We stand staring almost breathless at the mountains and the lakes, the forests or the seas with their amazing shores. We feel the pristine peace of the snow white landscapes or the wonder of sandy deserts teaming with life with so little water. The wildlife, the trees and plants the simple beauty of flowers, the sunset, the sunrise and as we take it all in and realize that man has done nothing to change the way it was meant to be, we take a deep soul felt cleansing breath and say, ” This is God’s country.”

We refer to the beauty that is unspoiled by man because even with the best of intentions, we have changed things from their original state. That is why we have developed laws to preserve lands and create parks so all people can appreciate it without changing it.

Do some of us prefer the ocean over the mountains? How about the forests over the deserts? Yes, but the choice is there. The choice to enjoy this planet as God intended it. The freedom to experience God’s country.

There is a country based on God’s plan of freedom. The plan we read about in Genesis, the first book of the Bible. This is the GOD GIVEN PLAN of FREEDOM to choose Him or not. The freedom to choose our own path….. our own journey. We chose freedom over the perfect environment of Eden…BUT we were given that right to choose to begin with. True Christians know that God is not about control…He is about Choice and the Freedom to choose.

True Christians know that devotion to a better way of life here and now and later has to be a deep down choice of the soul and can’t be forced on anyone. True Christians know that God is perfect and this plan is perfect and we don’t need to go around cleaning up His mess because there is no mess.

Christ told us that most won’t choose him. Christ also told us that people have the God given right to choose him at any moment in time no matter what they have done in the past. Freedom to cleanse. Freedom to heal, Freedom to change, Freedom to move forward with a clean slate and leave our past behind. Freedom to believe. Freedom to choose… “For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son so that anyone who believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3;16-17

This is a huge gift…HUGE. If God wanted to control us, why would He give the human experience including torture and death of His Son? Why not just control us from the get go or why not just write us off as too stupid to deal with? The life that divided time, the calendar, of this planet is Christ and he taught love, peace, tolerance because we have hope that others will see the ” light” too.

So people tired of oppression gave up everything and risked their lives to sail the seas and start over with freedom. Many died and most suffered. They landed on a land that they had never seen ..at all ( no t.v.). A land that they didn’t know what food would grow ( no stores) or what plants they could use for medicine ( no 911). They didn’t have roads nor anything but an ax to cut trees to make a wagon or shelter (no hotels) just for the opportunity to try…to try to make it.

At first we screwed up and had a total knee jerk reaction and formed colonies based on Christian DENOMINATIONS, not Christians faith…Christian denominations. Nine out of the l3 colonies were designated as denominations. In 1625, Charles I. had been handed the throne in England and decided he hated Puritans and began relentless persecution of them so the Puritans headed for Americas and settled in Massachusetts as a group. Safety in numbers and all comfortable.

Then in 1630 Rev. Thomas Hooker was irritated with Massachusetts and headed to Connecticut to form another colony. Then by 1635 Minister Roger Williams was forced out of Massachusetts too and went on to form Rhode Island based on religious tolerance because at this point, many people were a lot pissed off at  a lot of everything going on.

In 1632 Lord Baltimore wanted to establish a safe place for Catholics to practice and then came Maryland. Was it named after Queen Henrietta Maria or the Virgin Mary? Did that name butter two slices of bread not just both sides of the same one? Who knows? The result was the same, after powerful persecution of Catholics, they were finally safe.

Then in rolls New York settlers to establish a colony based on business and trade. (Imagine that!) The problem was that they were funded and fed by enterprises like the Dutch West India company that brought over patroons that ruled like kings over huge given estates and charged farmers and others tenants outrageous amounts to live and farm the land without choice.

Then William Penn showed up in 1682 to supervise the building of Philadelphia ( “the city of brotherly love”) as the Quakers had held unwavering beliefs that all people were created equal.

Soon letters started traveling among our founders that there should be Separation of church and state. NOT GOD AND COUNTRY…… NOT FAITH AND GOVERNMENT…BUT CHURCH ( a denomination) and STATE ( a colony). Freedom was not true freedom if people didn’t feel free to go anywhere they wanted to and be welcome and comfortable believing in what they wanted to or believing nothing at all. Freedom to choose God’s way.

The first amendment guarantees that government will not interfere with our religious beliefs, practices and freedom to do so. It says nothing about the government being atheist. ” in God we trust”, “indivisible under God” sound familiar? It is the God’s Truth that we all have freedom to choose Him or not and Christians are the great defenders of God’s Truth. Think about the other governments like Communists and Socialists. They not only decided what if any religion would or would not be practiced how, when, where and why…BUT… they also decided how everyone should live, where they should live, how much money they make and what kind of career the should have ( at a young age), where they could or could not travel to of even if they could simply buy meat or not.

There are present day governments that decide you can only choose between three haircuts. Really? …really.

We also have theocracy governments( religion based) that decide that is their religion and only their religion or people are stoned to death. They support killing all those who disagree. It seems their god is a real failure if he depends on people becoming murderers just to clean up his mess. What a foolish idea that a god would be so worthless that he would create all of these people, give them choice and then not be able to control the situation without human intervention. Then  sacrificing their version of an eternity by fulfilling primal needs of low life  humans like having sex with virgins, ( do we have sex organs in the after- life? ) murder and destruction. Using them for fools to rule themselves out of eternity, a life of love and peace, just to bring the hell of chaos on earth instead of… heaven on earth.

True Christians know that freedom of choice is the only answer. We are to hope and pray for even the worst of the worst that they may accept and come home to their loving Father and embrace love and peace as God’s truth. The only person that wants hell on earth is Satan. God does not want His children to fight, to be angry, to kill each other, to destroy and spread hate and misery. He wants us to accept His truth, His love, His Son and learn constantly learn and try.

Absolute equality of everyone is what a true Christian knows to be God’s truth. Even governments, banks, corporations are only groups of people that we let control us instead of God. Just like a group of kids in high school that maybe we did or didn’t like their actions at times, controlled the whole shindig with their nonsense. Look at this world! Any different? The very few kids that broke in the gym and destroyed the prom decorations. Did we cancel the prom because of their actions …or not?

Either way, we all have the right to learn from it, to grow in faith. Each person and God given life , the unique and miraculous creation of God has the right to do planet earth with freedom..as long as they are not hurting others and interfering with their pursuit of life liberty and happiness. If we believe the lies of this world and believe differently, its on us. We are accountable for believing these lies and letting them control us rather than God’s Truth.

Look around. Look at the insanity of this world. What group of fools do we want controlling us? Or..do we what our Creator, our Father, our God and His truth telling us that we are each as important as the other guy. This goes for our enemies too.

People are confused about a free society. Freedom doesn’t mean that anyone’s actions have the right to take freedom from others, not the innocent. We have freedom to rape, steal and murder….. until we are caught. These criminals had no right to interfere with other people’s freedom. AND WAKE Up! Those who wish to destroy freedom are not allowed to carry on in a free society.


Pray for them but the bottom line is that it is their choice, their God given choice to destroy the very freedom that allowed them to think the way that they do. And as far as the whiney atheists go, you better thank your lucky stars that Christians know that freedom is God’s Way, His truth because no other religion thinks that at all…not at all! BANG! They say or just define you in a category on birth right that you are stuck in the REST OF YOUR HUMAN LIFE and not allowed to venture out of and succeed, like the Chaste system in the east. Check these religions out. Check these governments out. Know what the confusion of evil brings to people who believe in the power of a few fools versus God and His Truth.

Before people get all offended about their homeland or country of origin, answer these questions.

Why did you leave there? And Why did you come here?

In search of God’s freedom? Opportunity?

Why don’t people believe this everywhere so that every part of the world is full of God’s freedom? The most prosperous nation in recorded history is based on Christian Truth of freedom.

When we did everything we did for people, God’s people, we were prosperous. BUT when we started doing everything that we did for money…oops! When we developed medicines to help people we rose to be the best medical system in the world with countless gifts of discovery of God’s Truth. Now that its all about money…um…not so much.

When we built, invested, sold goods for the benefit of all, we grew and prospered. Then we started producing junk, (for repeat sales, job security… you know) stealing investments and skimming, (greed) playing with imaginary play money and letting others produce our goods, selling out livelihoods of living beings called people for automation and technology to get more imaginary money.

Now let’s take their shelter called a house because our groups of people called banks were pissed that they didn’t win on their gamble of creating predatory loans banking on the fact (or so they thought) that property value was going to go up and people wouldn’t notice or care that they were screwed. Homes turned into a business because our tax code changed that only our interest paid on our home mortgage was tax deductible. Do young people know that every interest paid used to be a deduction? Car loans, department store,, charge cards, furniture and other were all tax deductions, all interests paid, so do they know?

Then we changed the game and every incentive was put in place that we did not pay off our homes. At the same time we established Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to buy the mortgages at the other end and ” We The People” did not know about it … until..oops! Why the land grab? Because it became evident that the people playing with the money were willing to sell this land of ours to anyone with the right amount of money. Maybe not the home owners, but the banks, the brokers and all of the players making imaginary loans with imaginary products like the batches of crap of junk mortgages and the good mortgages bundled together called C.D.O.s. They sold these to other country’s citizens and governments. We were selling our land. We were selling the ” store”. We were selling our freedom to the highest bidder.

In a perverse way, thank God that they were junk and everyone was mad at us and now nobody wants them. That’s o.k. we’ll just sell our ports to other countries and the New York Stock Exchange to Germany…that works.

People have died for our freedom. Over and over again people have died for our freedom and the freedom of others…and now we sell it? We have screwed up before a lot. We even had a Civil War that was our deadliest war by far. It amazing that we barely celebrate that victory, the ultimate victory against ourselves, against turning this land of freedom into a land of freedom for just some which is no freedom at all. Slavery has existed since the beginning of recorded history and it wasn’t all about skin color. Read the book of Exodus. People of all skin colors have owned people of all skin colors. People have chosen to get rich off of the backs, blood, misery and lives of others forever. That isn’t what the United States was about. That’s why we came here to finally be free.

360,000 soldiers died just from the north, These are just the guys that fought for freedom. Twice as many died from disease from the war. That’s a total of 1 million 80 thousand out of a population of 20 million in 21 union states. Then multiply this all by 10 and you would reach 10 million 800 thousand people plus tens of thousands of civilian deaths if it were to happen today with our present population in those same states.


Yet we keep believing the lies that others’ freedom to destroy our freedom is more important than freedom itself. Again…the lie that..other peoples’ freedom to destroy our freedom became more important than freedom itself…We keep believing the lies that this debt we have individually and as a nation is freedom. It is not…not at all. Maybe if we celebrated all of the lives lost for freedom in all of the wars foreign and domestic ( right here at home) both wars of guns and wars of words then maybe. just maybe we will ‘get it’.

We don’t need to take from the rich to have our freedom because we as true Christians know that God provides daily bread and we aren’t told to want much anyway if we are to follow Christ. True Christians know that we are supposed to share and treat everyone the best that we can. We also know that we are to defend the innocent and defend God’s plan of freedom. The atheists can find comfort in this if they ever pull their heads out of their butts and stop attacking Christians because Christians will defend their right to be free even if it includes being stupid.( An emotional state) Freedom is the right to be what you want as long as we aren’t hurting others. We can be as stupid and as low life as we want or…we can choose excellence in character and a path of God’s wisdom and faith.

Without freedom it is hard for people to have all of the choices available to see, to choose to be God’s Way or not. To follow and love Christ or not. So yes,  atheists can count on us because we as true Christians know that Christ came not to lose a one and we are to be his disciples and spread the ‘Good News’. We also know that the gift of hope is one of the big three gifts, faith , hope and love and the Father and Christ have hope that more and more of God’s children will come home to Him. We are bound by faith and love to have that hope too, even for the worst of our enemies. God loves them too. Freedom is God’s plan and we are going to stick to God and freedom like glue. So Christians stand up and rebuild this Christian nation as it began because for all of those who don’t believe…our faith, God’s Truth is the only way that these whiney freaks will be free too.

Genesis 2;9 15-17

The Lord God planted all sorts of beautiful trees there in the garden, trees producing the choicest of fruit. At the center of the garden He placed the Tree of Life and also the Tree of Conscience (knowledge), giving knowledge of Good and Bad.

The Lord God placed man in the Garden of Eden as its gardener, to tend and care for it. But the Lord gave the man this warning: “ You may eat any fruit in the garden except from the Tree of Conscience- for the fruit will open your eyes to make you aware of right and wrong, good and bad. If you eat this fruit, you will be doomed to die.”


Over and over again we choose freedom over Eden. With no exposure to good and to bad and no knowledge of the difference we were not accountable for the spiritual journey we took on earth. We were simply given life, a beautiful life with no end.

BUT….because we chose freedom to think for ourselves as God made available as a choice in the garden, we must try and try harder to choose God and His Son, His goodness, His Faith and Love in a world that parties with everything bad. We were doomed to die because we all won’t choose to make it to a spiritual choice that allows us to move on to a new Eden…heaven. Freedom from the beginning, only a fool would think that they have a better plan than that. It’s time to put God’s Country back together again…better than ever.


JOHN 8;32

Jesus said to them, ” You are truly my disciples if you live as I tell you to, and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” said Jesus Christ.