A brilliant vascular surgeon is packing to go on a family vacation to a cottage. He notices a leak in the upstairs bathroom and decides that he can fix it himself. After all he connects blood vessels all of the time in human bodies so how hard can this be, right?

He goes to the store and buys the stuff, but asks no questions, After all what could they know, he himself had 15 yrs. of college and training? He returns home and fixes it in about 3 hours and  doesn’t even look up information on it, after all his dad was a simple plumber so whatever he taught him was way below his own intellectual level and was easily absorbed. ‘Fait accompli.’, the job is done and they take off for vacation.

While they are gone, the flood of water starts in the bathroom. It loosens and ruins all the travertine tile, sub floor, and floor supports. As it runs down it ruins the kitchen ceiling, the cupboards, the appliances,  and the counter top  because there is no one there for two weeks to shut off the water. The rampage continues in the $100.000.00 finished basement to the carpeting the furniture, the dry wall, the in-home media center all of its equipment. The custom built cabinetry plus more. By the time that they return to a $4,000.00 water bill and $180,000.00 dollars’ worth of damage, onlookers ask how could anyone so smart be so stupid?

STUPIDITY IS AN EMOTIONAL STATE. People go through life with one knee-jerk reaction to emotions after another. This leaves a poisonous kaleidoscope un-reconciled emotions that show up as…guess what…stupid…stupid…stupid. Stupidity has nothing to do with book smarts ( learned knowledge), or natural intelligence. This doctor’s un-reconciled emotions with his father’s perceived lack of success prompted him to think that there was nothing to plumbing. His un-reconciled emotions  spawned  the fear of not knowing something that he perceived to be simple and blocked him from realizing that it was a matter of shared information not genius. His emotions of conceit kept him from realizing that no one knows everything and we all need each other.

Want to hear someone really stupid? Listen to a fool say, “l am not an emotional person” Really? Do they never laugh? Do they never get angry? They don’t love their parents, spouse, kids, anybody?

They would never cry if someone that they say they don’t love died? A person that says that they are not emotional is truly stupid. It means that they have never had the self-discipline to recognize and sort out their own emotions and grow wise from their life experiences.  The opposite of wise is….guess what…stupid.

In this world, it seems that the line is drawn in the sand more than ever before. We try to suggest thought processes to them. A way to think through things, but it scares them to think that they could be emotional. Let them sign up for the sociopaths wannabe club, wish them a nice day but tell them to have it over there on the other side of the line.

Christ told us that God is love. Christ told us that our greatest aim in life is love. We are told to love everyone including our enemies. So if someone is not emotional, does that mean that they are choosing to be totally screwed out of any God thing? And also guess what? We as Christians aren’t allowed to call them idiots, put them down or think that we are better than them just because we are Spirit filled people.

FOCUS PEOPLE what is required to get off this pop stand called Earth in one spiritual piece so we can move on? No paradise anywhere wants conceited people with lack of understanding about our own emotions THINK!


Proverbs 12;1

To learn, you must want to be taught. To refuse reproof (correction) is stupid

MATTHEW 5;21-22

“Under the law of Moses, the rule was, “If you kill, you must die.’ but I have added to that rule, and tell you if you are only angry, even in your own home, you are in danger of judgment. If you call you friend an idiot, you are in danger of being brought before the court. And if you curse him, you are in danger of the fires of hell” said Jesus Christ.

( Did we realize these things were emotional? Think! We need to understand.)