A small town thought they would have a writer’s contest about a recent landslide that buried half of the town. Poems, limericks, short stories, recorded history and other types of literature would be accepted for review. Many were thrown out because the facts weren’t accurate. The personal events may have been true, but the authors including information about other related events that were not. Some authors wrote so poorly that no one could make sense out of their work and others were so boring that the readers would hate it. There freaks and fruitcakes that weren’t even there trying to pass off pure lies, but fiction was not allowed. The pile rejected was put in a drawer while the accepted entries were printed in book.

Ten years later people found these rejected writings and shouted , “Aha! What’s this about!” It took some time for the town to get along again after the words in those writings were proven mistaken, untrue, or meaningless. Why are people always willing to believe the junk and not the truth? Why are we always so willing to believe that anything old, not used or published is true? Sometimes we believe it is more true than the accurate writings. There have always been those who write gossip, scandals and don’t right lies to destroy and support their own agenda. There have always been liars.  So when it comes to the word of God, we need to know that what is in the Bible has passed the test, God’s test and is what we need to know and is the Truth.

The Word of God is eternal…for every generation. The Word of God was written in the lowest common denominator so everyone could understand. Just imagine all the knowledge we know now….all of it…every category, rooms and rooms of books it would take a lifetime and as fast as new information comes in, we would have hundreds of times more to read before we die. We would never catch up. What if what we know only represents one billionth of what God did here on earth.. just earth…not even the universe? Cliff notes please…and so He did. So the questions would be; Isn’t there more than enough information given to us to spend a lifetime of research and learning?

Yes. Isn’t it presented in a way that all kinds of people living at different times throughout the ages can understand? Yes. Don’t the Scriptures tell us that there are things that we can’t understand? Yes. Don’t the Scriptures tell us they are God inspired and to believe? Yes. God asks for 1/7th of our time to chill, relax, think about Him and His Son Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and everything that is real, only 1/7th . One day a week out of a life that we did not create and couldn’t if we wanted to. God designed our brain to take over all the functions of our body without us consciously thinking about every heartbeat, nerve, 100 trillion cells all with specific functions. This is to enable us to grow the intellectual, emotional and spiritual parts of our brain and He only asked for 1/7th of our time to take it easy and focus on the big three, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Live with and by our faith and our love and our gifts every day, but Give back 1/7th. Sundays, the Sabbath. How many of us research the Scriptures 15 minutes a week?


But Jesus said, “Your error is caused by your ignorance of the Scriptures and God’s power!”

JOHN 5;39

You search the Scriptures, for you believe they give you eternal life. And the Scriptures point to me! Yet you won’t come to me so that I can give you this life eternal! Said Jesus Christ

2 Timothy 3;16

The whole Bible was given to us by inspiration from God and is useful to teach us what is true and make us realize what is right.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

If a person doesn’t believe that God gave us the information that we ‘need to know’…If a person does not believe that God directed every word, throughout time, for everyone at every age and every capability…. If a person doesn’t believe that God controls His message from the beginning to the end, in every translation. .,If a person believes that mere man would be allowed to screw it up for everybody…. If God is so weak and worthless… why would this person bother to believe at all? We should wish them good luck with that…wait no such luck.