Derek and Justin both had taken summer jobs while in college. Since both were fascinated with science and adventure, they decided to be tour guides in a local park that took groups of people through an underground cave network. One day while leading a group of typical tourists consisting of grandmas to little children, there was a huge rumbling noise and cloud of dust coming from the area where they had all just been which happened to the entrance. Justin went back to check it out and when the dust had barely settled he could tell that the entrance had been totally blocked by a cave in.

The tourists looked at him as he returned to the group and he reported that the way they came in was not going to be the way they got out. Anyone could see the fear in their eyes. Derek and Justin, however knew that there was another way out if and that is IF it hadn’t been compromised by the cave in. They Knew that neither one of them should go there alone to check it out and that they shouldn’t take someone not familiar with the cave network, They decided to put one of the dads in charge. They left the group in his hands and went ahead to see if the other way out was still open.

As they approached the area the light coming in looked a lot dimmer than usual and they were concerned that the other entrance had been at least partially blocked. As they got closer, they realized that it had but only by brush and trees not a cave in. They cleared the way and headed back to the group.

As they were getting nearer Derek stopped Justin and said, “ Look, we are in a real good position to give these people what they need and want to get out of here in one piece without fear of hardship. We shouldn’t give this information away for free. They can pay money, good money. After all, they are here spending money on vacation.

“Not everyone can afford that!” Justin was horrified and it showed on his face. He blurted out, “What are you thinking?! These people depend on us! They depend on the information that we have to keep them safe! This is a matter of information. They just don’t know about this other opening. We depend on people all of the time for their information to make our lives better. What are you thinking?!

I would never want myself or someone I love treated that way so why would I do it to someone else?”

Derek simply said, “Focus. dude. You are going to school to be a doctor. I am going to school to be a lawyer. neither one of us are going to help people that depend on us and our information to keep them safe without charging big money for it. So what’s the difference? So why not start now?”


1 Timothy 4;15-16

Put these abilities to work: throw yourself into your tasks so that everyone may notice your improvement and progress. Keep a close watch on all you do and think. Stay true to what is right and God will bless you and use you to help others.


Right way…Wrong way…in and…out…figure it out.. follow the person that leads the Way, If we want results like Christ promised…we have to do what Christ said. Choose a master…God or money…….which one will be there for us in our worst of times? Really? Really …….