“I don’t like pink. Do anything you want, but no shades of pink, not one spot.” stated Frank to the decorator that his firm had hired to re-vamp the offices. She nodded without comment and left just as his daughter, Sally , Age 22 walked in.
” Well. Dad. How are you? I guess now the whole world knows that you don’t like pink.” she said. A calm smile came to Frank’s face and he said. “Sally, I’ve had a rough morning and I didn’t need that decorator today. I don’t believe we need to spend this money right now. I think it is stupid, but it always makes me happy to see you.”
He then gave her the big bear hug that he was famous for. ” I’m glad I’m not wearing pink.” she mumbled as he was squeezing her. Once he let go she laughed and said. “It’s also a good thing that I didn’t stay pink long after I was born or you could have thrown me away!”
” Knock it off.” said her dad. “Look. I’ve seen way too many offices with that rose colored accent theme and I ‘m sick of it. I don’t want dark pink, light pink, rose, fuchsia, periwinkle or any other excuse for pink.”
“I believe you. What color would you like?” Sally asked. “I would like a really rich blend of browns and beiges. You know, chocolaty looking browns, light sandy beiges with a few in between. That would be classy and comforting at the same time.” stated Frank.
“Not black and white, that seems to be a common theme in the business world?” she asked.
“No, that is too harsh. It puts everyone on edge and gives them the feeling that this business is ‘out to get everybody’. We don’t need that image, that feeling, when we are not that way at all.” explained her dad. “That is exactly what evil has done to our society, put so many people ‘ on edge’ and make them think they are under attack. Evil has defined skin tones as black and white not varying shades of brown and beige, which, by the way, are all the same color. In this class that I’m taking over at the U, we’ve been studying all of this. D.N.A. has linked all of the human race to the same mother, Eve.”
“Well, as Christians, we already knew that and now they know that she was dark brown or what evil calls black. In science there is really no such thing as races. These are all just adaptations to our environment over time. For example, your skin is very bark brown . That means your melanin is all spread out and already activated to protect you from your environment. We call it diffuse. You inherited this from your ancestors because they lived in Africa where this protection is greatly needed. Mom, on the other hand has this same melanin but it is not so active because her ancestors came from Ireland and it was not needed. Even though we all came from Africa, over time the lack of need lowered this melanin and the only way to bring it back up to the surface to see it, is by sun exposure slash tanning.”
“Wow, that is fascinating, but if there really is no such thing as races what about the hair and eyes and so forth.” asked Frank.
” Well dark eyes tolerate sunlight a whole lot better than lighter colored eyes and it would be a no brainer that people living near the equator would be exposed to much more intense light than those living farther away. On the other hand lighter colored eyes, are much more sensitive to light and that is truly needed the farther you get away from the equator because there is less sunlight in each day and it is less intense. Even if you get in places like Alaska, they experience months each year of little or next to no sunlight.” Sally took a break from talking as she saw her dad’s eyes light up. He loved new knowledge, especially something like this.
“And the hair?” he asked.
“Well now, how many times have you told me in the winter to wear a hat, huh? How many times in the summer have you told me to wet my hair down to play softball to cool off? You have always known a great amount of body heat escapes through our head. That is obvious to anyone that has ever had a fever. The first place you would touch is my head if I told you that I was sick. So think. If hair stands up as soon as it hits the outside world, it is much better for us in a hot climate than thick straight hair clinging to us. But, this same thick clinging hair keeps us warmer in colder climates. Even the amount and type of oil the scalp produces matters greatly. Think about this. We all know that whales, seals and so forth are full of blubber to insulate them from the cold. This same mechanism is what people hunted these animals for, for their oil. Energy, heat, light and so on and that is why we had to protect them. God’s plan is brilliant. The farther away from the equator your ancestors have lived , the more oil you produce on your scalp for insulation. The oil in many cases is thicker depending on your heritage for an even better trap for body heat. We call this viscosity.”
” On the same token, why would you want this oil in a very hot setting? We know that perspiration cools down our bodies so why would we want this slowed down by oil on our scalp? We need the hair lifted by not only its curl but by the salty factor of perspiration and we need the cooling factor. What we don’t need is oil intensifying the heat and keeping it in This lifted hair with little oil is kind of like a built in air conditioner. This plan makes the rapid evaporation of sweat the most effective and cools us down.”
“Why don’t people know this?” asked Frank.
“Well, frankly, Frank,” she said with a smile, ‘evil doesn’t want us to. Divide and conquer has been the M.O. from the very beginning. Even though it is the opposite of everything Christian and everything Christ taught us, people still fall for it because they let their eyes deceive them. If everyone was blind would this problem exist? I think not, but yet here we sit, stupid and fallen from faith because the gift of vision. These amazing gifts of God’s genius adaptations, only in humans, we use as a weapon to destroy our relationship with God and all of His children. You know what’s crazy? We watch shows about animals all of the time and marvel about their adaptations and even give credit to God for this miracle, but when it comes to humans, we use it as a reason to turn on each other and turn away from God.”Sally stated matter of factly.
“People need to know this! What can we do to get the word out?” Frank blurted.
“A lot of people already do know this. They just think that it won’t matter. Society finds anything to fight over, money, sex, drugs, streets and territories, dogs, social status, education, science, anything. Even if we get the word out there, people will say, ‘ I don’t believe it. We are different. They are different’. People that aren’t God’s already, won’t listen to what the Good Book says and the Good Book tells us that too.” sighed Sally.
Frank started talking with determination,” Child, it is our Job to spread God’s Truth. If people already knew His truth we would have never been instructed to be Christ’s disciples and witness and share the Good News. It is so ironic that every bit of knowledge has existed since the beginning of time and we always act like it is new, that it is news, when it is just news to each one of us. It is so hard for people to admit that they are wrong and that they were duped, especially by evil. Then they have to face their soul and their Savior and start the process of cleaning it up and this is one of the hardest things to do in life.”
“Girl, false teachers have invaded our faith as prophesied. They convince people that we are divided by the church that we go to. That their congregation is different than others and that they are the true Christians separated from the rest. The truth of our Lord dictates without any doubt that we are to become ONE, ONE FAITH, ONE BODY OF CHRIST. Anyone that teaches the opposite is a false teacher and is doing it to hold people captive for their own money and power. Pure evil in the name of God. These are crimes in the name of God and these people will be harshly dealt with by God Himself as the Bible says. I so would not want to be one of them when they meet their maker.”
“But we have to start busting myths and exposing lies, shining the light of God’s Truth. This is a chance for people to realize that they are being owned and operated by the one and only enemy that we face and that is Satan. He is alive and doing very well, by the way, then materialism will fall next. They will realize that these false teachers are just preying on down trodden people to seek material gains and money and then give more money to the false teachers and recruit more people to the false churches. When Christ told us that we are to live a simple life and use our money for God’s work, for His people. Not stand up in Church and claim God’s blessed them with four fine cars when they only need one.
“Give all of your riches to the poor if you want to follow me,” sound familiar? Christ said it and meant it. We are given this opportunity the use our voice to shout out His truth and we are going to take it. We are going to be there for Christ. We will be shown The Way.”, declared Frank
“Dad, I love you, I am so grateful, eternally, that you are my dad. You always wanted me and others to have the best chance at our true home in Heaven. I promise God and you, that I will always do the same.” finished Sally.

Colossians 3;1 1
In this new life one’s nationality or race or education or social position are unimportant, such things mean nothing. Whether a person has Christ is what matters and he ( Christ) is equally available to all.

1John 4;4-6
Dear young friends, you belong to God and have already won your fight with those who are against Christ, because there is someone in your hearts who is stronger than any evil teacher in this wicked world. These men belong to this world, so quite naturally, they are concerned about worldly affairs and the world pays attention to them. But we are children of God; that is why only those who have walked and talked with God will listen to us. Others won’t. That is another way to know whether a message is really from God; for if it is; the world won’t listen to it. Dear friends, let us practice loving each other, for love comes from God and those that are loving and kind show that we are children of God, and that they are getting to know Him better. But if a person isn’t loving and kind, it shows that he doesn’t know God- for God is love.

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