Addictions are one of mankind’s biggest challenges. Whether they be physical like smoking, drinking, drugs or food, or obsessions with money, gambling, sex, hoarding and so on, we let them take over our lives. The worst addiction by far is ‘the need to ‘feel right’ we are so addicted to feeling right that we will do anything to feed that fix. We will lose jobs. We will lose friends. We will make total asses out of ourselves. We will choose a cold heart and a loveless life We will destroy relationships of all kinds , boyfriend/ girlfriend, husband/wife parent/child, brothers/sisters, all of them. We will especially destroy our relationship with God.

There is so much that we don’t know about our own planet and the people that have lived here both past and present but, somehow these ‘feel right’ addicts think they know it all. As with any addiction the farther we are into it the worse it gets. We start out young by proving we are right on something and say, ” naa,…. naa,,naa,..naa Told you so..” Then we move on to other things like when we find out we were wrong about something and say. ” Well, how was I supposed to know?”. We have to notice how many adults still do this. The big kids say, “This information wasn’t available to me at that time. I am re-issuing my statement.” if this is true, why were they so “hell bent” on the ‘rightness’ of their own thought about a situation that they knew nothing of? Why do we think we are right come hell or high water? Why will we attach ourselves to a lie, believe it, become a liar by repeating it and then people will say, “I never said that.”? FOCUS ! It’s on video! Yet still they deny saying it when it is there for the whole world to see that they did.

This is the deep part of the addiction where they are so needy of their fix to ‘feel right’ that they actually believe they were never wrong even though the evidence is right there in front of everyone.

If we watch people and their psychological character development through this process it isn’t hard to see that something new has become wide spread. We used to see people say anything to get out of a Jam’. We call them C.Y.A. moments. (cover your ass) We saw them say a brand new batch of lies to get out of trouble for the first batch of lies, but now? Not so much .They have said so many lies that they believed to be true because they were so addicted to ‘feeling right’ that anything that they think must be right!  The ONLY right  in the matter is that the  truth has totally escaped them and worse yet, they no longer have the ability to tell the truth from a lie. When someone is speaking to them or when they speak themselves. We call this delusional. Look at the people of the world! Delusional!

If we can no longer tell what is true or not we come to believe that nothing is true, that nothing is correct, so now their own truth is as good as anyone else’s so they sigh a big sigh of relief because now they can be right all of time because there is no true right or wrong  Whatever they think and say is as good as it gets. If a child truly believes that they can read but to everyone else its wrong, it becomes the hardest barrier to break because they have no desire to admit they are wrong and learn something new. They say, “This is right. I know it is. That is what my teacher told me and I am doing it right.” It is so frustrating for the adults that really love the child and want them to learn the right way.

Well, guess what? Welcome to God’s world. He offered us safe haven where we wouldn’t be responsible for knowing right from wrong, but we blew Him off for the freedom to explore and make our own mistakes, but He gave us that choice. It was His plan. Then He taught us and that wasn’t enough either. We have been challenged, each one of us in our own lives to learn hard lessons as any good teacher would do and most of us won’t pay attention to that either. HE SENT His Son to teach, in person, in human form, and still most of us keep banging our heads against any available wall to prove ourselves right.

We have an amazing book , the Bible, that offers all kinds of different learning venues, styles to get through the un-reconciled emotions that create our thick skulls. The problem is that we want to be ‘right’ all by our little selves’. We fantasize like a child does that we are the first one that ever thought through something correctly. R..a..ight. Sure, O.K. We think it’s cute when a child knows his or her math facts and feels that they own the world and show off to their parents like the parents don’t already know these things. Cute..O.

Do we really think that God thinks it’s cute for adults to act this way? Everything that we could possibly think has been thought before. Everything new is just a discovery of knowledge that was already here. Wise people know…the more you know….the more you know what you don’t know. If we are into learning we will never be bored here on earth because as we discussed before, we don’t know jack.

So we must ask the question, ” How can we possibly be right if we don’t know?” We hear people use that excuse all of the time when they say, “Well, I didn’t know!” Then why were they hung up on what they thought was the truth when they admit that they didn’t know? Why do we do that? We all do it in one way or another at some point in time? Why?

The answer lies in this lie. We are comparing ourselves to others and frankly they don’t know any more than we know because all of us put together still know next to nothing. We can’t create this planet our lives. The people that are so addicted to ‘feeling right’ just say there is no God and this is all an accident because they can’t figure it out themselves so it’s too hard to admit someone else might really know what’s going on.

They are so addicted to ‘feeling right’ that they know in their own little mind that if they can’t think it…if they can’t do it…no one can. What a hardship it is to live in this emotional state of stupidity. (for them and for us)

As true Christians we know that we don’t know much of anything. That’s where faith comes in. We do know without a doubt that God knows all. We do know without a doubt that His Son Jesus Christ was sent here to show us The Way, The Truth and The Life. We also know that what we know is only a teeny tiny part of God’s Truth but it is what we need to know to be His. We call these things the mysteries of God, the unknown, unexplainable miracles. Look around the whole earth and all of the life on it are an endless line of amazing miracles. Miracles that we cannot create starting with ourselves. We as true Christians are more than happy to give it up /o God and give it up for God. We are counting on Him now and when we leave. We know all of this is way beyond our capability and are very grateful that our Father, God, who is Love, …is in charge.

The Bible refers to the people that are addicted to ‘feeling right’ and the self- righteous.. They believe that they are ‘all that’, the ‘feel right’ addicts. The sad thing is that we are not going to tell them differently nor will they listen to the word of God. We are told in the Bible that the Word of God will fall on deaf ears for those who do not want to hear it. We also have a problem with the fake Christians and the false teachers. Somehow the addiction has spread to congregations that think that they are so very right that somehow they have earned the right to judge others and call Christ a liar while they are doing it. As disgusting as their thoughts and actions are we still have to pray for them as we would any enemy.

Think of all of the people that know so little about Christianity and are instantly turned off by these lost souls. ‘Feeling right’ is an addiction that anyone can choose to have. It is obvious on this planet of ours that life can be a weird mystery tour and go figure… all these lost ones seem to find each other and form groups so they can feed each other’s addictions of ‘feeling right’.

We are told over and over again to learn God’s Truth and to be righteous…NOT SELF-RIGHTEOUS! If we don’t choose that now.. we are screwed by our own decisions. When we are faced with God’s Truth when we leave , we will have to know that making the wrong choices when we had every opportunity here on earth, does not give us the privilege to move ahead and that is God’s Truth. ‘The Chosen’ are the ones who choose Him. The ones who choose God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ and let the Holy Spirit run through them.

Christians know that it is about trying. We have to review our thoughts and actions. We have admit what we have done wrong. We have to say we are sorry and we have to change and try never to do the same things again. We have to try to be better. We have to try to follow God’s Truth. We know that there is something better after here and we better be humble about it because we don’t know anything.

We know that the ultimate gift of God’s Son, Christ was given to us for evidence. We as true Christians do know that we are right by knowing that God is the ultimate right. We can get over ourselves. We are glad to give God all of the credit. We are glad to give God all of the power and glory forever and ever.

A-men                                     MARK 2; 16-17

But when some of the Jewish religious leaders saw him eating with these men of ill repute, they said to his disciples, “ How can he stand it to eat with such scum?”

When Jesus heard what they were saying, he told them, ” Sick people need the doctor, not healthy ones! I haven’t come to tell good people to repent, but the bad ones.” said Jesus Christ

Philippians 3;7-11

But all of these things that I once thought very worthwhile- now I’ve thrown them all away so I can put my trust and hope in Christ alone. Yes, everything else is worthless when compared with the priceless gain of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. I have put aside all else, counting it as worth less than nothing in order that I can have Christ and become one with him, no longer counting on being saved by being good enough or by obeying God’s laws, but by trusting Christ to save me; for God’s way of making us right with Himself depends on faith- with Christ alone. Now I have given up everything else- I have found it the only way to truly know Christ and to experience the mighty power that brought him back to life again, and it means to suffer and die with him. So, whatever it takes, I will be one who lives in the fresh newness of life of those who are alive from the dead.********

( comment)We can try all we want and Christians know that we must always try to be more Christ-like than every minute before, but God’s Truth is not the truth without Christ. So we can feel right all we want with our own ideas of right, but the Truth is that God’s right is the only right and always has been and always will be and our differing opinion does not matter…except to us now and definitely later …..our choice