2 responses to “THE CODE IN ENGLISH

  1. Your writings are beautifully and sweetly naive.

    Daniel chapters 7 & 8 tell us who the “little horns” of the east and west were/are and connects directly with The Book of Revelation. WE have known since BEFORE the Reformation who the “666” and The FALSE Prophet are.

    1700’s-1800’s Doctor Thomas Scott had an excellent [which can be downloaded] Commentary on Daniel 7 & 8.

    ALSO, we know from John that “even now” there were MANY “anti-Christs.”

    Look at John 6:66! That’s John SIX, SIXTY SIX! I believe God gave us the exact definition of those “who turned and walked with Him, no more.” Also “anti” in the New Testament 19/20 times it is translated is better understood as “substitute.”

    “vicarus filii dei” The word “vicar” in Websters can mean, “substitute.” “vicarus filii dei” is the popes Official Title. He is the “substitute” for Christ on earth. In LATIN (roman numerals) “vicarus filii dei” IS 666!!

    The Reformers ALL said “the anti-Christ” was the pope!!! Dr Scott’s Commentary puts the papacy as Dan 7’s “little horn” of the west AND islam / muhammed as “little horn” of the east. I am pretty sure The False Prophet of Revelation is muhammed / islam!

    You have a good & loving style. “Just one more for Jesus”

    Numbers 6:24-26!!!

    • christianstuffbook

      You totally miss the point. This book is for the weak believer or the non believer to see what we humans have done, are doing and could do to our world, God’s project. We have to see where we are wrong to see where God is right. There is no time or necessity to understand what humans have done as far as predictions. We are here now. We are alive now, by God’s choice. Things are so very bad, this outreach of arguments is to “wake people up”. It isn’t until things turn to pure crap in people’s lives that many will turn to God.This is stated in Revelation as to the purpose of the Tribulation and yet “still many will refuse to choose God”. We have brought hell on earth by God’s choice of our freedom and our choice of godlessness and destruction. So many young people were raised without Christianity that they don’t consider it now. I don’t want them to feel they can’t catch up with “learned” facts and history of Christianity. That is not required to be a true Christian… not at all. We pray in the Lord’s prayer for “His Will Be Done on Earth As in Heaven”. People need to see the difference to even look, to even consider making that choice. Revelation is not “far fetched” as mere humans can to it to ourselves. So will the nonbeliever want to let God be in charge instead of man-made CHAOS? I don’t see reversing any of this without Christ’s return. We have the knowledge and ability. So what do we do with that? I relate to Jonah. My job is to reach the “unfriendly crowd”. I agree Mohammed is the opposite of Christ and the false prophet. He tried to undo everything Christ said while acting to be on his team. “OPPOSITES KNOW IT” is also on this site. As far the 666 code, people need to stop waiting for the epitome of evil to show up. Hitler and all those like him were pure evil. Pure evil has existed since the beginning of this Earth project when we chose not to be protected from it. Evil is evil. We need to recognize it no matter who shows up and when it shows up in our own thoughts as ” It is our thought life that makes us unfit for God.” said Jesus Christ Mark 7; 20-23 Thanks for what you do. It was wonderful conversing with you. There is nothing naive about this work. All the man made thoughts and things will perish and I am thinking sooner rather than later. Pure soul, spiritual choice.God Bless

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