jill a negative equity loan where for the first two years they only pay 1/2 of their interest due each month. Tell them it will help them get the house just the way they wanted it fast and comfortably with lower payments. The trick is that they now owe $400 more a month on their house every month for the first two years which is another $10,000 put on their mortgage …in 2 years.

Oh, crap! The bubble burst! The value of house is going down! What have we done?

Our bet didn’t pay off! Now we have to regroup and get the money from the homeowners even if it means taking a pound of flesh!

Let’s see Jack and Jill

Their house was really only worth $90,000, BUT!

we gave them $100,000.. .,…………..that’s ($10,000)  too much

Then we gave 20% more….. …………that’s ($20,000)  too much

Then we sold them a negative equity

loan  and after 2 years now……………….that’s ($10,000)  too much

“Gee willikers, gosh that’s a total of,……… ..$130,000 they now owe for that house and now that the property value dropped because of all of our stupidity that house lost 20% of its value and that means its only worth $100,000…no wait ! That was an inflated appraisal.. It was only really worth $90,000 to begin with and we gave them $40,000 too much! That means now after the value went down, its only worth $72,000 now!”

“Oh my! We have to foreclose and it does not matter if their payments are on time!”.. because now Jack and Jill owe $130,000 on a house that is only worth $72,000. They are upside down!

Creeps….real creeps…period.

If Jack and Jill had bought for $90,000 even with 0 down, but a real mortgage, they would take a hit with the decline in property value, but it would have been “do able.” BUT! Because the bank sold them junk like a loan shark, placing bets on the value of the property continuing to go up at such a hyper rate, Jack an Jill are screwed. The bank has to get that loan off of their books. Now!


“What do we do with all of these junk mortgages? We lent $500,000 to people that should have only gotten $200,000. We can’t sell these as investments. We can’t get rid of them they are like hot potatoes. WE’VE GOT IT!  Let’s turn them into CDOs!”


“Let’s stack them up a 100 at a time, you know 100 different mortgages. Then we will slice them down through the stack. 10 times this way and 10 times that. Now we have 100 towers of mortgages. Each tower has one piece the size of 1/100th  of a mortgage and a 100 different mortgages and bundle them together in a bag. Even though all of these are just tiny pieces of any one mortgage, its no big deal because there were only a few good solid mortgages in there the rest were junk.”

“ But now, BUT NOW that we bundled them together like this and each mortgage is in a hundred different bags and each bag has a hundred different mortgages in them, no one can see how many junk mortgages we really have.! And,..and ,..and since no one can see the junk, we will give them a triple A rating and sell them to everyone.!”

“ Phew! That was close. Now maybe we can actually make money off of these bundles. We will at least for a while until somebody figures it out.”

And that my friends is why we are all in pain….greed…pure and simple… more….never again.


We’ll move the I.R.S. employees to SAM agents. Then they can be respected and liked.

We have helped them out of their drudgery and let’s face; tax collectors are not viewed well in the Bible. They will now be part of the success for all of us.

We’ll move the people that work for health insurance companies to

Freedom Health Savings account managers. No more nasty evil ‘no’ being told to people in need. We need to help them to get on the right side of God.

Jobs galore will open up and we will bring all our jobs home, not in other countries. Why? Because we have the resources, the workforce, the education, the ingenuity and the American Spirit to get the job done and do it in a free and successful society.

They scream our dollar will tank. It won’t be worth toilet paper. Answer; WHO CARES?


We need to use  oil for gasoline! We have our own oil, some anyway. We can use that and drill more if need be, BUT only for the shortest minute.  We need to simultaneously convert to natural gas while heading full steam ahead to solar.

We have a global economy now, SO WHAT!? We have a

situation. It is like a pool with dark, dirty, brown green, stinky water in it. This pool has a thin, worn out, brittle, old cover on it. The countries of the world are rocks sitting around on top of the cover

waiting to see who falls through first. Even the smallest of stones is so beat up  that the sharp edges are cutting into the cover. The few great big stones and all of the medium and small stones shake with fear. If that small stone cuts into the liner, that gross water is going to

come up here and make us even heavier than we are. Then were all going to roll toward the center and make the whole even bigger and we are all going to end up drowning in that disgusting muck.

When we see little countries barely hanging onto imaginary rules

and on the brink of profound pain and destruction for all of their people and all the markets being run by fear , WE GOT TO KNOW THAT ITS WRONG! THE BIG GUYS SHOULD BE ABLE TO HELP THE SMALL GUYS. NOT THE SMALL GUYS DESTROYING EVERONE!


We need to sort through the mess and see what is worth saving and realize that it is all imaginary and this failure this pain is from our imagination. God’s imagination created bounty for everyone. Never

ending love. Look at what we’ve done. We are so addicted to “feeling right” instead of being right that we are willing to suffer countless hardships and pain just to feed our fix.

STOP! Stop the madness now. Act like a truly and civilized species and regroup for the rebuild. One way or another we are going to have rebuild. If we start now maybe we won’t have as giant of a mess to clean up. We already have tremendous issues. Why wait until it gets worse? We have always been the ones to lead the world to Freedom and success.

Look at so many countries, they are miserable! They’ re dying at the hands of their own governments to fight for freedom. It won’t be long, not long at all before other countries will want to do what we are doing. All of the people of planet earth that have died for freedom would love to see this. All the people of planet earth would love their freedom now from the chains of mankind’s imaginary system of money,.

Don’t be confused by those that don’t want to change or say we can’t. They might very well think that they are winning at this game at our expense. We know that we can’t do it perfectly or even great without God running it, BUT it is our charge to try to make it better for as many people as possible so they can enjoy their God given life and grow spiritually. WE ARE TOLD!