This is for all of those people that celebrate Easter. This is a checkup. How much have you let the pathetic attitude so prevalent in society, change you? How much have you accepted as ” that’s just the way it is-“?

We are constantly changing. The momentum is there. All that we need to do is steer in another direction. Find the road that is lost. 359,528 beige skinned Union soldiers died to stop this country from our own stupidity, greed and evil. They didn’t just speak up….. they died, It was called the Civil War.

Hiding inside our own safe circle of life did not make change  happen then and it won’t now. Taking a stand, stepping up and speaking out will inspire change. Tell people why we are so miserable.

Don’t judge the people, but judge the acts and the attitude. If things continue to get worse and you have done nothing, you are equally responsible for the mess. Right now, no one has to die to make change happen. Can you guarantee that for our future? Look around. Isn’t there anyone you will love enough to want something better, for them?

359,528 Union soldiers thought this country was worth it. At least honor their ultimate sacrifice keep us from becoming slaves to the greed hatred and violence that we see grow every day.

Don’t hide… See…. Speak










Sometimes we get confused and think


Somehow, someway, you find yourself at the foot of the cross as a witness to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. You walk up standing tall and proud ready to be there for Him. As you approach, reality…. the truth sets in.

Then you say:

“Lord, I didn’t know it was like this. I am so upset! I need your help to get me through this so that I can be there for you.” You can see the warm glow in His eyes as the love for you shines through. 1             1                                                                               You continue

“Lord, I need you to tell me how I can help you. I don’t know what to do. How can I make this better?”         2&3

“This is so awful, Lord,. Are you sure you need to do this? I’m not sure that it is really going to matter. You walked this land healing people and teaching of God s love and look what they have done to you. If people don’t accept what you have done as a gift, why would this change their minds? Lord, you are really starting to bleed more from that gash, in your side.”

“No, Lord, it-doesn’t really matter. The world will be run by money. People will sacrifice their whole   4  lives in pursuit of money and what it can buy. Maybe if you would have had a fine house and great clothes, you would have done some networking through extravagant parties. Maybe, instead of informal hillside chats,(that were for just, you know, everyone?) you could have figured out a way for the right   5    kind of people to make money spreading your word. You could have avoided all of this.”     6                                                                                                                   “Even myself, I have bills to pay and I want much more than I have. You’ve heard my prayers, I mourn over the stuff I don’t have. I need a bigger better house and more things to impress the people in my circle so that I can move up in the world. I realize that your life here has been simple and maybe that was good enough for you, but let’s face it, that “daily bread” is a comforting thought, but it’s not enough. That true riches thing you speak of, well, maybe it will work later.”          7

“Lord your feet are so broken from those spikes How do you stand the pain?”                8

You see, it doesn’t really Matter! When I have pain from disease or injury, I will know that you have abandoned me. You healed so many, but yet got me? I know you say these are God jobs because your strength shows up best in those that are weak, but why do I have to do it? Others can keep mercy,    9    compassion and sacrificial love as qualities alive for us .I’ll feel bad for them, but I’ll never understand that you have chosen me to nurture some of your best.”                                                               10

“Lord, you must be really thirsty now. You have lost so much body fluid from sweating and bleeding.. I don’t think what they gave you to suck on was water because you made a terrible face. I’d go ask for some real water, but they might hurt me, too,”

“Lord, this CAN’T really Matter because I will see the world turn so angry. People hurting each other for no reason other than to hurt. Our youth will be so confused that  violence will just be their way  11     of  life. I, like others, will stand by complaining about the world saying, ‘What has the world come to?’. Yet, I will do nothing accept the things to benefit my own.”

“I know you say even the Godless can love their own, so why do you do this? I will work even harder to give them the material stuff, that they need to make it here. I’ll be  so focused on this short life   12   on earth that I won’t develop character and soul in myself or my children. These gifts of faith. hope and love, I will not even pray for, because of my desire for stuff. This will make us think that we are   13     happy. We will think that we don’t need you.”

“ I’ll also make sure that my kids have the best education, they are going to need it to make money. I want them really challenged to learn. I’m sure they will pick up the concept of what you have done somewhere along the way. I won’t recognize the challenges you give me as love. I know you say that you will challenge us as a loving father challenges his children, but for our soul .I won’t see it.”     14

“I’ll take Credit for all that is good that has happened even though you created me, the earth I live on, every ounce of knowledge, everything. Then I’ll blame you when something goes wrong( in my opinion) and look to the sky saying ‘Why me, Lord? Why me?”    15

“I know you are suffering and all, but let’s face it, I will think that no one will care about my family as much as I do, not even you. All of my hard work and  sacrifice has to count. I know that we are only  16  here for a minute in the grand scheme of eternity, but it is all we will care about. I know we are supposed to be visitors. Yearning for our true home in heaven, but ‘I gotta do what I gotta do!’ Your sacrifice might count later.”  17 & 18

“Lord, you are really starting to slump now. I am surprised the small bones of your hands have not torn away from those spikes and you have fallen over head first. I am sure by now that you wouldn’t have enough strength to hold yourself up. Why did you need to do this publicly? I bet you really want to lay down to die. It would have been so much easier. You could have just got stabbed and be resting in a bed with cool cloth on your forehead and water in your mouth. You could still die and all, but maybe it would have been better in private you know with dignity?”

“You see, Lord it doesn’t REALLY MATTER! I will take ten cents too much  in change and say it is    19     someone else’s fault that I stole. I will not carry your word into my business world because no one else does. Screw or get screwed is the way it is It’s all about the money”                                                     20

“I will even chose my relationships based on money and status. Be assured , Lord, that I will make sure that someone really loves me, is devoted to you and me and they are generous before I will even      begin to care. You See, that two become one thing, that unconditional love and that forever marriage, well, they just aren’t working here. I know you’ve got my back covered on this one . Any true heart    21    that I shred, you can heal. The good pan is that you won’t have to heal my heart because I won’t have the faith to accept your gift of true love anyway. I’ll choose another relationship for entertainment and everything they are willing to do for me, give me. To wait for someone wanting the real thing, a Christ centered relationship, your way, would be far too lonely.”

“Lord, it looks like you are crying. Its hard to tell. You have sweat so much and there is a lot of blood dripping from those thorns. No.. Yep, those are tears. That’s good, Lord, it means that you aren’t completely dehydrated, yet. It will be even more painful when you are. It will even hurt with your eyes closed.”.

“I know because I’m obsessed with my physical appearance. I work out a lot. I thought about helping those that are ill and can’t even walk, but my workout routine takes up too much of my time. People judge us by the way we look just like our money. We need looks and money to get ahead. I know    22    people are nurses’ aides, child care workers and so on and what they do is important, but without college what are they really contributing? Taking care of the sick, dying, elderly and very young is nice and all , but it doesn’t pull in the money. Think about garbage collectors. They keep our planet clean    23   from the waste of our own stuff, but really Lord you know what I’m saying. Don’t you?”

“Lord, your face is so drawn. Your eyes barely open. At least as you get weaker the pain will subside or so I’ve heard. This is terrible! This didn’t have to be!


“Why didn’t you just leave us alone here? You could have changed us in the blink of an eye when   24  we die. Why did you care that we  could have faith here? We all have free will and we go about our business almost like you never did this at all anyway. Even with this that you have done for us, we have created our own hell on earth. Why did you care about our time and our soul while we are here?”

“Lord, think about this, look at our lives! IT DOESN’T REALLY MATTER! I’ll go to church, it will make me look good. I’ll witness to others that already agree with me. I’ll counsel those in trouble and I’ll   25    feel good about being the expert. I won’t lead them to your word, it  will be ‘all about me’. I’ll accept any pedestal ( foot-stool) offered, even though you refused one yourself. You showed us that with the powerful example of going beneath your disciples’ feet to wash them. I won’t show them the path to 26 your love and your arms, I’ll want them to depend on me. I’ll believe when I need you, when times     27   are tough. I’ll ignore you when times are good. I’ll never admit my stupid and faithless mistakes even though your glory and love would show from my witness of your answers.                                   28

I’ll make sure that my church is elite, a select few. That’s the opposite of you, but it’s better that way. I’ll make sure this church is right about everything and knows everything, even though you, yourself 29 said there are things “only the Father knows”. This church will not be interested in combining with all Christians as you request. I will not understand that my faith is my relationship with you and my         30    church is simply where I choose to celebrate it. We will put others of our faith down and judge them. This church will teach us to pray for stuff and make it all about what  we get from you for life here on 31 earth. I’ll feel good and it will be good for my reputation.”                       32

“I’ll still live by fear, not by faith. I’ll set my sights on the failure of others not of what you have taught us. I’ll let the stupid and cruel acts of others control my life, my love, my happiness I will let fear from     33     events of my past determine my future, not you. I will harbor resentment and I will not truly forgive    34   others as you have just done. WHY DID YOU DO THAT!? They wanted you to suffer. They wanted      35     you to die! You tell us to love one another as you have loved us. You tell us to even love our enemy,    36     yea right! I will not give you the power to  change me that would take way too much faith.”    37

“WHY DO YOU CARE!? “                                                                                                                 38

“When I can so easily turn my back on you, not be there for you?”

“Lord are you listening? ARE YOU ? You must be near death, I know the hearing goes before you die.(Then you shout)  LORD!!! IT DOESN’T REALLY MATTER”                                         39

‘WHAT YOU DO FOR US! How can I share your news? People will judge me! They will find out all of my faults. I know that I am human like anyone else. No one messenger is better than another, and it  40   is the message that counts, but. surely it is someone else’s responsibility to be a better person than I choose to be!”

“Someone else can pray for a stronger, richer, deeper faith. Let someone else take the hits! .This could hurt my public image and interfere with my ability to provide for my family, you know, money?  41     How can my sacrifice make a difference? Its not like the early Christians hiding in the catacombs just to share your news, nor like the ones killed in the arena or living in prison writing your books of the Bible. My life and your ultimate sacrifice can’t matter, IT DOESN’T REALLY MATTER! Does it?                   42

“Does it matter to you, Lord?”


As He takes His last breath, you say,

“It doesn’t really matter.” The tears are now your own


You drop to your knees and tell Him how much it really does.

















In these pages I give God all of the credit for anything good.

I accept all of the blame for anything bad.


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Over and over again the same