WHIRLWINDSYSTEM  FA I  L U R E

Standing at the side of a whirlwind and throwing our money in and expecting it to come back plus more money attached to it is a lie designed to entice faithless fools . The system tells us that there is no “Daily Bread” and ‘Enough is never Enough’ of money and stuff. Think!…The only way a B..R..O..K..E..r makes his money is by buying, selling or trading. After our first purchase with him,…why would we sell or trade if we were happy with the returns we were getting on our investment? Isn’t to the advantage of the main players keep the investors unhappy so that we move our stock and create high volume? Volatility Index or VIX  is measured because every transaction means money in the pocket of the B..R..O..K..E..r. So if investors are happy where they are at, down goes his income.

Would it make too much sense for planet Earth that these B..R..O..K..E..rs would make money. when we made money? That they would be paid commission on our gains? That financially and spiritually healthy companies would prosper because of our investments? We help them and they help us and the person in the middle benefits? That is a win, win, win situation. Why not? We were told ages ago. Do you think it doesn’t apply to today? Read it and weep. Tears of joy or sorrow. Our choice.



Ecclesiastes 5; 13-20

There is another serious problem I have seen everywhere- savings are put into risky investments that turn sour and soon there is nothing left to pass on to one’s son.

The man who speculates is soon back to where he began- with nothing. This, as I said, is a very serious problem. For all his hard work has been for nothing; he has been working for the wind. It has all been swept away.

All the rest of his life he is under a cloud- gloomy, discouraged frustrated and angry.

Well, one thing at least is good; it is for a man to eat well, drink a good glass of wine, accept his position in life and enjoy his work whatever his job may be, for however long the Lord might let him live.

And of course, it is very good if a man receives his wealth from the Lord and good health to enjoy it. To enjoy your work and accept your lot in life- that is indeed a gift from God. The person who does that does not need to look back with sorrow on his past, for God gives him joy.



Every society since the beginning of time has fallen starting with sex sins and failure of the family to greed, cheating and stealing. Look around. Guess what? We did it again. The godless fall. Evil destroys.. Of course it does… that is Satan’s original intent. We are no different… no less worthy to be his victims.. Does God have your attention now?