For years people have used this as an excuse to physically beat children. They turned it into a lie. Can you picture Christ beating children? We are supposed to be more Christ like every day. So when is it that people will accept the fact that confusion is evil? It is sponsored by Satan himself. When will we accept the Truth, Christ’s Truth?

Rods were used instead of papyrus to record family or tribe history. Papyrus and printing of the written word were rare, but it was important to God for all His people to know the history of those who came before them. The Old Testament is steeped in profound history and explanations of the family lines of God’s people and the rod is highly regarded as an important part of truth.

These rods not only had names carved on them but symbols relating to the trials, tribulations and triumphs of faith of ancestors as a testimony to the magnificence of God .

Numbers 17; 1;5

Then the Lord said to Moses. ” Tell the people of Israel that each of their tribal chiefs is to bring you a wooden rod with his name inscribed upon it. Aaron’s name is to be on the rod of the tribe of Levi. Put these rods in the inner room of the Tabernacle where I meet with you, in front of the Ark. I will use these rods to identify the man I have chosen for buds will grow on his rod! Then at last this murmuring and complaining against you will stop. +++++#+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++                  There is no doubt that the Bible is all about punishment. God’s punishment means that He still cares about us and wants us back on the path as does a caring parent invests faith, time, energy , teaching, and a lot of emotional effort to punish a child. A parent that doesn’t care about the child, lets them do whatever they want without guidance, without follow through, without teaching and without punishment when needed. THANK GOD FOR HIS PUNISHMENT!

When we are punished it shows us that we aren’t write- offs. He has not given up on us. If He destroys all or part of our life choices it is because we are wrong. He wants us to know, to grow rich in faith, to walk the path a live the life that He designed for us…our purpose. If someone is just cruisin’, doing what they want to do and seeming to get away with it, chances are, that God is not investing in them because of their choices and the fact that they haven’t asked. People need to want God and a Godly life. They have to change completely and follow God and then when they need it they will be punished.

The Bible also tells us of the punishment of complete destruction of individuals, towns, and whole regions. But make no mistake each person is judged ON THEIR OWN. Even if it appears that everyone is punished equally, God promises us that He loves each one of us as an individual, a unique and beautiful creation, His creation, and will judge us for our own choices not anyone else’s.

If we are write offs, by our own choices, we will probably sail through life and not be prepared when we leave because we weren’t disciplined, we weren’t taught. We didn’t learn the history of the family of man and we didn’t grow wise while we were here. Our choices were apparent to God and He made little or no investment in us. Remember. God knows what is in our hearts without us ever uttering a word, to Him, and to others. It is obvious and painfully so if we don’t care about our relationship with God nor do we care how much we hurt other people. Then we think it, feel it, say it and do it. We cause pain and destruction by our own choices. If we want back on the right path and be close with God, we need to take our punishment, suffer through it and on bended knee be grateful for every minute because we believe.

Teaching our children to do the same is God’s direct command to us. Teach them what people have gone through since the beginning of time. Teach them that Christ shows us The Way so that we don’t have to keep making the same mistakes over and over  again. Tell them that every time we go make a light bulb that we don’t start with rediscovering electricity, but we review the mistakes and successes of those who came before us and add-on. Mankind seems so foolish not to add-on to the failures and triumphs of faith and wisdom of the previous generations, but we don’t. Why?, because life here is for everyone. Everyone has been given the gift of life from God. Regardless of their choices, it is for EVERYONE. It is our choices that God’s plan of freedom allows each person to choose to qualify to be Christ’s or not. Loving God with all of our heart mind and soul. Loving Christ and following and obeying and trying. Each person must learn and if their heart is in it, gladly accept the punishment God deals out. Thank God when you are not a write-off.

It doesn’t matter how old we are. We can always accept Christ and start on the path. If many people decided to walk to the West Coast from the East Coast would they all not be on the same path heading in the same direction? It doesn’t matter if someone has only walked one mile while another has walked 500 miles, it is the same destination, each on our own path. It is our choice that counts. And if we mean it, we will be grateful for our gift of God’s punishment when we wonder off the path either into the wilderness or heavy traffic.

By truly loving God, we will teach everyone with the mistakes that we have made, and witness to God’s punishment, as a  gift of faith and all of it is an amazing investment by God. Our story is  carved on the rod for all to learn from. Do we have faith like that? If we thought all of the faithful people of the Bible were perfect, would we even try? They share their mistakes with others as part of the story carved on this rod and recorded throughout all of time for all to see as a witness of God’s love of punishment. Accept God’s punishment gladly when we receive it and teach our children to do the same. Understand that the rod represents discipline from parents teaching self-discipline to the children. The truly grateful God’s people  are overjoyed that God loves them so much that He invests so much and keep them on track, the path to Him.

Self- discipline….Discipline for children….. God’s discipline for His faithful…

All of these for God….His love…….His people.

Job 36; 1-22

Elihu continued: “ Let me go on and I will show you the truth of what I am saying. For I have not finished defending God! I will give you many illustrations of the righteousness of my Maker. I am telling you the honest truth, for I am a man of well-rounded knowledge.”

“God is the almighty and yet does not despise anyone! And He is perfect in His understanding. He does not reward the wicked with His blessings but gives them their full share of punishment. He does not ignore the good men and honors them by placing them upon eternal kingly thrones. If trouble comes upon them and they are enslaved and afflicted, then He takes the trouble to point out the reason, what they have done wrong, or how we have behaved proudly. He helps them hear His instruction and turn away from their sin. ”

“If they listen and obey Him, then they will be blessed with prosperity throughout their lives. If they won’t listen to him, they shall perish in battle and die because of their lack of good sense. But the godless reap His anger. They do not even return to Him when He punishes them. They die young after lives of dissipation and depravity. He delivers by distress! This makes them listen to Him! “

“How He wanted to lure you away from danger into a wide and pleasant valley and to prosper you there. But you are too preoccupied with your imagined grievances against others. Watch out! Don’t let your anger at others lead you into scoffing at God. Don’t let your suffering embitter you at the only one who can deliver you. Do you really think that if you shout loudly enough at God, He will be ashamed and repent? Will this put an end to your chastisement? ”

“Look, God is all powerful. Who is a teacher like Him? Who can say what He does is absurd or evil? Instead, glorify Him for His mighty works for which He is so famous. Everyone has seen these things from a distance.”

“ God is so great that we cannot begin to know Him. No one can begin to understand eternity.” ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Thank God that He punishes us. Sometimes we are fools, and if we so desire, truly desire, He will invest in us and put us back on track to eternity….with Him.