Meet Jack the goldfish. Jack lives in his house, a fish bowl. Jack sees huge things come by his bowl and the next thing he knows,  food is floating in the water. Jack knows that there can’t be anywhere else to live because he has been to the top of the water and has seen that there is no water for anyone or anything to breathe, so this is it.

Jack’s eyes are so small that when a person comes up to feed him it looks like a wall or mountain is there. He doesn’t focus on the ‘whole picture’ from head to toe that this is a life form that he doesn’t understand. Or does he? We don’t know if he does because…..WE DON’T KNOW JACK!

Please research the things that you are about to read. You can do your search on the words in italics.

Check out the Georgia Guidestones in Elbert County Georgia. A lot of work and money went into this message that is the opposite of Christianity. This person or small or worldwide group  want to limit earth’s population to 500 million and that’s it…that’s it! A message etched in stone from our generation… special. Do these people sign up their family and friends to be the first eliminated/killed to reduce the population? Really? That would be about 5.5 BILLION people gone. What makes them think that they will be around to enjoy the new state of being? Nuts…..WE DON’T KNOW JACK about what’s going on?

Like Jack we are looking for a carbon copy of ‘life as we know it on other planets and that is literally a carbon copy. Earth, the animals, people the whole shooting match is CARBON BASED LIFE. All of these confused frightened people shouting about carbon this and carbon that are actually talking about carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is what people exhale, that’s right breathe out, land animals too. Save the planet and stop breathing…REALLY? If this were the truth and it wasn’t about money and power, we could have a simple and practically instant answer that would greatly benefit everyone physically, spiritually and financially. God’s answer from the beginning. We breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide and guess what….plants take in carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. One more time…we take in oxygen…plants put it out…we put out carbon dioxide…plants take carbon dioxide in.

If the ‘green’ people were real, why wouldn’t they be telling people to plant their yards like the Garden of Eden with fruits, vegetables, flowers, shrubs, trees and everything that would use the carbon dioxide and replenish oxygen. Maybe everyone would think clearer and be healthier with everything involved in this lifestyle. Ya think? We would experience true abundance and be able to give much more food to those in need around the world. We would be exposed to the sun…our sun and would have vitamin D (ergocalciferol) production making our bodies healthier and exercising our skin (the largest organ of our body.)

We could stop with all of the lawnmowers creating even more carbon emissions from gas from oil sucked out of the earth. Even people in cities and apartments could have balcony gardens and all of us could have many, many more house plants. That’s of course, if they meant it.

This sense of urgency to fix the planet also hides the race to find another that supports life,. Life as we. know it. Just like Jack, the goldfish, we are looking for planets that have any trace of water because they have a chance of having life on them. What kind of life? Carbon based life like ours. Did it ever occur to anyone that water is life giving to life here and maybe only here? Did it ever occur to us that life forms could be too big to see or even register on our instruments? Did it ever occur to us that we are the fish in a fish bowl and the universe/multiverse is the rest of the bowl and the real stuff is beyond the bowl, beyond the room.

Beyond the house, the neighborhood, the state, the country, the continent? Does an ant see the whole human or just the giant bottom of the foot as we step on them? Does that mean that the whole human being doesn’t exist just because they don’t see it? Did it ever occur to anyone that we are told by Christ to enter heaven as little children humble and eager to learn everything about a whole new life just like a bright eyed child? Did it ever occur to anyone that WE DON’T KNOW JACK ABOUT JACK?

We don’t know what people are really doing now, as we live, in real time. We don’t know what people have really done. in our past. In Egypt they’ve found ancient light bulbs (well, that’s good..because we didn’t know how they lit the inside of the pyramids because there  isn’t enough oxygen to keep a torch lit) The also found a computer called the Ankithera device in Egypt from the time of the pyramids. Where are the dead pharaohs that supposedly the pyramids  were built for their burial place? How did they build them? Really? Some of the cut rocks weigh 40-50 tons. That’s right…that is 80,000-100,000 lbs. How were they made of granite when granite wasn’t indigenous (naturally occurring) to the area? What about the ‘pregnant woman’ stone weighing 1200 tons or 2 million 4 hundred thousand pounds? Today it would take 21 heavy lift cranes to move it. How did they build these things to 1/2000th  of an inch accuracy? We don’t know Jack!

Then there is Puma Punku in Bolivia. The cutting of these huge 40-50- ton stones, (a whole city’s worth) is so detailed and intricate that the math used to do this is beyond what we use today! What tools did they use? We don’t know Jack! Modern day stone masons wouldn’t even try to replicate what was done and we think we know more than our ancestors?

Why are these things built along the 26-28th parallel? How come they align with Orien’s belt? Or do they? These civilizations were on different continents how did they communicate? How did they know about Serios in the Alpha Centori Binary System that has …not ..been…..visible until recent times? How did they know?

Why are there landing strip like lines and half a mountain gone in Nazca, Peru? Why is there a very accurate map of Antarctica dated in 1531? Why does there appear to be molten formed stones at Machu Picchu in Peru? It takes3000 degrees Fahrenheit to do this, how did that happen? What about the 200,000 year old gold mine? Where did all of the people go? Where are their descendants? ( you know kids, grandkids great grand kids; on and on) why isn’t this knowledge passed onto them?

Why are there ancient sunken cities in every ocean found off of every coastline including freshwater lakes like Titicaca and over 200 sites in the Red Sea alone? What was the water level? Why do these cities that have advanced engineering date back to a time when we supposedly only hunters and gatherers? Why are they 60 to 2000 ft. deep.? What has really happened on this planet? Nobody knows because we don’t know Jack!

Worm holes, black holes and now white holes? Where stuff is turned back into matter after being sucked into a black hole, destroyed (as was) and then sent through a worm hole and now it pops out something new in a white hole? Does this sequence sound familiar to anyone? Most people that have had a near death experience report that they go through a long tunnel and are approaching a white light, remember? Is it different now that scientist say it? Really? We need to stop acting like that because we don’t know Jack!

You know how a worm hole works? For example, take a paper towel and dip one corner into brown gravy. When we lay this down it looks a long way away from the other diagonal corner. If we pretended the human hairs were light years and laid one hair right next to the other all the way across to the other corner, how many tens of thousands of hairs (light years) would it take to get there?

But, if we folded the towel over and the two corners touch and both were brown with gravy now and seemed to be at the same place at the same time, the space between them would be the worm hole. The rest of the paper towel still exists, it is still there but we’ve bent space and time to go a great distance and almost be in two places at once with our worm hole. But that’s o.k because did you know

that the faster we travel the slower time goes? Now man wants to make worm holes for time travel…of course we do.

We’ve got the Large Hadron Collider that is smashing protons together at higher and higher speeds to create a possible black hole, but no problem we found particles a million times smaller than an atom. Let’s play with those too! In which dimension? We live in three dimensions while the other dimensions are hidden from our human eyes. As a matter of fact, physicists are almost sure that there is a parallel universe or even a multiverse and may be on the verge of proving either one..


Jack, the fish, thinks that his bowl is the whole world. He doesn’t have a clue about the people their body parts, the other rooms, the yard, the neighborhood, the country, the planet , the rivers lakes and streams, the ocean, our solar system, the milky way ( our galaxy), the universe. Jack knows nothing. Does he know it?

Scientist say that there are 200 -400 Billion stars/planets in our Milky Way galaxy. That’s a 200 Billion spread! They also say that there are 200 -400 Billion galaxies like ours in the universe. That’s another 200 Billion spread and multiply it by the 200 Billion spread of stars/planets PER galaxy and we realize WE DON’T KNOW JACK! REALLY….WE DON’T! FACE IT!

We have developed bio-chemical warfare to kill and destroy in thousands of labs throughout the world and that’s what we know of. Who is doing it on the ‘sly’ and what do they want to do with it. It is ridiculous to think that we could control any of these things once they got out of ‘the bag’ and achieve whatever evil ends we were thinking about and then…ready? We freak out whenever there is a suspected pandemic of a virus that we have no control over! REALLY? All we can do is start some evil insanity of bio warfare it will take on a life of it’s own after that. So why do we panic when one has a life of it’s own without a human launch? Or does it? Why do we react by wearing masks that aren’t even designed to be protective against microbes? We don’t know Jack about what people are doing and the people that are doing it don’t know Jack about the results.

We have developed HUGE high amplitude frequency( U.S.A.’s version is called H.A.A.R.P. in Alaska) and ( Russia has the Tesla Super Weapon) units that shoot lasers into the sky to bounce off the ozone layer and return to earth to manipulate the weather, cause hurricanes, cause earthquakes, and now after realizing humans are greatly effected by electro-magnetic waves in the air, they are experimenting with mind control.

That is not new, we have been trying this for a long time. There are even records of military personnel that were subjects in studies with sleep deprivation, L.S.D., sounds and sound waves and more. Thank God that clarity of thought is a gift from God because we are creating an environment intentionally or not that it has become harder and harder for the human brain to think clearly. It seems highly probable that sending this crap into our atmosphere might have consequences like electrically shocking a lot of birds to death as these insane waves bounce around, but then we would know because we would have dead birds falling from the sky all over the planet, probably dead from heart failure. We might also have a lot of dead fish in all kinds of locations just floating up to the shore because water is such an excellent conductor. Wouldn’t we notice? FOCUS! WE DID!



But….we are so special that when hurricanes and earthquakes come along and do their damage and they weren’t caused by humans…we get all upset. REALLY?! TO ANY OF THIS?…REALLY?

We can’t keep track of what humans are doing except…ourselves, each one of us. we need to view the world with eyes wide open. We used to say, “ Well, they won’t let that happen.” Then after 9l I we started saying, ” Well, we won’t let that happen.” Really?

No one can control anyone else so we need to view the world through Christian faith with our minds wide open. We need to decide …to choose our own spiritual journey here because it is the purpose of life to allow us to choose God, Love, Christ, and everything that we have been taught or…not. Get it ? They don’t want us in paradise if we are not choosing to try. If we are hung up on everything we believe that we think we know…we are screwed. There is so much more to learn and we are told to enter the Kingdom like little children, in other words, realizing that we don’t know Jack.

How many of us have the faith to put aside all of our own opinions and say “God is running it perfectly. I don’t get it and all of this is perfect with me.” ?  Pray for that faith. All of our minor small minded opinions are what separate us from God and each other and its way past time to ‘knock it off‘. When we believe the lies of our world, the lies about ourselves, all based on fear…we are calling Christ a liar. Are you willing to do that? I am not.

The ‘Good News’ about not knowing Jack is that we will never be bored. On earth and beyond, there will always be something to learn, a way to grow. Boredom kills. Recently there was a story about trapped miners. All kinds of health officials were very concerned about the psychological health of these men from being trapped, bored to death, held back from living. People on top and people below tried everything to make sure this didn’t happen so these heroes wouldn’t lose the will to stay alive because they weren’t able to truly live.

We have to choose the will to live beyond our earth experience by learning and growing spiritually while we are here. Earth offers us the ABCs of spiritual choice and growth …..or not. Our choices will enable us to move on….or not. We are NOT expected to be experts when we leave. As a matter of fact, we are told the opposite. Show up humble like children and ready and willing to learn. We are told to make the right choices now and the things that we did not get,. ( as long as they are of God) we will get when we leave.

Think about this…all of these people get so upset when they feel Christianity rules non-believers out of heaven, but why do they believe in heaven at all? Isn’t this a God thing? How can they give any credence to heaven if they don’t give credence to God above? God taught us the concept? What’s that about?

Christ told us that we would “have a cross to bear.” and it is hard work to stay focused on God’s Truth instead of the insanity of this planet. It is also hard work to constantly pray for more faith to forgive over and over again, love our enemies, be patient with those on different spiritual paths or none at all. It is hard to not react to crazy attacks from others and it is hard to give up fear. We can do it…Christ said so. We need to pray for more faith and pray for the faith to accept the gifts of faith that God will fill us with.

As we separate from the worldly matters, people will do anything to try to stop us. When a huge house and expensive clothes don’t matter anymore they will object because we are changing and we are setting the bar even higher than they are comfortable even looking at, much less reaching for. People on a different path will not be happy for us, and won’t want any part of it and try to destroy us and that, my friends, is a cross to bear.

When we realize that we don’t know Jack about here on earth, past, present or future, and when we realize that we don’t know how God has done things, is doing things and will do things, we can let go and let God in our own lives, watch that change. That is when the Kingdom of Heaven begins in each one of us…as Christ told us…each one of us…he came here not to lose a one….our choice.

MATTHEW 13;11-17

The disciples came and asked him, “Why do you always use hard to understand illustrations?”

Then he explained to them that only they were permitted to understand the Kingdom of Heaven and others were not.

“For to him who has, will more be given,” he told them, “ and he will have great plenty; but for him who has not, even the little he has will be taken away. That is why I use these illustrations, so people will hear but not understand. This fulfills the prophecy of Isaiah; ‘They hear but don’t understand; they look, but don’t see For their hearts are fat and heavy, their ears are dull, and they have closed their eyes in sleep, so they won’t see and hear and understand and turn to God again and let me heal them.”

“But blessed are your eyes, for they see; and your ears for they hear. Many a prophet and godly man has longed to see what you have seen and hear what you have heard and couldn’t” said Jesus Christ.

LUKE 10;21-22

Then he was filled with joy of the Holy Spirit and said, ” I praise you, O Father, Lord of Heaven and earth for hiding these things from the intellectuals and worldly wise and for revealing them to those who trust you like little children. Yes, thank you Father, for that is the way you wanted it. I am the agent of my Father in everything; and no one really knows the Son except the Father and no one really knows the Father except the Son and those to whom the Son wished to reveal Him.” said Jesus Christ.

1 Corinthians 13;9-13   14;l

Now we know so little, even with our special gifts and the preaching of those most gifted is still so poor. But when we have been made perfect and complete, then the need for these inadequate special gifts will come to an end and they will disappear.

It’s like this; when I was a child I spoke thought and reasoned like a child does. But when I became man my thoughts grew far beyond those of my childhood, and now I have put away childish things. In the same way, we can see and understand only a little about God now, as if we are peering into His reflection in a poor mirror; but someday we are going to see Him in His completeness, face to face. Now all that I know is hazy and blurred, but then I will see everything clearly, just as clearly as God sees into my heart right now.

There are three things that remain- faith hope and love. The greatest of these is love. Let love be your greatest aim;

MATTHEW 24;4-14

Jesus told them. “ Don’t let anyone fool you. For many will come claiming to be the Messiah and lead many astray. When you hear of wars beginning this does not signal my return; these must come but the end is not yet. The nations and the kingdoms of the earth rise against each other and there will be famines and earthquakes in many places. But all of these will only be the beginning of the horrors to come.

Then you will be tortured and killed and hated all over the world because you are mine, and many shall fall back into sin and betray and hate each other. And many false prophets will appear and lead many astray. Sin will be rampant everywhere and cool the love of many. But those enduring until the end shall be mine.” said Jesus Christ


Why must we go through this? We refuse to understand. We refuse to see. We refuse to hear. We need to be challenged to filter out who has accepted the gift of faith. Faith is faith. Just because we don’t know Jack doesn’t mean that God’s Truth is not God’s Truth.

We better believe that what we don’t know…can’t be true. Nor should we think what we think that we do know  is the all of truth. Each one of us will be presented with challenges throughout life and we choose to accept the gift of faith knowing very well that we know so very little or not. Check this out.

Revelations 9;20-21

But the men left alive after these plagues still refused to worship God! They would not renounce their demon worship nor their idols made of gold and silver, brass, stone and wood- which neither see nor hear nor walk! Neither did they change their mind and attitude about their murders and witch craft, their immorality and theft.


What you thinkin’?