Here they go again. The atheists are crying about something. They saw a cross or Christians are having Christmas or Easter again. They are very loud squeaky wheels and don’t shut up until they are appeased, placated, molly-coddled, and had their boo-boos kissed.

What are they objecting to? Why do they care what other people believe? Do they object to freedom of thought? Christians know freedom is God’s plan and that same freedom allows these atheists to think and speak what they want. How can they object to that? Do they object to loving our neighbors? our enemies? each other? Peace? Loving our families? Our children? Our husband or wife? Forever? Do they object to helping those in need? Living simply and taking as little as you need? Greatly appreciating and taking care of the Earth?

WHAT? WHAT IS IT THAT THEY OBJECT TO ABOUT CHRISTIANITY? Oh,,,, it’s the God part. All of these things are good, but they can’t let God get credit for any of it. Well if life as a human is all that there is, then think about this ..St. Andrew’s., St. Anne’s. Bethany, St. Charles, St; Luke’s, St. Michael’s, St. Paul’s St. Vincent’s, Methodist this and Presbyterian that, Lutheran over here and Baptist over there and Catholic too. THEY ARE HOSPITALS! Dedicated to taking care of their real boo-boos and helping all people, including them,  through the hard times of life. Are they going to object? Are they going to turn that care down? Did anyone ever think that the best medical system in the world was developed by Christians? A true desire to help all of God’s children drove this train and it wasn’t until insurance companies saw it as a get rich scheme did things start to change to the pathetic.

Has anyone noticed that many of the new knowledge, new medicines, new techniques aren’t working out so well? WAKE UP! When things are done for the other master, money, it doesn’t work out so well does it? The only life that atheists think that they have is being jacked up because they think were better off having non-Christian entities run health care.

Now the governments(groups of people) imagine that there is not enough knowledge and compassion to help everyone and now they want to control it.

FOCUS! Knowledge comes from God. We discover, uncover truths that have been here the ENTIRE TIME!. We just didn’t know about it until the moment it was exposed.

Then IF we design it for money it is a failure. So many drugs have been taken off the market for doing harm because they were produced for money…not God and His children. Many new drugs were discontinued because drugs we developed 20 years ago were just as effective and had next to no negative side effects compared to the new money makers. Ooops? FAKING LIKE WE ARE DOING THE RIGHT THING FOR THE WRONG REASON MAKES THE WHOLE THING WRONG! But…let’s keep God out of the equation ..“No credit is due to Him.”, say the atheists.

One tiny seed of doubt is in the mind of the atheist. One seed of fear whether they recognize it or not. You see, if Christians are wrong, we’ve made the world a better place and end up with the same fate as the atheists when we die. If atheists are wrong, they have just screwed themselves out of eternity. Let’s hope that they make the best of this life…if this is all they get ..sad. .Have you noticed that it’s kind of insane and mean here?

One an atheist said, “If heaven is so wonderful, why don’t Christians just all go kill themselves and leave?” So one must ask…If this same atheist had just been in a car accident and was hanging on the edge of the cliff would she say to the rescue worker, ‘It’s really cold and dark, raining and windy. This is very dangerous. It is really hard to do. Don’t stay here to help me. Go home where you are perfectly comfortable and loved.”?   ……would she?

FOCUS!!! When we are Christians, true Christians, these are exactly the people that we are to try to help.

JOHN 8;46-47

“Which of you can truthfully accuse me of one single sin? (No one!) And since I am telling you the truth, why don’t you believe me:? Anyone whose Father is God listens gladly to the words of God. Since you do not, it proves you aren’t His children.” Said Jesus Christ

1  John 4;4-6

These men belong to this world, so quite naturally they are concerned about worldly affairs and the world pays attention to them. But we are the children of God: that is why only those who have walked and talked with God will listen to us. Others won’t. That is another way to know whether the message is really from God; for if it is, the world won’t listen to it.



A child is in his bedroom at night and the closet door is slightly open. He convinces himself that this is evidence that there is a monster in the closet. After screaming and his dad running in, turning on the light and showing him that there is no monster and never will be, the boy quiets down and hides under the bed covers. The feeling of fear is stronger evidence than the truth.

A man passes a shallow pond and sees an overturned suv and instantly recognizes the license plates. He sees no one is there to rescue them and he knows that it is his family. After hysterically trying to open the doors or break the windows of this suv upside down stuck in the muck of the bottom, he runs frantically to a neighbor’s house to get help.

His own wife is at the door with the neighbor and he collapses to the ground. He is in psychogenic shock and sick as they tell him that the suv was stolen and the perp escaped from the water and was arrested. They are now waiting for the police truck to tow it out to the forensic garage.

The boy nor the man had NO REAL REASON to be afraid yet based on the EVIDENCE.AS THEY PERCEIVED IT….they were scared to death.  No one really died, but fear can cause spiritual death. Neither the child nor the man was instantly back to a strong state because evidence that they believed to be true was not…was not.

100 trillion cells are alive in our body. They are born, die off and replace themselves. They are told what to do by a brain that tells the neurons that send message over space called synapse to endocrine glands that have cells to tell other cells what to do and it goes on and on and on and on. Who is telling your heart to beat? Where does the oxygen you breathe go? There are millions of functions and messages going on all at once in this body all at once directed by a brain that takes care of this stuff without us having to consciously think about it so we can spend our time here learning and growing spiritually, intellectually and emotionally.

There are so many doctors that specialize in each and every part of the body to spread out the responsibility of this knowledge but yet we go about our lives taking for granted that it’s all taken care of. We did not create ourselves, we cannot even understand ourselves, much less give ourselves life.



Review some physiology and anatomy and realize that we know  a lot compared to yesterday and still know next to nothing.

So do we regret having a life, being created because we are afraid or will we accept the evidence that Christ offered up by being tortured, dying, and rising so we could choose to listen and then choose to believe. What more has anyone done for us? What more would you ask him to do? What more evidence do we need?

Hebrews 1; 1-3

What is faith? It is the confident assurance that something we want is going to happen. It is certainty that what we hope for is waiting up ahead. Men of God in days of old were famous for their faith.

By faith- by believing in God- we know that the world and the stars- in fact all things were made at God’s command; and that all were made by things that cannot be seen.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

(The next time you are afraid of bio-terrorism remember it is something that can’t be seen. So where’s the evidence?)

Choose fear or faith…your choice