THESE ARGUMENTS FOLLOW THE CODES IN THE DIFFERENT                                                   LANGUAGES

A 1000 PIECE JIGSAW PUZZLE  There seems to be an infinite number of ways that puzzle pieces don’t fit together. The most difficult puzzles have all the same shape, size and color pieces. The vision when completed is what counts…..we need to see…Christ is the light…look.

The first thing the enemy wants to do is lie to our face and try to convince us that we have no enemy.
Sooner or later someone sees evidence that there really is an enemy. So then the enemy says to us, “Oh, you know, you’re right, but he is not here yet.” If we keep looking for a future problem person to show up who embodies all evil, we are not going to see evil as it infiltrates our lives, our thoughts and begins to flow everywhere.
As we adapt and get accustomed to evil everywhere, we begin to believe what the enemy says,  “ Oh, you see, it’s not that bad. Everything is still going okay. I guess the enemy has been here awhile. He is powerless unless we hook up with him, don’t worry about it.”
BUT…Our enemy doesn’t tell us that we don’t have to give in to evil, evil takes what it wants. Thieves don’t knock… don’t care..  just take, unless we have chosen to be God’s.
Then evil says to us, “Oh, you aren’t so bad, look at all of those other people, those fools, those jerks! You are okay..no one is perfect.”
Then evil says nothing as it destroys our lives because we never noticed… never chose.
Then we tell evil, “No fair, you lied!” Evil then laughs in our face and says,” I love to lie. You were told that, but never cared enough to listen.”

                  KNOW THE TRUTH..KNOW WHAT YOU                                                            BELIEVE……WHATEVER IT IS.

What if there is no answer page to this puzzle, God kept it. We’ll never know if it is right or wrong.
Unless God wants us to,  God’s Truth is God’s Truth, whether we figure it out or not, whether we know it or not.
When we need a child to be pre-occupied and quiet, we give them a puzzle.
Look around you, at Earth, your own creation, the history of life, God’s life, there is hard core evidence everywhere.
Let the puzzles and codes go.
Let it go
Just believe.