A doctor enters the neo-natal nursery at a hospital and kills three premature newborn baby boys before he is stopped. The hospital staff holds him at bay while waiting for hospital security and the police to get there.

As things get heated he starts shouting,” You don’t understand! I had to take off last week to go to my son who was struck by a car and ended up dying in my arms. The mothers are these three were scheduled with me for late-term abortions and I had to cancel. Just because they were born prematurely doesn’t mean they want them any more than they did last week!”

“I wanted my son! I loved my son! He died stopping at an accident and helping the victims! Strangers! He was hit by another car, another driver, another person! A Stranger! The brain damage was complete. He donated his organs to Strangers! All of those people benefited from his life and they never knew him! I loved him! I wanted to benefit from his life!”

“These lives of these babies offer no benefit to anyone! Their own mothers did not even want them, for God’s sake! The heartbeat I stopped in each baby is the same heart beat everyone said I could stop legally last week! And now, you treat me like a murderer!”

“They weren’t supposed to be born yet! I could have rescheduled the mothers’ appointments and still been legal?! Every person gets one heart, one beating heart. My son’s is in someone else right now! Why couldn’t he keep it? Why couldn’t I keep him?”

“All you fools need to make up your minds! Is each person unique an individual creation or not? Just because you can see them outside the womb doesn’t mean their heart is any different than inside! This is so pain free for them compared to doing that procedure last week! Have you witnessed that? Have you seen what I do? It was the only heart they had..just like my son…. I just couldn’t work last week…I couldn’t.

Do you know what it is like to lose a child?”


When does it stop? When does anyone else’s life become a benefit instead of an inconvenience? God Creates and promises daily bread. God promises that His greatest gift is Love. Why would anyone deny themselves the greatest gift of all? Especially the gift of a mother’s love for her child? What could possibly be more important?

If we have been part of this in the past, whether through support of political parties that prey on our fear about our money or the mother herself that made this decision, …healing is available. We have to admit we were wrong and how wrong it was and ask to be forgiven and ask for healing and faith for all of this even to begin .Every life is God given. What has a little baby done to validate a self-defense motive on behalf of the mother…what?… Nothing…Decide…Choose

Ecclesiastes 11;5

God’s way is a mysterious as the pathway of the wind, and is the manner in which a human spirit is infused into a little baby while still in the mother’s womb.


We know that wind exists and yet can’ t see it with human eyes, but we see the results. We see the results of birth and life but are willing to believe its o.k. to destroy, because it wasn’t really there????