Do you believe? You better believe or you’ve been duped. “What!?” you say, just listen.

U.F. O. -Unidentified Flying Objects… .. Think people, think.

Object: not a living creature, whether or not there are living creatures inside, all that we see is an object

Flying: unless something is planted at the top of a pole or suspended by a string…it is flying

Unidentified: we don’t know what it is…Yoohoo, we don’t know!

So if we don’t know what it is, it is exactly that…… a U. F. O.

How do we take any scientist seriously that dumps scientific principles to determine what something is or isn’t without facts to support it? So why are so many scientists willing to discredit themselves by saying that they know what something is or isn’t when they don’t know?

True science is all about discovering knowledge that was already created for them, by God. In other categories, only the unethical scientists would run the risk or ruining their careers by making broad statements with no scientific evidence to back them up.

U.F.O. does not mean Alien spacecraft. It does not mean it isn’t. It simply means, we don’t know. Would you accept this abuse of science from your doctor? What if you woke up from surgery to find that the doctor had also amputated your leg because he or she didn’t want to admit that there something they didn’t know?  They hadn’t identified the problem going on in your stomach so they cut off your leg.

Once again, it is  doing or saying something with no scientific evidence to back them up one way or another. What are they afraid of? Do the governments want it to be ‘hush’? Do they want myth and mystery surrounding the truth to control the people? How many times did the Stealth bomber take test flights before it was revealed to the public? What did it look like to the novice observer? How many failures that cost millions of tax dollars flew test flights on the sly before they were scrapped?

In a universe that we barely understand, why would we think that we are the only ones? Maybe they travel here on a safari like we would to see wild animals. In the safety of their craft, they are fascinated by a species that are so willing to destroy themselves and their planet. To see how the savages live with the hate and violence in their own home with their own families, their neighborhoods, countries and planet. Why don’t they land?

On your safari are willing to get and bond with angry, hungry man eating tigers? Nor would they be. Maybe they aren’t so willing to see a beautiful planet like Earth be destroyed by our stupidity and evil. Maybe they would use us as a lesson for their future generations on how never to be.

Does a fish in a fish bowl think that there is no life outside of their water filled world cause surely no one could survive without breathing water? Are we so big to their eyes that we look like planets floating around in the only universe that they can see?

Christians are free to think. We aren’t afraid of the truth no matter what it is. We know  that God is in charge of our life because we gave to Him and He promised. But! Everyone should STOP letting their thoughts be controlled by mankind. Christ is The Way, The Truth and The Life. Listen to him, focus on your relationship with him. His only agenda is the absolute best for you. What is the agenda of mankind?.

Hebrews  11;3

By faith- by believing in God- we know that the world and the stars- in fact all things were made at God’s command; and that they were made from things that can’t be seen.