Making waves has always been related to someone bringing up a subject that no one wants to talk about. Some call it causing trouble others call recognizing a problem that needs to be fixed. Here’s a thought;

The introduction of technology filled our world with waves. Unseen and unfelt or at least unrecognized as a problem. Well, wait a minute. At one point people with pacemakers couldn’t stand next to a microwave. Nothing was touching or seen but damage was occurring. People discovered that electrical transformers and high powered lines caused health problems and feelings of dread and paranoia from their electromagnetic frequencies or low E.M.F s. We now can’t decide if cell phones cause brain tumors or not. Do they weaken aneurysms ( bulges in blood vessels like a garden hose ready to burst)?

Does the increase of Autism concur with the use of ultra sound technology to view the developing child in the womb? Hmmm…developing brain  bombarded with sonic waves bouncing off of it. Coming out into a world loaded with every kind of wave from satellites to cell phones and towers, radios, beepers, remotes, all the hand held communicators to internet and other devices. Something to think about…Wait can you still think?

What if certain people’s brains were more susceptible to the interference of these waves than others? Blood type, hormones, bone structure, genetics , where they live and so on. Don’t think it is ridiculous. WE MEASURE BRAIN WAVES TO DETERMINE PROBLEMS INCLUDING BRAIN DEATH. It’s called an E.E.G. (Electroencephalogram.)

For so long hospitals airplanes, blasting areas and more didn’t allow use of cell phones or radios to avoid interference with ongoing processes. Techno people have decided that they have many of these bases covered with new encasements and designated frequencies for certain communications. We use waves to bust up rocks inside our bodies called kidney stones, rocks inside our bodies. These devices have to be carefully aimed as to do no damage to healthy tissue. What about the all of waves without purposeful direction?

Is this one more porthole for confusion to enter? Look at this world. So many people don’t make any sense at all, anymore AND… Yes, we would do this to ourselves!

Thalidomide, a drug dosed by doctors caused children to be born with flipper like extremities instead of arms and legs. How many stood in the danger range of the atomic bombs tests? What about Agent Orange? What about all of the drugs that have passed double blind studies only to be pulled off the market again for harming people? Just this year! What about lead paint in toys, recalls on cars, toxic shock syndrome and the list goes on and on. We are always so sure that we are right especially when there is money, vast fortunes to be made. Then oops?

So one must ask, “Why is there a mandatory change from analog to digital frequencies? Why were there government coupons available for those that need converter boxes? Why do the people in the government care about, either thing? This is private business, an industry, or is it? Why is the world so nuts? Will we wake up like Rip Van Winkle?”

Have you ever seen the live- real time tracking of satellites? Our planet is so covered with satellites that you can barely see the planet. It is similar to views air traffic controllers use to track how many planes are in the air at once. If there is intelligent life out there in a universe that we see no end, no boundaries, that we know next to nothing about, they must think that we are the biggest idiots in the cosmos. The beautiful earth shots that we see are without anything in front of the satellite just like we would plan to snap a picture here on earth. If we took a picture of our family at an

amusement park in front of one ride, does it mean there are no other people there? Think! We take a shot with everyone else out of the way! it doesn’t mean that there aren’t tens of thousands of people there. It just means we were able to focus our shot on just our family with the tens of thousands of people behind us.

Why would any satellite worth anything take pictures of other satellites? Unless it would be spying.  We have to FOCUS! Not just when we take pictures, but we need to pull our heads out of the sand and see the whole picture.

Pray for clarity of thought, wisdom, it is a gift!

2 Timothy 1;7-8

For the holy Spirit, God’s gift, does not want you to be afraid of people, but to have clarity of thought, and to love them and enjoy being with them. If you stir up your inner power, you will never be afraid to tell others about our Lord….