This is all pretend. Just go with it and ….think.

This is a conversation between a father and his daughter as they fly by Earth in their space ship that has been translated for us.

Dad- ” Look there it is! You’ve been wanting to see Earth up close and there it is!”

Daughter- ” Oh, Dad it is beautiful! Let’s land there please??

Dad- “Now I told you before we left home that there is no way we could land there. We can’t even fly too close.”

Daughter- ” I know, but it is amazing. We have studied it a lot in school. That is where the children of the universe come from. Tell me all of the reasons we can’t go there again, please?”

Dad- ” First off, earthlings are very frightened beings and they will try to destroy us or keep us  in prison. Secondly there are many microbes down there that their bodies fight off with illness but our bodies won’t. We don’t have illness anymore or pain or death.”

Daughter.-” Why would they try to destroy us if they were afraid?”

Dad- ” Either they would think that we are trying to harm them or they would want to know how our bodies worked and they would cut us all up to try to discover new information.”

Daughter-” I really don’t understand that, we could show them everything about our bodies in just a few seconds with thought and they wouldn’t have to eliminate us”.

Dad- ” That wouldn’t be enough for them. They think that they are the smartest in the universe. Many of them think that they are the only ones in the universe.”

Daughter- ” It sure is gorgeous though. We studied illness and death in school. The teacher used the simulator to make us feel ill and experience pain. It was terrible. Do the Earthlings have to live with pain and illness every day? I feel shaky. What is that?”

Dad- ” Yes. Everybody has pain and illness. Some have them all of the time, some have it once in a while. Many go through very bad pain in order to die.”

Daughter- ” Tell me again why they have to die?”

Dad- ” They need to learn to appreciate life, every minute of it. They need to learn good from evil so they may be allowed to move on. They need to choose God and love over everything else. If they don’t and they don’t choose good they must go back into the fire for energy and no longer have a choice of independent life. Life is a gift from God…He gives it….He gives it eternally and He takes it away. The choice is each and every earthling’s. and they are told this”

Daughter- “‘We learned in school all of the types of evil there is. War, killing, lying, greed, immorality. Do you really think that it is true that they kill their own babies in the new growth room.. what’s it called?”

Dad- ” Yes, they do, we have monitored it. By the way, it is called a womb.”

Daughter- “ Why do they do that? My teacher said it was for money. Money is imagined by Earthlings, its fake. How could they think that it is more important than God’s gift of life? His gift of love? God’s gift of life?

Dad- ” Most of them think that. They are told to choose between money and God and most of them choose money and fear of not having enough so it becomes more important than life, love and God. They are told but they won’t listen and they have freedom to do as they please. We don’t want their evil thoughts out here because we don’t think like that.. at all. They kill for money for drugs that destroy people when they take them. Some are willing to kill with drugs that are lies. They pretend that they are going to help sick people. They have wars where many , many people are killed and hurt very badly. These wars are because somebody wants something from somebody else so that they feel more important in an imaginary way and it’s all about money. They let people go without food and starve and suffer in a very bountiful eco-system and that’s about money too. They are told the root of evil is the “ love of money”, but they don’t listen.”

Daughter- Are they all like that? Are there no kind hearted people? Why do we know that God is power and God is love and love conquers all? Why do we know that and they don’t? Why do we want peace and natural beauty? Their planet is so beautiful, why do they do all of this?”

Dad- ” Yes, there are many kind loving people. People that are heroes for God and His children. They live among the ones that choose evil. They try to help if someone wants help. They try to get closer to God, but know this; they have to be exposed to all of it so the choices that they make are clear to everyone.”

Daughter-” I’m feeling something. I don’t know what it is. My eyes want to water. I feel my life energy going so low. I think I want to sleep. I don’t understand, I was so excited to, come here. What do I feel Dad? Will it go away? Can’t we rescue them? Can’t we show them how wonderful life can be? Look down there at the sweet people, their babies and children! Why do they really have to stay?”

Dad- ” Yes, God is in charge. You know that He is fair and all loving. Their time here goes very fast. It may feel to them to last and last. The truth is that when we leave their dome of time it will only be a few seconds that we were gone. We have seen the mountains and the lakes, the streams, rivers and deserts, the oceans, the glaciers and the waterfalls. We have the plains, islands, poles and all man made attractions. But all of this you could see from home. So I need you to think why have I brought you here?”

Daughter- “I don’t know. Dad, look! On the monitor! There is a male earthling beating a child and a female earthling! Is that red blood? We studied that in school. What is he doing? They are screaming! Dad, my energy is so high! I want him to stop! I want to stop him! I want to shout! What is wrong with me?”

Dad- “In the beginning of our visit here you felt shaky…that was fear. Then you felt tired with watery eyes…that was sadness. Now with this high energy and you want to make him stop…that is anger. You see we could not simulate these things in the schools of our children like we do illness and pain. We had to bring you close in their environment so you could choose to experience these feelings. These feelings are a choice. No one is forced to feel these things. As a matter of fact when Christ lived among them, he told them just that. He gave them every reason to believe. Yet still so many do not.”

“ No, dear daughter we cannot save them. Christ already has done this for any that are willing to accept him as The Way, The Truth and The life. As far as you go, you felt the things you felt because you chose compassion. If you lived in a world like this you could feel fear, sadness and anger if you too did not…choose Christ. This trip is important because we never want those things in our world . We found that everybody must truly recognize these things so they do sneak in and surprise us. They are not allowed and would destroy paradise. You need to promise yourself, the rest of us and especially God that you won’t allow yourself to feel these things. Only love and peace and God”.

Daughter- ” Oh Dad, don’t worry, I never want to feel any of these things again. They are terrible. Can we go home now?”

1 Corinthians 15;40- 49

There are celestial bodies in heaven that are far different from ours, and the beauty and the glory of their bodies is different from ours. The sun has one kind of glory while the moon has another kind. And the stars differ from each other in their beauty and their brightness.

In the same way, our earthly bodies which die and decay are different from the bodies we shall have when we come back to life again, for they will never die. These bodies now embarrass us for they become sick and die; but they will be full of glory when we come back to life again. Yes, they are weak dying bodies now, but when we live again they will be full of strength. They are just human bodies at death, but when they come back to life they will be superhuman bodies. For just as there are natural human bodies, there are also supernatural spiritual bodies.

The Scriptures tell us that the first man, Adam was given a natural, human body but Christ is more than that he is life-giving Spirit. First then, we have these human bodies and later on God gives us spiritual, heavenly bodies. Adam was made from dust of the earth , but Christ came from heaven above. Every human being has a body just like Adam’s, made of dust, but all who become Christ’s willhave the same kind of body as his-a body from heaven.