We look to the stars in heaven to tell us what to do, what is going to happen next. It Is called astrology, our horoscope.

We look to stars in movies, sports, music to tell how to live, what is cool.

Why? Because we don’t believe in Christ. Stars in the heavens that don’t even have the ability to know or care that we exist, and we let them lead us? Get real! Stars of fame on planet earth get our attention because Why? We are told to because they make money? They don’t know we exist either. Christ  told us not to be distracted, he is our star. The most magnificent star occurred in Bethlehem over the manger where Christ was born. Do we worship the star or Christ?

Then why would we choose the stars and the planets that God created to determine our life instead of the creator Himself, God?

Recognize how evil separates us from God. Would we care about Hollywood if they weren’t making so much money? The gifts of entertainment and talent come from God. Can’t we just appreciate that? They get to do what they love to do and they are no more important than any of God’s children. What they own, what they wear, what they do is not of importance to a Christian other than the fact that so many are lost souls and may need our help. We can help by not feeding their beast of money if they are not striving to do things God’s way. Do we really hear about the people doing good or just the messes? Do we know people that have chosen to live a simple life and give their riches to the poor? There are movies and plays of great value showing the human condition with good victorious over evil or true love winning out over the way of the world or triumph over what seem to be insurmountable challenges? Do we choose to live it? Really?

Then there are the ones that make us laugh, what a gift! The stories that straighten us out and show us true love, their amazing! See God’s good…dump the rest.

Would we care if athletes made nothing, no money at all? Yes, it’s called the Olympics. We admire the work and sacrifice it took to achieve these feats as long as their character and soul are ‘in check’. They are not allowed to be greedy, dishonest, on drugs and if they get away with it, it is a shame. However on the other side the sports stars of the commercial world make so much money and live extravagant life styles and many end up screwing people over and screwing up their relationship with God. Yet so many of us still look up to them instead of Christ. Why? Money….they are cool.

SO WAKE UP athletes and sports lovers. Money, club sports, travel teams have changed young people’s chances to excel in sports and even get college scholarships. It used to be that any teenager could dig out of any financial situation and excel through talent, hard work and dedication. Now if their parent’s couldn’t afford to pay, pay, PAY for private club sports the athlete is out of the running for college sports and scholarships! STOP!!! we are tearing up families, their vacation time, their finances and the experience of siblings growing up together with the stress of all of this crap. Christian and Christian athletes and all fair minded sports lovers STOP THE MADNESS!

Music stars have the choice of singing something in celebration of God’s goodness, love songs, comical songs, or ballads these tell a story of challenge and triumph. So many very popular songs are just that. People don’t even realize the true meaning of the words unless they sat down and read them instead of just hearing them. On the flip side so many songs inspire hate, violence, sex and other evil crap that do we really notice what they are doing to us? Reject, send no money their way do not feed their master either.

As Christians we delight in all of God’s creation, the stars in the heaven and God’s children and their talents on Earth. Like absolutely everything, it can be good or bad.

Choose Christ and faith- first and celebrate the good and reject the ‘glamour of evil’.   Sound familiar?

Isaiah 47;13

You have advisers by the ton- your astrologers and stargazers, who try to tell you what the future holds. But they are as useless as dried grass burning in the fire. They cannot even deliver themselves!

Acts 16;16

One day as we were going down to the place of prayer beside the river, we met a demon possessed slave girl who was a fortune teller, and earned much money for her masters. She followed along behind us shouting,” These men are servants of God and they have come to tell you your sins are forgiven.”


A little evil? Or a lot? Is there a difference? Be forgiven and start over.

Proverbs 21;6

A fortune made by a lying tongue will never last, so why take the risk?

James 2;2-4

If a man comes into your church dressed in expensive clothing with valuable gold rings on his fingers, and at the same moment another man comes in who is poor and dressed in threadbare clothes, and you make a lot of fuss over the rich man and give him the best seat in the house and say to the poor man, “ You can stand over there if you like, or else you can sit on the floor.”, well, judging a man by his wealth shows that you are guided by the wrong motives.