THIS IS GREAT INFO AND ITS FREE!!!                                    

See why TRUTH SERUM FACE FOOD  is what everyone has been                                                         missing!
C.C. Forche; 40 years Cosmetologist, studied chemistry/cosmetic                                 chemistry at U.T and U.C.L.A., national and local educator for science                                                                               of skin and hair care.

                              TRUTH SERUM FACE FOOD!!!



                                           BUT PLEASE

KEEP READING…LOOK… NOTE!!! FACE FOOD IS HAVING AMAZING RESULTS ALL OVER THE BODY..UNEXPECTED RESULTS…SO IT BEGS THE QUESTION..IS OUR SKIN..OUR LARGEST ORGAN STARVING??? WHEN EDEMA AND UNCONTROLLED DERMATITIS, ECZEMA AND SO FORTH ARE RESPONDING…IS OUR SKIN STARVING??? Is the chlorine and other components that are in our water (needed) disabling certain functions of our skin? Is the water so harsh as an exposure to our largest organ that our own weakest part blows and causes problems??? Does the skin dictate to the rest of the body to save, store or steal from the inside if it is under attack or lacking??? Does the skin rule??? I say, “YES!!!”. The skin is a most amazing organ of so many life functions that it has to be protective and the ruling factor to preserve its functions. It is life preserving to function to the best of its ability with what is available.

Why are naturally thin people who can eat everything many times found to have tight thicker skin. Why do larger people may have soft flaccid skin? ( even young, not due to stretch and shrink of up and down weight) Why do some who struggle with weight and edema have thick course skin? (not due to thyroid)

The skin is the LARGEST HORMONE PRODUCING ORGAN OF THE BODY. It converts cholesterol to testosterone in men and estrogen in women!!! Ina process called the hormonal cascade.

The skin is an EXCRETORY organ sweating 1/2 to 2 quarts/day. Perspiration is ammonia salts plus water. hmm

The skin REGULATES BODY TEMP through perspiration to cool through rapid evaporation of moisture from our surface. It constricts to keep in body heat with “goosebumps” which is a constriction of the arrector pili in the base of most hairs in our skin.

The skin is the largest IMMUNE ORGAN of our body. It has cells like Gransteins, Langerhans, macrophages and T-cells that wage a brilliant war against enemies.

The skin PRODUCES VITAMIN D ( ergocalciferol) when exposed to the sun and the rays are not blocked.

The SKIN IS SO AMAZING! Why wouldn’t be hungry??? Between our diet, our own ability to break down and use food, GMOs, junk food, chlorinated water inside and out, partying sun exposure, poorly formulated lotions/cosmetics…WHY WOULDN’T BE STARVING???

Is that why we are seeing amazing results in so many unexpected areas??? No intelligent skin care person or regimen/company would object to the ingredients or their proven benefits . It would be business suicide. If our skin is truly hungry, then FACE FOOD SHOULD BE COMPATIBLE with other products.




Shake daily before use ( it will be sparkly, it is a suspension)
1 Safflower is an excellent carrier oil and moisture retainer penetrating agent (linoleic acid triglycerides).
2.Olive oil has squalane the inspires the speed up healthy new cell birth.* Our own oils is 25%  + squalane. (NOT squalene) Plus this formula is adding more!
3.Lecithin is an anti-oxidant that prevents cells from getting damage from free radicals**it emulsifies and moisturizes . SEE  *** for more science details
* Skin is constantly renewing itself. When we are young it is about every 28 days and slows down when we are older to 35-40 or more. A question comes up, ” Why do we still have the scar on our knee since childhood if the skin renews itself so frequently?” Answer, The skin follows the pattern on the top layer of the epidermis. See Exfoliation.
** Free radicals are oxygen molecules. Oxygen likes to be paired up with another Oxygen. When we see it as stable we see O2. When it is not, it is just O and it is looking for a mate. It is like a single person looking for a husband or wife on a cruise for married couples only. If it attaches to anything, destruction will occur.
We use free radicals on cow hide to turn it into leather. So if you want leather….but, you don’t,… so anti-oxidants are good. SEE *** for more science details

NO ADDED SPFs!!! We have disabled the skin and turned it into a “wet t-shirt”, soggy and hanging there. Yes, we know the sun does a number on the aging process/results of the skin, BUT READ THIS. In 1991 when I was studying Cosmetic chemistry at UCLA , the International Association of Cosmetic Chemists put out this dire warning. They shouted to the world that Sun Protection Factor ingredients. SPFs, were aggravants to the skin. That is how they worked! They are a factor.. they multiply ( factor get it?) the person’s skin’s own ability to protect from the sun. If person A’s natural protection was 30 min and person B was 15 min a SPF of 20 would enable Person A to stay in the sun for 600 minutes/10 hours and person B for 300 minute/5 hours… in theory.  The group, as cosmetic chemists, said that that when it came to the SPF…  THAT ONE… as in 1 …aggravant ingredient should be used in ALL products for 2 years and then cycled out and another one chosen for the next 2 years. Case in point, IN the 70′ s PABA was the craze. PABA is para-aminobenzoic acid. It doesn’t sound so gentle now that we say it that way. Due to the chemical nature of paba and our overuse, many people’s skin’s function were so disabled that they got outrageous cases of sun poisoning and can no longer be exposed to the sun under any circumstances. In other words, we crashed their system and they are now “children of the dark”. Great huh? That is why we still see today, 30+ years later, “PABA FREE” on labels.  In  Truth Serum Face Food there is a naturally occurring sun protection in the oils  ranging from 2-8. This is more than enough for average  indoor work day exposure still allowing for Vitamin D (ergocalciferol) production which is a hugely important function of the skin. ( see UBER ARMOR following MOISTURE on this page)

They also stated that sun protection should be in just one product so that people would know when they are using it. NONE OF THESE WARNINGS WERE HEEDED!  Manufacturers instantly put it in everything. Lip gloss/stick, foundation, blush, lotion, moisturizer name it. AND THEY WERE ALL DIFFERENT AGGRAVANTS!! COME ON!!

These same “army cells” are the ones that we are pissing off so much. We do this and then they never really rest.  They are the same ones that crash and are defenses are down allowing skin cancer. When   our natural defenses go haywire crazy signals set off a rapid production of malignant cells. Study after study is now saying Melanoma is on the rise and they are blaming SPFs. I want to scream at how stupid we are!!  The American Cancer Society recognizes all this science I have stated to be true and recommends Sun Screens versus SPFs. (Ex .Badger Company)  They want the sun blocked. They don’t want a war of cell activity whether a person is exposed to the sun or not. Langerhans, macrophages and T-cells are amazing as the line of defense in our largest organ the skin. These are the cells we have recklessly trashed. My ex, of 22 years and father of my four daughters, Michael, received his treatment at University of Michigan Melanoma Center. U of M is world renown as the best in the battle against Melanoma. I was thrilled to see the drugs of choice like Yervoy, are designed to RE-ESTABLISH NORMAL FUNCTION OF THESE VERY SAME CELLS THAT SPFs HAVE BEEN SCREWING UP  FOR YEARS…SCREWING UP FOR MONEY…OUR INDUSTRY!    Pathetic and great at the same time.
Consider washing to be the skin’s exercise. Use a rough washcloth and rub up and gently wipe down. The skin’s pores point down, so you are forcing cleanser up and squeezing it out as you go down. You are also EXFOLIATING dead cells daily and this speeds up cell birth rate and gives a cleaner pattern for the new cells to copy.
After years of research and experimentation on my own face and I came to a surprising conclusion. WASH WITH SOAP.  I could not make it through the first wash with soap. My skin was so disabled it freaked out when I put soapy lather on my face.I call it the SCREAM! THIS IS BAD PEOPLE!!! My skin couldn’t respond to soap.   Our skin needs to be active, proactive, and reactive in the healthiest of ways. IT IS OUR LARGEST ORGAN. Our skin needs this exercise …REALLY! There many excellent makers of natural soaps that are designed for different skin types with true science and care. There are glycerin base soaps that are gentle , but I WANT EXERCISE AND AN INVIGORATING JUMP START FOR THE SKIN.  Do not use commercial deodorant soaps…NO. But , you can use  Ivory on oily skin and Dove on dry skin.I still like Noxema very much on dry mature skin.. PEOPLE FREAK OUT at these answers.Why? why do we want to baby the skin?  We are disabling our largest organ the skin! We are mollycoddling it into a limp, soggy mess. QUESTION; If all the expensive skin products worked, why are the wealthy the ones needing  ( not just wanting) cosmetic surgery? Why is the lady that spent just as much time out in her garden in the sun, that used Dove and Ponds still have plump shiny skin? Why? THINK

WASH ONCE A DAY ONLY! We used to be afraid of the ‘alkaline shock’ of soap because it took 1/2 to 2 hours for the skin to recover from it. The skin does this by secreting oil and water to lower the p.H. and restore the acid mantle. (sound familiar?), but our skin was becoming weak and disabled and not functioning at high levels. With all of the moisturizers it is becoming A WET T-SHIRT!!!! just hanging there! Exercise it! Rev it up! I called the first exposure to soap after all those years THE SCREAM! My face barely made it out of the shower to the moisturizer. That is when I realized how disabled my skin was. It didn’t take long for my skin to respond normally to exposure to soap.
Start asking older ladies with really plump, low wrinkle, healthy skin and ask what they have washed with…ask. Then ask the people that aren’t doing so well and ask. If the most expensive preparations worked, why are the same people that can afford to buy these the same ones running to cosmetic surgeons? Huh? People from many walks of life spend a lot of time in the sun, they don’t have to be rich$, so think, what is the difference? again THINK

About once a week wash with LIQUID CASTILLE SOAP. This stuff is amazing and I recommend it for your body wash every shower. It is a blend of oils that foam and not only remove dirt, they dissolve it. I don’t recommend the peppermint one for the face, as true peppermint is a stimulant to the skin and may irritate some faces, but if you use it on your body in the shower, have fun!
Also LOOK! The leeching qualities of liquid Castille will do this too! Gently spread on areas of BLACKHEADS/COMEDONES and to go bed. The liquid Castille will dissolve them. Do a few nights in a row until clear and repeat every once in a while as needed.
EXFOLIATE                                                                                                                                              You will be exfoliating with every wash with your rough washcloth, but once a week do it differently. Start with your weekly cleanse with Liquid Castille Soap. Then proceed to a scrub ( like Apricot, they are everywhere) but avoid stimulating ingredients or others advertised functions. You just want a scrub. OR use a peel off masque ( like Queen Helen’s Grape Seed Extract Peel). Freak again?!! Think, simple job , no damage. I also like the salt and the sugar scrubs made by the same local people that are making all the soaps. One harm.. remove dead cells.. definitely not rocket science. Nothing here is expensive at all.
Truth Serum Face Food is very moisturizing, moisture balancing and moisture retaining, But I am going to share this!!

Moisturizing- Please remember how moisturizing and balancing the Truth Serum formula is. Please remember how it inspires and supports really healthy skin function and moisture retention/balance. So, many won’t want or need other moisture, BUT for those who it is. Those of us seeking moisture after correcting/ balancing through this cleansing technique and using Truth Serum Face Food, are probably suffering from a very slow cell turnover rate. This is when the outer layer, Corneum, stays on too long and layers of rooftop shingle type hardened cells prevent penetration of good products. We are mostly lubricating outer layer at this point. This outer most layer also sends a chemical message to the “basement” (Germinative layer, where epidermal cells are born) every time it sheds. The message is, “We are leaving… speed up production  of new healthy cells to replace us.”  Thus a faster cell turnover rate occurs. Yippie! This is addressed over and over in Truth Serum and cleansing technique, so now what? If this is not enough for some people, what do we do now? Slather lubricants on just to feel better? At what cost, heavy droopy appearance to the skin? Wasted time and money? What? No, read what is next.

For years I was sharing with my local pharmacist and we would have geek moments as he knew what I was doing. Then one day, out of the blue, I saw an ad for a “moisturizer” and I researched it. My brain just about exploded! I went to the pharmacist ecstatic, shouting, “ Look at what I have found!” He was not just non-plussed… he seemed sheepish,  and so I asked if he knew about this stuff. I was so surprised when he said yes, as he and I had talked about my search for this exact thing…for years. For years I had been looking and for years it was available. WHAT!! WHY DIDN’T HE SAY SOMETHING?

I had been searching for an Alpha Hydroxy acid AHA formula with certain properties. HERE IT WAS!  WHERE HAD IT BEEN? I found out that this product had been treated as a “back shelf , got to know a doctor to get it product”. It was not prescription it was just behind the counter like “top shelf liquor”. I don’t know why they went public with an aggressive ad campaign, but it is great they did! This is an ammonium  lactate AHA base …frickin’ amazing.

Ammonium Lactate is the neutralized version of Lactic acid. First Lactic acid is everywhere in our body in the blood and muscle. It is a preservative, moisturizer and emollient and produced from glucose and glycogen……………fast forward to Ammonium lactate. Every time our body breaks down old cells, ammonia is in the mix…in our waste. Ammonia salt plus water = sweat. Urine equals ammonia. We know ammonia is so effective in removing the top layer of skin (corneum) and even more layers, that if we have trapped sweat or urine on the body for long periods of time there will be a catastrophic failure and lesions as in diaper rash or sweat related staph infections.

So this Ammonium Lactate put in an intelligent formula is absolutely  amazing!! This is wonderful for the whole body including face. THINK ,  we complain that the base structure of our skin gets weaker and saggy as we get older. We complain that we are dry and scaly and nothing seems to work. Now read this,  Ammonium Lactate  is found to  THICKEN THE EPIDERMIS WHILE REDUCING THE THICKNESS OF THE CORNEUM LAYER!!!! GET THAT!!!  No wonder it was back shelf for so long! …no wonder.  This would screw the nation’s largest industry,(  Health and Beauty ) and that wasn’t done because the skin care  manufacturers  are  major power players. It thins the scaly layer and plumps and builds base structure of the skin. Really…amazing.

The brand name for it is Amlactin. So think of this product as the finish carpenters. Everything has been cleaned and cleared through cleansing and exfoliation. Everyone and every system fed and supplied and instructed with Truth Serum Face Food and now Amlactin does the finish.
When skin is exposed to the elements and needs all of the good stuff kept in, don’t forget our friend PETROLEUM JELLY. Extreme cold, wet or dry, petroleum jelly will save the skin from using up all of the good things we gave it in a fight to keep from becoming weather damaged as in chapped. Apply a thin layer
SPF  NOW? Yes,  this would be the time to select a sun protecting product and put in on under the Vaseline ( for extreme cold and hot/dry- not the beach so much. Use SPF when you need to..NOT IN EVERYTHING!!!
Our skin is not only mad but it is confused. With this natural approach to daily skin care spoken of in this article, you can then choose a separate SPF and USE IT ONLY WHEN YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE SUN EXPOSURE. It is much, much more important for the skin to produce Vitamin D ( ergocalciferol) from sun exposure than for it to be disabled by the SPF ingredients by always keeping the protective cells mad and exhausted. Choose and use when needed.. If you want to go the distance, look up the ingredients and see what is the SPF in the mix of your chosen product. Then every two years make sure you choose a different one to use for the next two years. This is the best answer. We may be in trouble with this one, when sooner or later a large segment of the population can’t tolerate any sun at all because of the unscrupulous use of SPFs.
WASH ONCE A DAY -use a rough wash cloth- rub up and wipe down (gently to moderately). Use  Natural soap or Ivory on oily skin and Dove  or Noxema (original)on Dry. Do this at night

MOISTURIZE AND DISOLVE EPITHELIAL LAYER ( outer layer that gets tough, crusty and won’t allow good stuff into skin /see above) with Amlactin size of small dime if desired

FACE FOOD– follow with light application of this  for sleep

Rinse face
reapply FACE FOOD


moisturize with AMLACTIN (depending on need..which may change for the better over time,  you will need less possibly depending what your skin is exposed to health/illness, weather etc. be aware of changes..

ON THOSE OCCASIONS WHEN YOU NEED IT (eg. extreme cold or dry heat exposure) use petroleum jelly i.e. brand name Vaseline

Cleanse with liquid Castille and rough cloth
Use scrub or dry face and apply peeling masque
treat face with day or night products.

This is an estimate depending on where you live.
Face Food
$3.00 per 6 oz  5  bottles per $15 To use….. original purchase of all ingredients will be about $35 and that won’t break the bank either!

share  with others to make  more TRUTH SERUM FACE FOOD or use these items to cook with because the FACE FOOD

Truth Serum Face Food…………………………………………………$15
Coconut oil is about $10.00 and you will want 2 per year…….$20.00/year
Liquid Castille is about $16.00 and you will want 2 per year (for body too!)……………………………………………………………………………$32.00/year

Scrub year…………………………………………………………………….$15.00/year
SPF 2 per year………………………………………………………………..$35.00/year
petroleum jelly 1 per year………………………………………………..  $ 4.00/year

    ALL YEAR                             $121.00

FOCUS... the best for $121.00 /year.That’s about $10.10/month!!! Add up how much you spend now!
*** DO NOT SAVE SPF PRODUCTS FROM YEAR TO YEAR! ONE SEASON ONLY! If you depend on something that is no longer effective you will probably get severely burnt. Sun exposure collapses the collagen and elastin deep within the skin. It is our support structure and when damaged causes all sorts of sagging, creasing and other forms of aging. People use collagen and elastin as ingredients in skincare products, BUT KNOW THIS…. these molecules are too big to penetrate the skin and go down to the dermal layers that need the support. These ingredients are acceptable and good moisturizers.

Tea tree oil is called the medicine cabinet in a bottle. It is an anti-microbial. What? That means it kills bacteria (as in acne, cuts and burns) virus ( as in herpes simplex/ cold sores) and fungus ( as in nails). Don’t double dip in the bottle. Always use a clean cotton ball so the properties that fight all of these things remain strong in the bottle and aren’t spent by the introduction of whatever it is you are treating.
It won’t dry out the skin. Everyone needs it!
Oh, the pimple! Acne is caused by bacteria, hormone and digestive imbalances and/or any or all of the above. For the occasional zit, use liquid Castille ( a thin application) and then apply Tea Tree oil. It will go away so fast you can’t believe it!
Acne that is an on going problem needs special care from products and doctors to determine the cause and control it. GO TO A DOCTOR! GET IT? Save Golden Age skin care Concepts for a time when the acne is healed.
Well, its not just for the feet, but any nail. Fungus rears its ugly head on our nails as white, red, black or green unwelcome visitor. Dry nail after shower. Apply rubbing alcohol with cotton ball. Apply Tea Tree oil. It will go away sooner than you think! Nails grow slowly, about 1/8th to 1/4 inch a month so trim off treated nail as it grows. DO NOT CUT THE NAIL TOO SHORT AS YOU COULD MAKE THE PROBLEM WORSE! Also listen…listen..listen to this! When more than one nail is involved or it won’t go away, you may have a systemic fungal infection. This can be very dangerous, truly. Go to a doctor whenever any fungus is suspected. GO TO A DOCTOR!! GET IT?
The F.D.A. says that if any ingredient is 1% or less of the total ingredients in a product that it can be listed in any order. How does that matter to you?

Let’s imagine that you have one little tea bag of 20 little pieces of all of these wonderful sounding herbs and botanicals. Then you put that tea bag in a 50 gallon drum of water to steep. That water now becomes an ‘extract’ and technically it has all of those 20 herbs and botanicals in it. Then you take an eye dropper and put one drop in a jar of face cream. Now you can say that all of those things are in there. Even though there isn’t enough of any of them to do you any good and they might not even be put in with other ingredients that will preserve their good qualities even if there was enough. Think. The Face Food formula is going straight to the source and not depending on ethical or non ethical manufacturers to provide anything real.
So next time look. You will see water/aqua and then emulsifiers and then a long litany of all these other ingredients. The shame is that you won’t know if they have done anything correctly to benefit you or not.
Think. A cup of coffee has two ingredients. Coffee and water, that’s it. What kind of water? Is it clean or sewer or sulfur or well? What about the coffee? What kind of bean is it? Was it picked at the right time? How was it shipped and stored? How was it ground? Then no matter what kind of water and beans, how was it mixed? Did they use 5 cups of grounds to 6 ounces of water? Did they use 10 gallons of water to 1 tablespoon of coffee? Was it cooked 30 seconds in a microwave , 10 hours in an iron pot or in a nice coffee maker? Think! All of these decisions go into a simple cup of coffee WITH ONLY TWO INGREDIENTS! Now think of all the seemingly endless variables that go into all of those ingredients in skin care products.
These manufacturers wine and dine us with real science and pseudo-science. They are always telling us the benefits of this and that, that they put in there. the benefits are true, but it doesn’t mean there are any benefits left at all by the time we get the product in the jar. People selling real and beneficial stuff will step forward with the real info and will be glad to separate themselves from the junk. Everybody and their brother is selling skin care and it is hard to figure out what is true or a lie…so Go straight to the source of the Olive oil. Safflower oil and Lecithin and make sure you are getting the right stuff for the best benefit! They use this stuff, dummy it down and then take credit for it and sell it to you…for a lot of $$$. Approach any skin care product from an informed point of view and ask intelligent questions. Be satisfied with the answers…not the hype or use Face Food and save your face and a lot of hassle.


These are the major components I looked for when formulating and this is the result; see benefits of each on next page.

Active Essential fatty Acids.

C:16…Palmitic Acid          8%

C;18:0 Stearic acid             2%

C;18:1 Oleic Acid                69%      Omega 9

C;18:2 Linoleic acid          20.8%   Omega 6

C; 18:3 Alpha Linoleic            .09  Omega 3

Olive Squalane oil                   .06%

at 99.5 %

Attributes of components***

Fatty Acids

Alpha linoleic- Omega 3  C18:3 enhances cell communication , repairs skin barrier function, aid improving intercellular cement( moisture balance)/acne/eczema/psoriasis/ non-melanoma cancer

Linoleic-  Omega 6  C18:2, vitamin F  an unsaturated fatty acid, missing in acne(plugs are oleic acid)- deficiency causes TEWL ( trans epidermal water loss) but easily accepted and utilized with topical application- HUGE factor in appropriate healthy cell turnover rate-( which is credited for slowing down the signs of aging)-hydrates/plumps excellent moisture function- reduces melanin over production

Oleic Acid- Omega 9 C18:1- mono-saturated –seals in moisture very effectively, strong humectant, found in high amounts in plugs for acne( see linoleic counteraction/thinning activity), improves penetration abilities of all components of formula, mildly activating/irritating (skin exercise)

Palmitic Acid  C16:0-sapienic* saturated most common in nature and is produced by sebaceous glands in humans ( as we age these glands get larger and produce less sebum/oil) due to cell turnover rate (addressed  to the positive; Linoleic Acid, Squalane etc.), naturally occurring decrease by as much as 56% as we age, supportive of intercellular cement huge in moisture content regulating, anti-oxidant. Anti-bacterial * definition-major component of human sebum/oil

Stearic Acid C 18:0-saturated fatty- emulsifier that naturally occurs in these oil, limited amount

Squalane-  source Olive oil; oxygen generator, antibiotic (anti-bacterial, anti-infectious)  anti-oxidant and free radicals scavenger,  balance activity of layers of skin ,  equalizes metabolism of skin ( cell turnover rate) improves moisture and elasticity, powerful immune stimulator, anti-histaminic ( slows histamine activity in allergies) , anti-phlogiston ( combat inflammation) anti carcinogen ( through differentiation  cancer to fat cells( adipoyts), protects and cleans cells, reduces formation of scars (cell turnover rate), supports control of Candida, Candidiasis. Mycosis ( fungal infection) and Athlete’s foot (tinea pedis) , aids excretory function of skin.

Lecithin- vital to all living organisms  source Sunflower;  phospholipid, amphiphilic (fat and water loving/ lipophilic and hydrophilic),super healthy water/oil moisture balance structure of cell membranes,  liposomes, antioxidant, humectant , Phosphatidylcholine (choline) health/ science of the cell membrane structure, choline metabolic and cell membrane signaling( which is important when encouraging or trying to restore cell health/reproduction and function) :phospholipid, phosphoric acid, glycerol, triglycerides, aid In the transport of cholesterol!!!!! Lecithin also forms bilayer sheets of micelles that allow for easier distribution through lateral diffusion

DID YOU KNOW? The skin is the largest hormone producing organ of the body???? The skin converts cholesterol to estrogen in women and testosterone in men in a process called “the hormonal cascade”.

 Phenolics*Chalconoids ( also known as chalcones from naturally occurring phenols closely related to chalcones)source safflower/olive oil;  hydroxytryrosol- protective to blood lipids// tyrosol- anti-oxidant //oleuropein- anti-oxidant: anti-inflammatory: anti-atherogenic ( misplaced, mis-bonded cellular attachment eg. plaque ) : anti-cancer: antimicrobial: antiviral: hypolipidemic: hypoglycemic: aromatase inhibitor( blocks steroid/hormone malfunction

Inositol vitamin B-8 normalizes skin function away from psoriasis and eczema and strengthens hair  growth, a vital part of healthy skin function even if it is  ultra-fine lanugo.

Naturally occurring sun protection up to a 2 spf which is effective for office lighting exposure and in and out,random sun exposure. Coconut or raspberry oil can be layered on top to increase protection to an 8.

Rich in vitamin E – tocopherols and tocotrienols anti-aging, antioxidant, moisturizing, defends from over production of melanin/hyperpigmentation, may aid in general health of skin during healing of scars

Phospholipids in phosphatidylcholine (PC), phosphatidylethanolamine (PE), phosphatidylinositol (PI) , phosphatidylserine (PS), phosphatidic acids (PA). offering cell structure, communication effective for health cell production and turn over rate.


                                                Safflower oil; 10Tbsp.//

                                            Extra virgin Olive oil; 1Tbsp//

                                              Sunflower lecithin; 1Tbsp//

                                                Olive oil Squalane 5 ml.



                                              CC Forche Christianstuff

                                                  Swanton, Ohio 43558


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