I am C.C. Forche author of the articles you see on this blog. Most are taken from my book “SOME CHRISTIAN STUFF FOR YOUR BRIEF STAY ON PLANET EARTH. complete”  That is the one with 666 decoded that you see on this blog. Nancy Robinson is a great person and a tech genius that brought this blog to life. I also published “ASKED AND ANSWERED…JESUS CHRIST SPEAKS TO YOU.” This is a quick reference to WHAT CHRIST SAID! With over 400 key words searches we can see what he said and where he said it in an instant. Be prepared with the answer..don’t stumble.These books have taken 12 years to research ,write and compile.  My passion is for people to understand and celebrate God’s gifts of the brilliant human brain and the freedom to choose whatever we want. We need to know what we reject and what we accept. Who did for you …. what Christ did for you? Constantly argue with ourselves. ‘SOME CHRISTIAN STUFF FOR YOU BRIEF STAY ON PLANET EARTH” complete is the book of arguments… We can’t run this planet perfectly, only God can do that, but we can do billions of times better than we are. If we argue with ourselves first and always demand more of ourselves first, then one by one , in total freedom we will make the world a better place. I pray many will choose Christ in this process.

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