( if we so choose)

Thy will be done on Earth AS IN HEAVEN! That means each one of us. What is really inside each one of us? The lies of hell? God’s Truth of heaven???

So what can one person do? Christ came here “ not to lose a one”. that means you. We can change the one person at a time. That is all that is expected out of us, our choice, our own journey. That is all… And all that.. And all that we are accountable for.

                                              AFTER  YOU 


                                                 ”  CHAOS”


                                PLEASE …PLEASE…..PLEASE








                                              BOLD ITALICS


                                               IT IS ABOUT


                                               OUR WORLD






” This report comes at a time that we never thought that we would see. Communication and travel and knowledge with all of our new found technology and knowledge has allowed us to share world events almost instantly in real time as they happen, but not now. This report represents a month of changes. It is also uncertain when the next report will be available.

                                                                         Daniel 12;4

                                                     “ But Daniel, keep this prophecy

                                                       a secret; seal it up  so it will not                        

                                                          be understood until the end

                                                                Times when travel and                            

                                                               Education will be vastly


Many of the wars being fought are now coming to an end because winners and losers have been declared and quickly forgotten. The group protests turned violent and there is so much killing in the streets of almost every nation, but it is not political… it is for food as no one cares about these political things anymore because of the earth’s cataclysmic events that have been happening.

                                                                         Revelation 6;2

                                                                I looked and there in front                 

                                                               of me was a white horse.                      

                                                               Its rider carried a bow and

                                                               a crown was placed upon

                                                               his head and he rode out

                                                                   to conquer in many               

                                                               battles and win the war.

The fear and attempts to survive have brought on anarchy in an “each man for himself’ attitude and is generating a lot of man to man violence, injury and death. Prior to the collapse of all monetary systems, global inflation, beyond compare, arose and it became difficult for most to feed their family or even survive.

                                                                      Revelation 6;4

                                                      This time a red horse rode out.

                                                     Its rider was given a long sword

                                                     and the authority to banish peace

                                                     and bring anarchy to the earth; and

                                                      Killing broke out everywhere.

We hope that you have collected hard copies of homesteading. articles on growing your own food, canning and preserving and all the other methods that our ancestors used to not only survive but have a nice life. They built this world living a humble life, hard working life. We are the ones that have done all of this. It would be their worst nightmare to see us now and all the work, hopes and dreams that they had we have now turned into chaos and destruction.

                                                                      Revelation 6;5

                                            When he had broken the third seal

                                             I heard the living being say, “ Come!”

                                            And I saw a black horse, with its rider

                                            carrying a pair of balances in his hand.

                                            And a voice from the four living beings

said, “ A loaf of bread for $20.00, or 

                                            three pounds of barley flour , but there

                                            is no olive oil or wine.  

To add to this mix the animals are scared, angry, and trying also to survive and will gang up on humans for their next meal. Medicines and food are scarce. There is next to no way to transport as almost all roads and runways have been buckled due to extremes in weather from hot to cold and earthquakes have collapsed most bridges and floods have washed them away. Even small bridges over creeks have left small neighborhood streets impassable. Forget major highways almost every overpass, off and on ramps are down and done.

Landslides, mud slides and rock slides have shut so many paths and a lot of times we don’t know this until we have traveled a long way on a certain road only to be completely stopped.

Helicopters were delivering medications by drop shipments until we ran out but we were also running out of fuel too. Helicopters were the only fossil fuel item that could be refueled. All other cars, planes and trains were denied fuel in the beginning, but we couldn’t get to the fuel sources even if there were any decent amounts left. Helicopters can’t fly in the dust and debris in our atmosphere anyway.

At this point, medications really don’t matter as now strains of malaria and typhoid have morphed and cholera even has a new antigen attached to it now and we wouldn’t know how to treat it anyway. As far as bacteria and viruses that makes us so sick and we potentially die from , scientists have estimated that there are 5 + 30 zeros , (whatever number that is!) (5,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000,000, 000,000,000) and many come from the ocean as we have only truly discovered 3% of the life in the ocean including microbes.

These tsunamis from the earthquakes are deep water displacements and have brought so many new and unknown viruses and  bacteria up and front from the depths of the ocean and are now living in these water soaked areas just fine. These microbes had a head start in this situation as the tsunamis of Indonesia and Japan had already brought many to the surface that just took time to gain a strong foothold. They are here and so are the new ones.

This environment allows many diseases to spread without stopping. Diseases that were so successfully treated at one time are now fatal to many. Simple ones to treat but fatal if untreated like pneumonia,( many types of viruses and bacteria)  give us strep throat which leads to scarlet fever and rheumatic fever) and many more.

We have abused antibiotics for so long that our own brilliant immune systems are greatly compromised and too weak to fight much of anything especially new virulent strains. And this same abuse has led to microbes that we had a handle on, that are now morphing and morphing frequently just for their own survival. If we only had taken antibiotics JUST when we truly needed them and then taken them correctly, would we be here?  So, no, even if we could transport medications, they would do little good.

Pain medications on store shelves and behind the pharmacy counters have been used up. Production is almost non existent as many factories producing these are completely and long term without power and/or have been destroyed by “any of the above” disasters.

So between the wars, hunger, disease and animals, we have lost about 25% of our population. This is hell.

This world situation is bad and it is painful to see that so many innocent people have to go through this hell because of the chaos and destruction evil thugs have brought on all of us. Many, many people tried to shout a message of peace and faith but were silenced with death by anyone  looking for an advantage, just to feel right, then be powerful ( or so they thought) now they too, are just tying to survive.

                                                                   Revelation 6;9

                                             And he broke the fifth seal, I saw an                     

                                             altar and underneath it all the souls

                                             of those who had been martyred for

                                             preaching the Word of God and being

                                             faithful in their witnessing.

A lunatic dictator in a formerly oil rich country and/or an Asian tyrant  had decided to do underground testing of nuclear warheads that either lunatic denied having.  Then without a general consensus of scientists, as a matter of fact it was a down right verbal war,, the U.S. And Russia launched High-frequency Auroral beams at the test area to cause an earthquake that would interfere with the tests and bring mass destruction on the countries. Both the U.S.’s version of H.A.A.R.P. and Russia’s Tesla’s Super Weapon bounced off the ozone layer and then missed the intended targets. Did something like this happen in the twin earthquakes?

Everyone underestimated the damage to the weak layer of earth called the asthenosphere from the oil being stripped from the region. This reduced the pressure and the moisture of the already weak asthenosphere and scientists compared it to a green soft bendable leaf  full of natural oils and moisture versus a dry fallen crunchy leaf that easily crumbles. Yes, the nuclear tests set off what seemed like a never ending reverberation which caused a terrible earthquake that has set off a continuous series of earthquakes worldwide and the volcanic eruptions and tsunamis to go with them.

This is reminiscent of the rumors of a small Asian island nation that was secretly developing nuclear weapons even though it had signed a surrender after world War II. It was also struck down with a 9.0 earthquake that disabled nuclear facilities clustered together at one location. Did someone really believe that they were enriching uranium for weapons? Was this another earthquake war?

                                                           Revelation 6;12

                                     I watched as he broke the sixth seal,

                                     and there was a vast earthquake; and

                                     The sun became dark like black cloth

                                             and the moon was blood red.

There are 450 volcanoes in the Ring of Fire alone and volcanologists say that they are all highly likely to erupt to one degree or another. The volcanic ash cloud at this point has already obscured the sun and makes the moon look red. The impact to the ozone from these ‘beam/death ray” weapons scientists have compared to a pebble hitting a windshield and a small crack starts until the whole window is shattered. Molecularly speaking, this is the same destruction that has occurred in our ionosphere and ozone layer adding chaos to our magnetosphere.

Our earth’s core is magnetic iron. Without the oil surrounding it and the broken, moving, collapsing crust, did we intensify our gravitational pull beyond anything we thought could happen?

Without this stability, the earth’s gravitational pull has been pulling N.E.O.s (Near Earth Objects) like meteorites and meteoroids into our atmosphere and they start burning on entry and crash to earth like the stars themselves are falling from the heavens. We can’t see them coming until its too late. Our view of the heavens has been blocked out by the dust dome. Remember a one inch size junks will not only be “on fire” but be traveling faster than bullets sprayed randomly and killing anyone they hit instantly and cause mass shock and destruction.

                                                                       Revelation 6;13

                                          Then the stars of heaven appeared to be

                                      falling to earth like fruit from fig trees buffeted

                                       by the mighty winds. And the starry heavens

                                       disappeared as though rolled up like a scroll

                                          and taken away: every mountain and island

                                                                 shook and shifted.

It is a sad joke that we watched so many sci-fi movies about the destruction of the earth with people using technology to try to figure things out. There is no electricity in most places. The satellites have been disabled. Their G.P.S. is destroyed and many are crashing to the earth. There is no satellite imagery, no ground penetrating radar. We cannot even see the sky much less anything that we were used to counting on.

These movies showed clean people with hair done, make-up on and in clean clothes. There is no clean water to wash our bodies with, much less our hair and clothes. Their is no make-up. This change happened so rapidly that archeologists and paleontologists now wonder if the caveman type ancestors were survivors of another destruction. The surviving people then rejected communication, ( other than simple pictures) and written and spoken language as it would lead to knowledge and knowledge without morals is what destroyed the past civilization(s) This would make sense as very complicated structures, engineering feats and other artifacts have recently been unearthed. Things  that we could not replicate today with current technology and are dated much farther back in time than ever even imagined before. Dated back to a period of time that we had assigned the earth as to having a human population of only hunters and gatherers. After a generation or two of people choosing the silence like monks, diluted, twisted tales of previous civilizations showed up as myths and fables. Assigning gods to different earth systems might  and appeasing them might avoid the true cataclysms that the myths were founded on.

Since we are so conceited as a species, it is hard to fathom that we would destroy ourselves and that we aren’t any smarter than the ones who lived before us. Before this hell began we saw a strong division in people sounding the alarms and wanting to care of the planet and those who wanted to ‘party on’ with all of our resources and drain the planet of life and its very structure. We saw the opportunists trying to make imaginary money off of all the above and destroy the truth of what we should have been doing. So it is fascinating to think of two extremely opposite human cultures living side by side. One trying to be as natural as possible denying the brilliance of  the human brain. And one man-made and so full of themselves and man-made accomplishments that they were willing to destroy earth and its inhabitants to feed their ‘fix’ of feeling right.

It may lend itself to understand why so many cultures have a deep inherited hatred for the Western civilization…BUT they have chosen to be the ones to start the mass destruction of our planet using the technology stolen from the Western world.

We have always known that knowledge without morals creates pain and destruction. Everything good we have accomplished through knowledge has been met with those that are willing use it for harm, for bad and now downright evil. This got out of control with the explosion of information out on the internet. It has been amazing to see how many everyday people were willing to do something destructive with this new avenue of information.

Peoples homes are destroyed and that includes all of their stuff Nothing is being produced much less being shipped, no shampoo, no soap, no toothpaste, no clothes, nothing. We don’t care what we look like anyway. We can barely see. The damage to our vision with extremely dry eyes and the airborne dust, glass and everything awful has reduced our vision by an average of 50%. We might end up completely blind if we live past the water and food shortage. Then maybe we won’t be so obsessed with the way we look. We will see each other as we are on the inside our choice of character.

There is no transportation. All of the oil and gasoline reserves are used for emergency generators only. This report is being broadcast as a humanitarian effort and it has already been over 30 days since the last one. For those of you listening, you  are probably hearing this on a hand crank radio or using the last few batteries you have. The old a.m. frequencies are the only ones that we were able to get any transmission on and reception is few and far between. We ask, as before that as many people as possible listen to this broadcast, take notes ( if you have paper, pen or pencil and can see well enough to do it) and share the information from person to person, and group of people to group.

One thing that is so insanely pitiful is watching the animals suffer. This was their planet too just as much as ours. Our pets are starving and dying of thirst as well the animals of nature. Everyone’s habitat has been destroyed. It burns in our minds that the animals did none of this. They were happy with what nature provided and they adapted. They were satisfied with their lives, their purpose and now they look at us as if they are saying, “ Do something! Why is it like this?” They can’t see much either and we have nothing to offer them for pain. Even most of the hard liquor is now gone. We have nothing for pain.

All of the life on this planet is fighting for survival. This means that parasites are seeking refuge in and on anyone they can. Intestinal worms of all kinds, protozoa, bacteria you name it. Disease carrying ticks and fleas have now infested an estimated 90% of all humans and animals. Ants, mites, cockroaches, spiders, venomous spiders, and bedbugs have now infested an estimate d 84% of all dwellings both upright and demolished. Almost anywhere that we take shelter is ridden with insects and we are taking all of the parasitic ones with us wherever we go as we are infested. No insecticides and anti-parasitics are being produced or shipped. These wouldn’t help anyway as all of these creatures have developed tolerance to our treatmentsScientists have said for a long time that cockroaches would probably survive any catastrophe and it looks like they will.

We now look like the cavemen of our ancestry. They wanted to live, we will want to die. They wanted things to be better tomorrow. We know that things will probably much worse tomorrow. They knew things were better than yesterday. We know that things are much, much worse than yesterday. They lived with hope of improvement. We live with the mourning of destruction. If only, we had only cared about each other. Protected the quality of everyone’s life, the earth and all creation…. If only, we had truly appreciated the fact that each and every life had a right to freedom and the beauty and bounty of Earth…  If only, we had realized that money, what it buys, and power were all products of mankind’s under educated stupid imagination. No one would have suffered from our system…then or now. We would not be here now.

It is overwhelming to think about the foolishness that we believed in. People went without food because we imagined money. Will there be anyone to study and know what kind of insane system we had set up during this time? Really! If we took currency from every country and spread all of the bills on a table most of us wouldn’t know what was real and what was fake. Does a million note from one country mean more or less money than a thousand one from another. We made it all up and people went without food and medicine, clothes and homes because of it. We imagined gold was worth more than silver…than dirt …why? We made up more rules to cover for the rules we had broken and keep money in the hands of the money changers while so many suffered. We are so stupid that we  couldn’t admit that the whole damn thing was wrong. Now that we are at this point, can we finally admit it now?

Will the survivors, if any, imagine new money and make people suffer from all of the new and imaginary games played with it? What have we done? What have we done? We refused to believe that we could be wrong for so long that now our own fictitious, stupid ideas have destroyed us and our home.

It makes a person wonder about stories like Jacob and Esau of the Bible. Esau’s body was covered with hair like a fur coat and Jacob like us. They fought in the womb, and on the earth for a lifestyle. One, Esau, was into natural hunting and farming appreciating the earth and Jacob was more concerned about home and business using the ‘fruits’ of Esau’s labor. Both were fighting for control of the people. Jacob getting his dad’s blessing by using deception and Esau choosing to hate. Here we are now. The same story. As long as we have recorded history, it is the same story. Control and power, both imaginary. We now realize that the right way is a balanced appreciative way. We should have taken care of earth, each other and all life… all along. Everyone suffers now.. everyone.

We are glad to have body hair now as it helps keep away so much of the sand, molten glass, bacteria and all sorts of debris being whipped at us like stinging needles. This was always a problem with the “theory” of evolution. Why would we evolve into or why would the survivors be the ones without all of that body hair? The skin is the largest organ of the body and has brilliant immune cells like Langerhans, macrophages and T-cells. These cells are poised and ready to fight those things that attacks us. We just hope that we haven’t weakened our own system and strengthened our enemies with the fear filled overuse of anti-bacterial soaps and other products when we had them. We will see who survives and how they do it.. If anyone.

A lot of the people who actually bragged out their weakened emotional state and called them selves  “germophobes” have lost their minds. They never bothered to truly understand our environment or our immune system and chose to be afraid of everything. Now living through these times they are falling apart and would never consider being heroes as they want someone to protect them. They chose to be frightened in the civil clean environment before and now, ..well now, they are too weak with fear to save themselves much less help anyone else.

Just to have a glass of clean, clear, cool water is a dream. To wash our bodies, our hair with clean water is a desire so deep it hurts. What about brushing our teeth, remember that? How about clean clothes? We yearn for a body without parasites. We dream about red healthy apples and fresh vegetables from a garden. The bounty we’ve enjoyed on this planet is gone. We warped it and twisted so many things genetically that it seems that they are unlikely to survive this ever changing environment much less our dust dome sky without sun.

The plants nature had provided had gone through-survival of the fittest type of test and grew in areas that they had adapted to. We should have never wanted more yield, bigger fruits and vegetables. We even had trees that would produce up to 5 different kinds of fruits. They aren’t native to anywhere. Since the seeds at World Seed Vault at Svalvard have been catalogued, do we have any plants dropping seeds that are the original gene? Are the native plants, the ones that are strong still at any original location?

A warm clean bed, music, oh sweet music, a sunny day with blue sky and white fluffy clouds are so painful to remember. No one knows whether we will ever see any of these things again. We took all of this for granted. We were so impressed with our own accomplishments that we barely paid attention to any of this anymore. For most of us everything that we enjoyed was man made. A city skyline versus the mountains, expensive spa pools instead of a lake, hybrid roses instead of wild flowers, what have we done?

Social psychologists say that if these memories that have now become fantasies depress us, use self discipline to not allow ourselves to think about it. If these memories inspire us to fight to make the world a better place and give us energy to carry on, go for it. We have seen a lot of people go into catatonic shock and just shut down. For those of us still trying we have to be as careful about what we think as we are about what we eat and drink. Any or all of it could be poison that kills us. It is ironic that social psychologists tell us to use self discipline of thought and choose healing now. Why now? Now that there is no money to be made on our problems? Did any one think about that before…if only?

I wish that I could hold every child and tell them that everything is okay, that the adults will get it together. I drastically want to be able to reassure them that we can fix things and tomorrow will be a better day. I want to feed them a wonderful home cooked meal, give them a warm clean bath, read them a bedtime story, say prayers and tuck them into a soft clean bed. More than I want this, I want for every parent to be able to do this for their own children. We all love them so much. Good God, what have we done? What could possibly more important than a peaceful, loving, simply beautiful life? Is it too Late? Will people get it?

What are the criminals thinking now that there is no one to steal from? What are the gold diggers thinking now that there is no one to trick into trusting them? What do the greedy people think now that the only greed left is to take food from someone who needs it as much as them? What are the destroyers thinking now? The ones that devastated everyday peoples’ everyday lives by their tactics at work or government to validate what they were doing to the rest of us ? ” They are just doing their job. They don’t make the policy.” What are all the people thinking that were hurting anyone to get what they wanted from any situation? What are they thinking now when there are no more ‘cookies in the cookie jar’ for anyone much less to steal and hoard?

We are the oh sh@# species of the world. We keep doing whatever we want until it explodes in our face. We think as long as we get away with it “ no harm done”. We lost the self defense mechanism of covering our own butts a few years ago. Then we lost the sense that “we had too much to lose” by thinking or doing certain things. People had turned on themselves in society, ( when we still had one) and gave up their life long accomplishments, their families ,everything to do the most insane things.

Adults having sex with a teenager for example…why? Stealing billions of $ from retirements. accounts of the innocent and unsuspecting.. why? And all kind of other things just to end up losing everything? Why? Why did we do the same to our life on earth? Why?

Between the volcanic ash and the meteorites’ ejectoclouds, the falling, crashing space bodies and the mass destruction of from the Atmospheric Airbursts ( the explosions of meteorites just before landfall),..the equivalent of a nuclear detonation) ,our skies have been obscured from sight. We see nothing, not even all of the burning crashing satellites that have been rendered uncontrollable and knocked out of orbit by falling space rocks. The G.P.S. systems and other navigating tools have long been destroyed. We had originally also counted on W.I.S.E from N.A.S.A which was the Widefield Infrared Survey Explorer to help determine everything going on, but now if it is doing anything we couldn’t know as all communications with any of our space anything has been shut down and it may be permanent. Insurance companies had originally started to cover damage to property by these crashing satellites but now of course, there is no money, no such thing as money and very few shelters, houses or any buildings that are intact.

We learned that whether it is a solid 500 foot across meteorite weighing x amount of tons or a meteorite blown to a billion bits but still weighing x tons and traveling at the same speed, that the impact to earth is equally as devastating, if not more so. This we have seen.

The massive quakes have rocked every land on the planet. Without electricity and the benefit of all the instruments that seismologists have used to track the movement of land on our planet, they still have put out news based on whatever information that they had before everything shut down. There is still some communication from other parts of the world as we try to find one safe area, any safe area. The news is not good. The earth’s crust is de-stabilized. The only thing that could be worse is a complete polar reversal and apparently no one has ruled that out.

The government officials in each developed nation have gone to their mountain and under-ground elaborate bunkers like Cheyenne Mountain and the city underneath Denver International Airport, you know the new rebuild much further away from Denver, and RESO, the city under Montreal. The nuclear complexes under Chicago which are affiliated with Dresden and Zion nuclear reactors …( What!?!.. the Dresden Codex is the book of the Mayan calendar that predicted an end of earth as we know it on 12-21-2012 and Zion means the ‘People of God’ ( the Christian God the Father, Yahweh What is that about?) The underground hospital in China ( the First Hospital of Jilin University), the Merango Warehouse and Hutchinson Mines where all of the stored documents that we can save are, and are also loaded with M.RE.s (meals ready to eat) and the thousands of new underground cities built secretly under government buildings throughout the world. The whole monetary recession and following collapse was a lie, a ruse orchestrated by governments throughout the world so that a fast and very expensive program of underground building of “bunker cities”. The same people we trusted to run the world have used our hard earned money and caused our hardships to fill the Black Book of Accounting with money by their evil lies just to secretly use our lives to save their own butts and leave us, the ones who worked hard and suffered on the top side of the planet to die.

                                                      Revelation 6;15-17

                              The kings of the earth, and world leaders

                              and rich ,men, and high ranking military

                              officers, and all men great and small, slave

                              and free, hid themselves in the caves and

                              rocks of the mountains, and cried to the                    

                              mountain to crush them. “Fall on us!” they

                                pleaded, “and hide us from the face of the

                              One sitting on the throne and the anger of

                              the Lamb, because the great day of their anger              

                              has come, and who can survive it?”

It was a plan for the last decade so that they could build their “cowards’ bunkers”. Social psychologists already report deep grief of those that were chosen to go in. What and who will be left, if they live, when they come out? How can they function as sole survivors? How could they abandon so many that they loved? Even though no one is allowed out, many wish that their accommodations would simply collapse on them as so many of these shelters have already done due to the earthquakes.

You see, the scales we have used to judge earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and tsunamis are based on historical evidence of the worst events, so far. For example hurricanes are measured against the 1935 Labor Day hurricane and this was before we named them. In recent years we have measured C.A.P.E. (Convective Available Potential Energy). This is the amount of energy from the waters for updraft and intensifying storms. We measured 20,000- 28,000 joules per kg before everything shut down. This was higher than we saw in the past at 1,000-5,000-joules per/kg. The oil fires in the ocean at burning oil rigs, the enormous tsunamis have all contributed to more sever storms than we ever dared think of before. It seems that no one can survive these catastrophic events, but yet some do. There is no where to hide.

We tried to contact any of the Christian Churches and found that no one has answered. The churches that we could physically get to had no one there but were all stocked with Bibles in modern day language and candles and signs saying to take a Bible and candle and printed papers of what someone may want to read during these times. Since things are so out of our control and the earth is nothing that we can live with, many people have turned to faith to try to understand. Everything that we focused on and believed in before like money, power, war, sex, and greed are no more. They simply don’t exist as real anymore in times like these. There are some that still plan war but their weapons and buildings are destroyed as fast as they can try to use them. The lands that they go to conquer are burning, sunken or crumbled and there is nothing to fight for and no one to fight. Yet in times like this people still want to bring more destruction onto each other. What kind of evil is that?

It has been amazing how many people of all nations have turned to faith and chosen the opposite of evil. Even more fascinating is what appears to be random selection of who suffers and who doesn’t.

People standing right next to each other may suffer from disease or injury while the other does not. The people that survive are definitely changed. It is hard to imagine that if mankind survives that we will cause harm through war, violence and hatred again.

                                                                  Revelation 7;3

                                        “ Wait! Don’t do anything yet- hurt neither                               

                                          Earth nor sea nor trees until we have             

                                          placed  the seal of God on the foreheads

                                          of His servants.”

                                                                  Revelation 7;1

                                         Then I saw four angels standing at the

                                         four corners of the earth, holding back

                                         the four winds  from blowing so not a

                                         leaf rustled in the trees and the oceans

                                         became as smooth as glass.

There had been an eerie quiet reported throughout the entire world. It was like the dark clouds that make a ceiling over us weren’t even moving. The meteorological winds that usually rule on this planet were silent. In air and water, the jet stream, gulf stream and others weren’t moving any of the ash, dirt, dust, debris at all. The electricity that all of this dust is carrying is causing bolts of lightening and balls of lightening to occur everywhere. Also static lightening{ blue flame as it was called in the Black Blizzard days of the Dust Bowl hits the ground people, electric and water supplies. The gases trapped’ under the dirt dome and the static electricity are causing random-fire storms everywhere. The thunder is at such high decibels that it is causing deafness. We don’t know if it is temporary or not. Most experts think not.

The surface water of our planet is pretty much destroyed from dying fish, wildlife and humans’ decomposing remains and the diseases that come with the process. Not to mention the dirt from the ejectoclouds from all the pieces of meteors that we’ve exploded in an attempt to keep them from hitting earth now that our magnetosphere is screwed up and attracting them. These  ejectoclouds are running 12-15,000 degrees and shoot upwards toward 100 billion tons of molten glass and rocks at 40-50,000 miles per hour into our atmosphere. This darkens the sunlight and eventually lands back on earth to bury whole civilizations and fill all lakes, streams and rivers that held fresh water with dirt. The Inverse Square Law can barely be calculated as the amount requires numbers so high and is constantly changing.

We tried to stop Apophis, an incoming asteroid by using instruments and weapons on the A.R.A. Canadarm on the International space Station to gently nudge the incoming asteroid and change its trajectory but instead by pushing it beyond its capabilities, we broke off the robot arm itself and it has crash landed to earth. It is the size of two football fields and wiped out a large dam that was already barely holding on and flooded cities and towns that were still offering shelter to many that had migrated there. The destruction is total.

The dirt born diseases like Aspergillosis, Acinectobacter mycoses (fungal infections) and more that we don’t even know about have been lifted from the deepest parts of the earth and now also are on our surface and in our water. Any method once used to clean water is now ineffective. The aquifers  under the ground like the Ogallala have been opened by all of these events and are now as deadly as the surface water. That is a shame because the aquifers of this planet hold 5x the amount of water found in our oceans. The earth had a wonderful way of cleaning surface water as it worked down through soil and sand and rock while leaving all of the undesirable pollution and disease in the earth. We thought we had a better idea the way we constantly recycled surface water and if that were so, why did we appreciate and buy natural spring water that had gone through that natural process? Now it is as corrupted as our surface water.  But now the soil of the earth itself is air born and the water under the ground has been exposed to everything and there is nothing we can do at this point can to clean the water. What we would do for a glass of clean cool water.

All of this bloody diseased water has now become rain, sleet and hail as evaporation and condensation of surface water is insanely screwed up. It is too fast, too slow, too much, too little. It is hotter than hell everywhere now with all the fires burning and gas lines exploding into flames burning anything that hasn’t been burnt. Even though the sun is obscured, the heal especially around noon, is like Death Valley. Scientist warn that the opposite will occur soon as the fires burn out and nuclear winter approaches and plunges the temps world wide They call it a “nuclear winter but, radiation leaks from the crippled nuclear plants is at a minimum. Most plant managers had the wisdom to go off computer controls as soon as any problem occurred. Still we had called it a ‘nuclear winter’ for a long time because that was the only thing that we thought could ever be that destructive was detonation of nuclear bombs.

                                                                           Revelation 8;5

                                           Then the angel filled the censer with fire

                                          from the altar and threw it down upon the

                                          earth; and thunder crashed and lightening

                                           flashed, and there was a terrible earthquake.

We tried to bury our dead, at first, but soon the government’s mass supply of coffins was depleted and it would be impossible now to transport them. The D. M.A. T. { disaster medical) teams have courageously traveled to each area with the D.M.O.R.T. teams (disaster morticians) closely behind. These groups of heroes have been through hell and even though they would still do the work if they could, it is not even close to feasible that anyone could travel.

The Canary Islands experienced an earthquake on La Palma island where Cumbre Veija volcano blew at a magnitude beyond   comprehension. This explosive mega- eruption dumped most of the mountain into the sea causing 100-300 ft. high tsunamis all over the south Atlantic region The waves produced little change in the coastlines at this point because the impact tsunamis of unimaginable heights up to 5 miles high,  had already hit all coasts throughout the world. Giant mountains of water hitting our shorelines  from all of the meteorites and other falling debris, The coastlines of all continents have been destroyed and moved back an estimated 25- 150 miles before inhabitable land exists.

Mega-tsunamis traveling in all different directions have created hypercanes, ( mega-hurricanes) with sustained wind speeds up to 300 m.p.h.  and storm surges 200 feet high. Meteorologists have said the CAPE ( convection available potential energy) is too high and erratic to calculate and anything is possible. The ships in all the ports have reported destruction from the waves’ And the brimstone (volcanic sulfur ash) has totaled the engines of any sea worthy vessel.

                                                           Revelations 8;8-9

                                               Then the second angel blew his

                                               trumpet, and what appeared to be

                                               a huge burning mountain was thrown

                                                into the sea, destroying a third of all

                                                   ships; a third of the sea was as red

                                                as blood; a third of the fish were killed.

The massive fish kill off will probably total around 1/3 of all the fish in all the oceans of the world.  This type of mega wave action will move the gushing oil from all of the ruptured deep sea drilling rigs faster  and farther to areas it may never have traveled to in calm conditions. Under normal circumstances it may not have traveled that far at all as we would have had time, fuel for energy and intact ships to do oil recovery.

Another problem was reported by the physicists at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva. Apparently there had been a hidden cyber attack on the emergency system like we started seeing at the nuclear plants in 2012. The attacks are hard to detect until there is a reason for emergency mode and by then, the viruses kick in try to guarantee that all hell and destruction will break loose. No one knew about this until meteorite damage was causing power interruptions and surges creating a very unstable environment.

The safety mechanisms were not only compromised by this cyber attack but the virus was designed to ensure complete destruction of the facility if any crisis small or large occurred. Opponents to this facility and this type of science loudly stated their objections in the beginning trying to stop it’s construction. They said we were ‘playing with fire’ and we didn’t know enough about this science to ensure safety and that we wouldn’t create our own black hole. Speeding up protons to create anti-matter which destroys matter is beyond our knowledge.

They have identified but not thoroughly defined dark matter and strong matter and  all of it seems ready to bust loose at the collider. Will we know? Will there be any time to warn us even if communications are available and good in real time? Scientific research is done to explore and find answers. Experiments are done to try to find definitive answers. To say that we didn’t know enough about this would be a ‘given’. That is why we do experiments.

But, only the sociopathic mad scientists of our past have experimented on people and animals without any regard to life, the earth and the quality of life. Now it seems that they are coming out of the woodwork. From experiments in garages to large scale projects that we could never contain the damage, never even planned on trying to, we are now here…the results. Is anyone taking notes now? Who will ‘cash in’ on this stuff now?

The World Seed Vault at Svalvard that stores over 5 million types of seeds was built below the perma-frost line to ensure the safe cool keeping of seeds, has now been destroyed by an impact tsunami. It was never built to be tsunami proof even though it is built on an island.

The Frozen Ark Project launched by the London Museum of History has tried to gather and store D.N.A. from all living creatures, reports that most locations have been destroyed. Life found away before and with a brilliant design and I guess it will have to do it again. Scientists have recently discovered microbes that live in conditions up to 700 degrees and others that are a sulfur based life not carbon like ours and the way we thought that life on Earth has been. Also prions and who knows what else that have no nucleus and no D.N.A. at all, well, maybe its their turn. Maybe it is time for another life plan with other life forms to rule now as all of this destruction is our fault.

It no wonder why astronomers have been searching for another planet in the  ‘Goldilocks Zone”(not too hot ..not too cold) they have had their eyes on a recently discovered planet called Kp22b. This is 2.4x the size of earth, Seems to be 72 degrees everywhere and right now is completely covered with water. It circles a star that is a lot like our sun. It is a beautiful blue planet like earth, a jewel in the universe. It is only 600 light years away, ( close in space distance) but it would take our space shuttle 22 million years to get there. The scientists on the project call it a gift, “The Christmas Planet’. Maybe if there is life there, they will choose to love their planet and those who live on it.. not destroy everything.

The worst recorded events of our past and geological evidence of the ones with no written record have now been put toward the bottom of an ever growing scale as we are experiencing such monumental catastrophes. In 2011 we broke almost every record for weather and natural disaster event but that all seems like child’s play now, In other words, the worst of the worst that we had before is now the mildest of events that we are having now.

Another enormous earthquake occurred setting off even more volcanic activity and in an effort to stop anymore quakes we shot one of the death ray type weapons like H.A.A.RP and this time killed hundreds of thousands of birds like we did on January 4th , 2011. We were surprised any birds were still airborne in this mix of dirt and debris in our atmosphere, but there must have been because there have been reports of bird body parts and blood raining down with ice balls weighing up to 5 lbs. crashing and killing and birds that have actually been on fire.

Between all of the ruptured gas, lightening strikes and static formed by our dust ceiling, reports seem to lend credence to 33% of our forests having been destroyed by fire. Also most grasses and native vegetation have been burnt off by fire from one source of another.

                                                           Revelation 8;6-7

                                          Then the seven angels with seven

                                        trumpets prepared to blow their mighty              

                                        blasts The first angel blew his trumpet, and

                                        hail and fire mixed with blood were thrown 

                                        down upon the earth. One third of the earth

                                             was set on fire so that one-third of the

                                        trees were burned and all the green grass.  

The earthquakes have triggered subduction zones and blind thrust faults to go ballistic. They are in constant and high motion which then in turn keeps all the volcanoes of the earth erupting. The oceans are now red. The earthquakes have destroyed most of the oil wells and oil is pouring into the sea waters. As we saw before in other spills, oil looks red from the sky. In oil free areas, Red tides or algae blooms have been very active due to ocean water temperature change. The algae that makes red tides is a neurotoxin and is fatal to sea life, humans and other land animals. The constant tsunamis and mega-tsunamis have sent this red tide algae far inland and caused the neuro-toxins to be airborne not only from waves of destruction but constant land masses and buildings falling into these new found tidal areas that used to be inhabited land.

The human toll of bodies washed out to sea and the predatory animals eating them in a frantic fight for their last ‘piece of the pie’, planet earth has turned the oceans into a blood bath. The sea life animals are dying at a rapid pace The decomposition of humans and animals plus all of the floating debris from every coastal city, town and village destroyed makes the ocean look like one bad batch of red hell.

Before all of this began bull sharks, piranha, steelheads and other predators had already migrated into fresh waters even in cold climates making it hard to retrieve any drinking water from our lakes, rivers and streams. Not to mention all of the prehistoric, thought to be extinct species that have surfaced as alive lately. Where did they come from? Did they come from the same bio labs that have been altering life by creating hybrids beyond our wildest nightmares? We don’t even recognize anything about our own planet.

Once we thought that salt water and temperature were the habitat preferences of animals but now we believe that it was the magnetosphere. All kinds of animals use the magnetosphere for navigation and migration patterns but as we saw in the earthquake in Chili which moved the poles by 3” and the Japanese earthquake that moved the poles by 8cm. things have changed. Japan’s earthquake also sped up the rotation of the planet and shortened our day by a fraction of a second.

We are unable at this time to determine the earth’s rotation, its speed, its orbital path or its position in the solar system. None of these things were ‘fixed’ unchangeable truths. As a matter of fact, the Bermuda triangle and the Dragon’s triangle near Japan, which are on opposite sides of the planet, have long been thought to be new poles trying to form or half baked poles that provide just enough magnetic force to interfere with the instruments of boats and planes in the area. There is a remote possibility that poles could pop up all over the planet or there could even be a pole reversal that would cause cataclysmic earth events for a long, sustained period of time. Seeing the Northern or Southern lights ( Auroras Borealis and Auroras Australis)  all over the planet has been said to be a sign of extreme polar instability. Scientists have not put forth any answers as to the occurrence of this phenomena on October 24, 2011 and December 5, 2011 the same day we also experienced a CME or Coronal Mass Ejection, a big blast from the sun.

We were so worried about Planet X coming too close to earth’s gravitational pull and knocking us off of our orbit or changing our rotation. Planet X was discovered 1983 with an infra-red source and is 4x larger than earth and as big as Jupiter. Scientists have named it ‘The Destroyer’. Strange, isn’t it? We cause all of these catastrophes and like a chain reaction, they keep causing more. We humans are the cause all of this and we are worried about what?

Now we have large and many more meteorites falling as pieces of ‘Wormwood’ an asteroid originally named ‘vb72’ ,a red dwarf star, but renamed on October 11th  of 2008. Why? The P.D,A or Planetary Defense Agency was created in July of 2010.Its intended purpose is to serve as a group of scientist with all nations to protect planet earth. The possibility of threats from asteroids and comets like Apophis and Helios and Wormwood inspired them to make haste and develop true strategies for incoming disasters or N.E Os studied by N.E.A.R ( Near Earth Asteroid Research). N.E.A.R.  provides information  to respond  to these events like the ones that we know like Vredefort in South Africa, the Chesapeake Bay, the Yucatan Peninsula and even Tunguska in Russia. These kind of impacts can be  E.L.E.s ( Extinction Level Events)

                                                                      Revelation 8;10-11

                                              The third angel blew and a great flaming

                                              star fell from the heaven upon a third of

                                              rivers and springs. The star is called “                        

                                             “Wormwood” ( bitterness) because it

                                              poisoned a third of all water on the earth

                                                                and many people died.

Remember an ejectocloud of dust and debris can be filled with unknown life as in bacteria and/or virus, as in disease from space, as we have seen from Wormwood. Untold numbers of people are dying from this, the poisoned water, and the impact itself.

Now the maximum sun we will get is about 67% of what we experienced before. The same holds true with the moon. Nighttime is jet black as we have no real outdoor lights anymore and the night sky in our atmosphere is like a thick fog of black pea soup.

                                                                   Revelation 8;12

                                                The fourth angel blew his trumpet and

                                              immediately a third of the sun was blighted

                                             and darkened and a third of the moon and

                                             stars, so that the daylight was dimmed by a

                                            third and nighttime darkness was deepened.

Reports from Nyiragongo, Africa say that a plague of mini (drones has been launched. These seem to come from the east as they weren’t visible until they came out of smoke cloud of the Lake of Fire in the Congo. These spew out bio-chemical warfare by launching the tiniest of dart like needles that penetrate the skin. They are loaded with prions which are life forms we recently discovered that have no nucleic acid, no D.N.A. We don‘t know what we are dealing with.

These mostly attack the brain causing great agony and loss of cognitive skills like speech. This is similar to the Zombie plague the C.D.C. was speaking of, Mutations of toxoplasmosis, mad cow disease, virus solanum, and rabies are likely to be shutting down the part of the brain that defines us as human- Some people already blame a latent inherited rabies gene for causing not illness nor death but, ” werewolf’ type behavior every time the toxins build up too high. Really?

Like we needed an excuse to kill? To turn into mindless thugs in excruciating pain.? Look around! Was this or something similar responsible for all of the secret ‘Residential Centers’ run by the government? The have enclosed, secured, guarded housing with fences tilted inward to keep people in.  Children play on the playgrounds inside of them? Did we try to prevent this?

Now the brain is so warped during this state that it doesn’t even know to shut down and go into a coma or die. The evil designers of these drones made them look like humans to shock the intended victims into staring at them just a few seconds longer and this lets the drones get into a close enough range to have a much higher of a percentage chance to strike the person with such small needles.

                                                           Revelation 9;3-6

                                         The locusts came  from the smoke and

                                         descended onto the earth and were given

                                         power to sting like scorpions. They were

                                         told not to hurt grass or plants or trees,

                                         but were told  to attack those people who

                                         did not have with the mark of God on their

                                        foreheads. They were not to kill them, but

                                        torture them for five months with agony

                                         like pain of scorpion stings. In those days

                                        men will try to kill  themselves but won’t be

                                        able to-death  will not come”  They will long

                                                    to die but death will flee away!.

After a city’s population has been diminished from a drone attack, the soldiers come in a combined force from Asia and the Middle East ruled by four dictators of newly formed, half baked and constantly changing countries. to declare the region for their own. Their armies are over 200,000,000 strong, but what are they conquering? What is their prize as the land and the people are dead and dying? A land drone vehicle like a motorcycle is being used in battle. Each spraying poisonous gas in front of it and flexible tail like weapons containing rapid fire guns in the rear. These are filled with bio-terror chemical bullets that explode and then kill slowly and painfully.

                                                         Revelation 9; 7-11

                                    The locusts looked like horses armored for

                                      battle. They had what looked like golden

                                   crowns on their heads, and their faces looked

                                    like men’s. Their hair was long like women’s

                                   and their teeth were those of lions. They wore

                                   breastplates that seemed to be of iron and their

                                  wings roared like an army of chariots rushing

                                   into battle they had stinging tails like scorpions

                                     and their power to hurt, given to them for 5

                                   months  was in their tails. Their king is the prince

                                      Of the bottomless pit whose name in Hebrew,

                                    Is Abaddon and in Greek, Apollyon {and English,

                                                                     the Destroyer}           

                                                                 Revelation 9; 13-16

                                            The sixth angel blew his trumpet and I

                                             heard a voice speaking from the four

                                              horns of the golden altar that stands

                                             before the throne of God, saying to the

                                             sixth angel, “ Release the four mighty

                                            demons held bound by the great River


                                          They had been kept in readiness for that

                                           year and month and day and hour and

                                          now were turned loose to kill a third of

                                           all mankind. They led an army of 200,

                                          000,000 warriors- i heard an announce-

                                                   ment of how many there were.

It seems ridiculous that they would they would bother as over 2/3 of the estimated 5000+ biochemical warfare labs have been destroyed. This estimate doesn’t even take into account the untold numbers of make shift garage and basement labs all over the world.

We tried to move places like Plum Island to the geographical canter of the U.S., which is Kansas, but reports aren’t clear if we ever finished the job.  Some people claim that Lyme disease originated from that lab as Lyme, Connecticut is the where the first case of Lyme disease was diagnosed, hence the name. The town of Lyme is located on the coast and is closely and directly across the bay from the island in Long Island Sound.

   It is reported that Agro-terror is a strong point of the activity in this lab. There are reports of loading mosquito with Anthrax and ticks with immune diseases like Lyme and other Zoonotic (transferred from animal to human) in flies, bees and so forth. The battle was “on’ as to move it anywhere especially to such a strong farming region. Any disaster, man made or other wise could be catastrophic if it decimates the crops and soil of such a large food producing area.

  Reports of genetic animal experimentation and mutation emerge about Plum Island and are fueled by the discovery of a  difficult to identify carcass  on the coast of Montauk, dubbed the ‘Montauk monster’.

A natural disaster could destroy this building as it also is on and island and flooding could be disastrous. We dodged a bullet in hurricane Sandy as its strongest surge was predicted to be in the Long Island Sound…or did we? Is it even still there?

Why did anyone ever think that we could control bio-chemical terror? Once these things are out it is anyone’s guess who they will attack, how long they will live and what they will mutate into. We saw this after 36 queen bees escaped in Sao Paulo, Brazil. They had combined the African and European honey bee to make a hybrid. Now these bees are killing people all over the planet. The G.A.O. (government accountability office) tried to keep up with these reports, but they couldn’t. Bees, ticks, flies, mosquitoes, Mormon crickets, fire ants and all of them, that they have turned into ungodly weapons won’t listen! They won’t listen to the rules! They just do as they want! Go figure.

We have hope that humans would follow some guideline of decency, but bugs..microbes? Wait, isn’t this the office that had a party costing $800,000.00? When we were drastically hurting financially? Before money was abolished? Really? We were counting on them?

The earth is so torn up that it is almost impossible to get around and we had developed these warrior bikes, motorcycles . They converted the fuel  to natural gas for these “fight bikes”. they did this even though we were running low on captured natural gas as most of it is on fire and burning. Still there is enough for a few more evil battles. The protective gear that the drivers are wearing looks like a cross between the armors of the Knights and something extra terrestrial. How can they still believe in death and destruction when everything that they are fighting for has already been destroyed? Gold means nothing. The earth is almost uninhabitable. So why worship the land enough to try to conquer it? People are dying and trying to survive and they steal stuff? Stuff that can’t feed people or cure their diseases? They still rape people and seek sex? What kind of evil craziness is this?

                                                           Revelation 9; 17-19

                                      I saw their horses spread out before me in

                                          my vision; their riders wore fiery red

                                          breastplates, though some were sky blue

                                         and yellow. The horses’ heads looked much

                                         like lion’s and smoke and  fire and flaming

                                        sulfur billowed from their  mouths killing one

                                        third of all mankind. Their power of death was

                                       not only in their mouths, but their tails as well ,

                                        for their tails were similar to serpents’ heads

                                         that struck and bit with fatal wounds.

                                                              Revelation 9; 20-21

                                    But the men left alive after these plagues still

                               refused to worship God! They would not renounce

                              their demon-worship nor the idols made of gold and 

                                 silver, brass, stone and wood- which could neither

                               see nor hear nor walk. Neither did they change their

                                minds and attitudes about all their murders and

                                          witchcraft, their immorality and theft.

Some Middle eastern radical group blew up their own mosque in Jerusalem with a guided missile  that the guidance system was no longer working. This happen right before we realized that all of our technology, G.P.S.  and everything, was toast… finished. Now people are measuring to re-build Solomon’s Temple which will be violent and tricky as recently archeologist discovered a new and different outer perimeter to the outer court of the original temple.

                                                           Revelation 11; 1-2

   I was given a measuring stick and told to go measure the temple of God, including the inner court where the altar stands and to count the number of worshipers. “ but do not measure the outer court,” I was told, for it has been turned over to the nations. They will trample the Holy City for 42 months.

Wouldn’t  it be a supreme irony if the true location of Solomon’s Temple had been hidden from the people all of this time? Is the exact site known? Are we sure about the site that we have been fighting  over?

How much of this area is still in tact after a recent earthquake that brought  terrible devastation to the area and killed thousands of more people?

                                                               Revelation; 11;13

                                             The same hour there will be a terrible

                                              earthquake that levels a tenth of the

                                              city leaving 7,000 dead. Then everyone

                                              left, in their terror, will glory to God.

There are seven people that think they rule the world. They are above the Bilderberg Group and are the Shadow, Government that has been meeting at secret places like The Bohemian Grove and in Canada. They claim to be citizens of no nations and hold allegiance to no one.

Really? Where were they born? In the middle of the ocean in international water? Focus people! If they have truly been ‘in charge ‘they have done a terrible job! We are on the verge of complete destruction. They claim power by having control of the best weapons. Nuclear, Bio-chemical electromagnetic,  Agro -terror, Bio-disease, High amplitude for earthquakes, hurricanes/ hypercaines mass kill offs, land to land lasers and possibly mind control. People report magic shows producing “shock and awe”  witnessed and producing frightened mindless followers. What good could possibly come from these people? They created more hell on top of hell. Now they want all people to be accounted for with tattoo and soon to be replaced by a microchip delivered by needle as in a shot like we do to many of our pets. As soon as things are restored?! No!

                                                                   Revelation 13;1

                                   Then in my vision I saw a creature rising up out

                                   of the sea. It had seven heads with ten horns. And

                                      on each head were written blasphemous names,

                                                each one defying and insulting God.

The last thing we need is people like this having any. type of power. Let them control those microbes that Scientists have developed and let loose on of all mankind, or the ones that are sulfur based life or that live up to 700 degrees. All of this hot sulfur ash from Volcanoes is called brimstone. So let them control all of that new  found life on earth not people! That may be all the life that will be left on earth. The remnants of their hell other than any still functioning droids and drones. These droids they want to program to be extensions of the government and control everyone through a computer network. They want all humans to be slaves to this system. They think that this will be better for mankind as there will be a less likely chance of self destruction again.

                                                             Revelation 13; 7-8

                              The dragon encouraged the creature to speak

                              blasphemies against the Lord; and gave him the

                              authority to control the earth for 42 months. All

                              that time he blasphemed God’s Name and His

                              temple  and all those living in heaven. The dragon

                                      gave him power to fight against all of God’s                           

                              people and to overcome them, and to rule over

                                     nations and language groups throughout the

                              world. And all of mankind- whose names were

                              Not written down before the founding of the world

                              in the slain lamb’s Book of Life-worshiped the evil


                                                               Revelation 13;9-10

                                Anyone who can hear, listen carefully: The people

                                 of God who are destined for prison will be arrested

                                and taken away; those who are destined for death

                               will be killed. But do not be dismayed, for here is

                               your opportunity for endurance and confidence.


                                         Revelation 13; 16-18

                              He required everyone- great and small. Rich and

                              poor, slave and free- to be tattooed with a certain

                              mark on the right hand or the forehead. And no one

                              could get a job or even buy in any store without the

                              permit of that mark, which was either the name of the

                              Creature or the code number of his name. Here is a             

                              puzzle that requires careful thought to solve it. Let

                              those who are able to interpret the code: the

                              numerical values of his name add to 666.



So now we must be willing go through anything to keep our freedom. Just like our ancestors, over and over again throughout the years and had to go to prison and die for freedom, our freedom, so must we. We will not give up our right to freedom ,..life.

The internet is down and its not just due to the lack of electricity, its toast too. This is a good thing for right now. It had opened the door for every freak and criminal to get in touch with others and create intense madness and pain. We also need to know that by keeping a forever record of everyone’s mistakes it does not allow people to move past their problems and become a better person and contribute to making the world a better place. So here we are. So many gave up and didn’t even try or they actually decided to get what they want by hurting others because they were no longer allowed to succeed past their own mistakes. They probably thought ” if you can’t beat them.. join them’. But now all of that is over. There isn’t constant and destructive babble all over the internet.

No record of people’s mistakes at least not as far as fellow humans are concerned. A lot of people think that God forgives and He lets people try again.{ if they are truly sorry. Each one of us wants that benefit. What were we thinking? No one is perfect!  It is not o.k. Just because we called it cyber investigation. How could we hold such things against others. The internet was the first time in history we could hold past mistakes,  the harmful or the more innocent ones, against people we didn’t even know, even when they were young kids. We prevented them from growing and being a happy and successful part of the solution and shoved them into hell which now has been brought on all of us. How dare we judge!

                                                              Revelation; 14-8

                                       Then another angel followed him through

                                      the skies saying, “ Babylon the Great” has

                                      fallen- the great city because she seduced

                                      nations and made them share the wine of

                                                 her intense impurity and sin.

                                                              Revelation 14; 9-11

  Then the third angel followed them shouting,  “ Anyone worshiping the Creature from the sea and his statue and accepting his mark on the forehead or hand must drink the wine of the anger of God; it is poured out undiluted into God’s cup of wrath. And they will be tortured with fire and burning sulfur in the presence of Holy angels and the lamb. The smoke of their torture rises forever and ever and they will have no relief day or night for they have worshiped the Creature and his statue and been tattooed with the code of his name.

                                                                Revelation 14;12

                                           Let this encourage people to endure

                                           patiently every trial and persecution for

                                         they are His saints who remain firm to

                                          the end in obedience to His command

                                                                 and trust Jesus.

The Bubonic plaque has reappeared with it’s malignant sores all over so many people and this is definitely part of bio warfare. In the U.S., the CDC kept track of growing outbreak starting in Texas in 2012 but tried to keep it under wraps, but it seems as bio warfare attacks everyone and cannot be controlled that it has attacked first and foremost the ones who chose to try to kill others with it. This is not even ironic as we knew this would be true before anyone used it as a weapon.

The gushing destroyed oil wells of the ocean have now been reported to have spilled enough oil that combined with the violent currents and tsunamis to affect all of the oceans. With the large displacements of sea water and the convoluting earth’s crust, oil, decay, and blood are now in most fresh water lakes, rivers and streams.

Despite all of the debris in our atmosphere, or maybe because of the trapped environment we now live in, we now are experiencing profound sunburn. UV rays that burn,( UVB) never needed sunny conditions to burn us, so here we are. Our skin’s natural defense against these rays was disabled for years with the unscrupulous use of sun protection factor chemical agents. This was designed to make money and not take care of our health.

Fears of aging are what prompted sales of every kind of skin product with unnecessary and harmful use of SPFs. We should have rotated these chemicals as they aggravate and anger the protective cells of the skin to fight 8x, 15x, 30x or more than they had to. This was the factor in sun protection factor. It multiplied our natural ability to protect whether we needed it or not. So have weakened these cells that did this work by a constant  barrage of chemical agents telling them to fight 24/7.  We didn’t even have enough common sense to dump the greed. We should have rotated these chemicals out industry wide in a combined international effort, on a regimented cycle perhaps every two years so none us of were left with the same weaknesses in our natural defense. 

Now even without the beauty of a sunny day, we are being burnt to a crisp and developing sun poisoning. These open sores are now subject to anything and everything that is in our atmosphere to infect us and we have no medicines to treat any of it. Even if we were able to produce medicine, we wouldn’t know what to make or what to use because we really don’t know what we are dealing with. Those of us that survive may very well become ‘children of the night.’ That fits in as parts of this earth are plunged into such severe darkness from all of these catastrophes that a person can’t tell night from day.

                                                              Revelation 16;2

                              So the first angel left the temple and poured out

                              his flask over the earth and horrible, malignant

                              sores broke out on everyone who had the mark

                               of the creature and was worshiping his statue.

                                                            Revelation 16;8-9

                               The fourth angel poured out his flask upon the

                                 sun causing it to scorch all men with its fire.

                                Everyone was burnt by a blast of heat and they

                                   cursed the name of god who sent the plagues-

                                   they did not change their mind and attitude to

                                                                give Him glory.

                                                              Revelation 16;10

                                     The fifth angel poured out his flask upon the

                                    throne of the Creature from the sea and his

                                    kingdom was plunged into darkness. And his

                                   subjects  gnawed their tongues in anguish and

                                   cursed the God of heaven for their pains and

                                  sores, but they refuse to repent their evil deeds.

The droughts through out the world have dried rivers in the middle east and allowed the armies hell bent on destroying and claiming victory from their destruction to advance .This trek on foot was important as we have no real fuel to transport troops by any mode of transportation to anywhere. Are these troops not dismayed by the people that they pass that have gone to wearing make shift robes as all of their belongings have been destroyed? What are they fighting for? The earth is a mess, a junk heap and the people are not strong enough to be anybody’s slaves.

Yet…they carry on.

                                                                Revelation 16;16

                               And they gathered all of the armies of the world

                               near a place called in Hebrew, Armageddon,

                               the Mountain of Megiddo.

The hot spot of battle is at the Mountain of Megiddo, but it may be short lived. A polar reversal seems to be eminent. This more than likely will produce crust movement like we’ve never seen before. An earthquake of unimaginable magnitude effecting every land mass on the planet. We cannot stop what we started. The updraft from all of this energy is creating storms that we have never seen before including hail, ice balls weighing up to 100 pounds and this will wipe more of us out.

                                                              Revelation 16;18

          Then the thunder crashed and rolled and lightening flashed : there was a great earthquake of a magnitude unprecedented in human history.

                                                            Revelation 16;21

     And there was an incredible hailstorm from heaven; hailstones weighing a hundred pounds fell from the sky onto the people below and they cursed God because of the terrible hail.


Why are people fighting? Money is gone. So is the imaginary power that went  with it. So is the stealing, the prostitution, the slavery, the debt, the greed, the illegal drugs, all of it. It is gone. We saw people whine and cry about it as it collapsed world wide. It was like they had no reason to live. People felt as if they could not accomplish anything anymore. They had chosen money as the reason for living. ‘Money talks’ we used to say.  But now, money, gold all of it means nothing, nothing. Money or the lack of it, we felt was reason enough to let people starve and suffer. It is done. Have we seen enough suffering to never let it happen again? People wandered aimlessly at the beginning because they had nothing to do. No reason to work, no reason to plan, dream and establish goals. They cried but now…now, they don’t care at all as each day that they find themselves still alive they wonder how they turned a blind eye to the pain and suffering of others when times were good.

How did people survive before? Why did we let it happen? The world structures and cities that were all about greed and decadence, money changing hands, buying new rules and laws with bribes, promises and back room deals with all of the lawmakers…well, they are now all destroyed. a lot of it is a total system failure. We should never ever do it like that again” The world leaders now realize that there is nothing to lead and people will do as they please and rebuild the life that they want as soon as possible. There is no imaginary money so there is no power. No one is afraid anymore of not having the nice things in life as there are no nice things, no money, no stuff just love, pain and suffering.

                                               Revelation 17;1-2

            One of the seven angels who had poured out the plagues  

            came over and talked with me.,” come with me,” he said,    

            “and I will show what is going to happen to the Notorious

            Prostitute, who sits upon the waters of the world. The

           kings of the world have had immoral relations with her,

            and the people of the earth have been made drunk by the

                                         wine of her immorality.”

                                                 Revelation 17; 5

                 A mysterious caption was written on her forehead

            “ Babylon the Great, Mother of all Prostitutes and of Idol   

              Worshipers Everywhere around the World.” I could see

              that she was drunk-drunk with the blood of martyrs of

                    Jesus she  had killed. I stared at her in horror.

                                                 Revelation 18;14

                 “All the fancy things you loved so much are gone,” they cry. “ the dainty luxuries, the splendor that you prize so much will never be yours again. They are gone forever.”

The earth’s crust has convulsed to a point  that the oceans are now bodies of water like lakes and have exposed all of the under water cities of the ancient that we denied were ever there. This makes the leaders of the world panic as the people find out what we’ve been told about our history isn’t close to being true. This inspires people to live their own lives but scares the leaders in the government to take action… Big time action to control as many people as possible.

Continuation of Government (C.O-G-) has failed. The plan to keep government effective with the same people that led us into this hell tanked. Thank God. However, there is information coming from the oil rich countries that the Global Order Government ( G.O.G.) and the Middle-eastern Armed Global Order Government (M.A.G.O.G.) have teamed up to take control of the world’s oil resources. They make strange bedfellows as G.O.G. wants no religion, none, and M.A.G.O.G wants everyone to fall in line and be just like them. A joint effort had been directed at Israel as they seemed to be the hot spot of Judaism and Christianity and both groups wanted to eliminate both of these religions from the planet.

Also Israel was the only solid ground left as the ruptured gas and oil lines, the underground nuclear explosions, the earthquakes and all of the liquefaction has collapsed and sunken in the entire oil region. The whole region is a pit of fire and burning gunk. With a constant source of fuel to keep the fire going, who knows when the land will be able to be worked again or produce oil. So your guess is as good as any as to what they were going to do after all of this because by their own statements of their missions they could never co-exist on the planet.

But now the point is dead because as their troops were lined up on the perimeter and ready to attack when a large C.M.E. ( Coronal Mass Ejection) of a magnitude that we didn’t think was possible, wiped them out. It killed them all where they stood, We never thought this was possible but since we have destroyed our atmosphere and damaged our magnetosphere, we drastically weakened our own defense shield and this solar storm did them all in. They were lined up like a grid with their metal armor and weapons, a perfect attraction for any electromagnetic event. Even though this is good news we can’t relax now, at least not yet.

                                            Revelation 20; 8-IO

                         He will go out and deceive the nations of

                        the world and gather together, with Gog and

                        Magog, for battle- a mighty host, numberless

                        as sand along the shore- They will go across

                        The broad plain of the earth and surround God’s

                         people and the beloved city of Jerusalem on

                         every side. But fire from God in heaven will flash

                         down on the attacking armies and consume them.

                         Then the devil who betrayed them will again

                         be thrown into the Lake of Fire burning with

                         Sulfur where the Creature and the False Prophet

                         are, and will be tormented day and night forever

                         and ever.

It seems the sun is at a peak cycle and may produce even more C.M.E.s. and solar flares. What seems to be a stronger threat has been told to us by the last few people providing any intel. They say that it is more likely that a series of E.M.Ws (electro magnetic weapons) are likely to be set off as a last and final retaliation. These deliver electro magnetic pulses that destroy 9o% + of all engines,machines electrical transfers  and all devices any of it.This is expected to be done by the sympathizers to G.O.G. and/or M.A.G.O.G. This will shut it all down. Even if we could produce or transport electricity, nothing will work. In this environment who knows how long it could take? Simple basic needs could take an estimated 5 or 6 months to re-start if and when the destruction stops

Let’s hope we can re-build and do it right this time. Love each other, love the earth and not bring money into the picture. It is a sad statement of human character, of our choices that things had to get this bad before we truly loved each other and earth, our home like we should have been doing all along. Maybe someday we will enjoy life on earth like it was meant to be. We know that there will be an end to the destruction and chaos. True order will be restored, a beautiful, natural order. We must all work for that. If not for us, here and now, for the next generation or even the next one after that.

We will try to produce another report very soon, that is,.. if we can still transmit. Until then; we pray for you *…zzzt your familzzzrt zzzzz.ZT!.

. .zzZZ.ZT ! ! . . Pea cezzzzzz.ZZZZZZZZT I I I I

Is this an interpretation of the Bible? NO not at all. Is Chaos a prediction or prophecy unto itself? No…not at all. But here is what we need to know. Since the beginning of recorded time mankind has used God given life, God given energy, and God given knowledge to try to develop a way to kill and destroy all of God’s children, His animals, His plants and trees and the whole planet. We are now to the point where we can cause all of the destructive hell told to us in the Bible.

Here is another gut wrenching thought. It won’t take millions of people or even thousands. It won’t take governments or conspiracies, it will only take a handful of everyday people or maybe even just one person to get the whole thing started. I ask you to research all of the words in bold italics. Find out about the world we live in.

Once you research know this: We don’t know what is accurate or what is wrong, what is an exaggeration of the facts or lies, or an understatement that represents the tip of the iceberg  or a cover up of truth or fiction. We don’t know what is truth or a bold face lie designed to control people by fear, all we know is the information is out there whatever it is. People hide it. People expose it.

As far as humans go, we rejected God in Eden in the very beginning for fruit from the tree of Conscience, the knowledge of good and bad. We have been held accountable for our spiritual journey since then. Mankind has always had the same choices of faith, morals, values, love or hate and on and on. The challenges throughout the ages have been intense. Now we have reached the point where we can say ” I told you so!” to God. We have devised almost every way imaginable to destroy His creation.

So what do we do? If we think clearly,(a gift), we will see that all of this is really very liberating ( peacefully freeing). We can’t believe anything people say anymore NOR can we deny it. To deny something is because it means that we know something else is the  truth. If people were looking for some huge change in 2012 how about this? We don’t need cataclysmic events from space, the sun, the earth , from this point forward…we can do it ourselves.

Denial is one of our strongest emotions. Would any one of us get in a car to go anywhere if we weren’t firmly denying that we could get killed in an accident…today? No, we plan for tomorrow.

If we realize that we weren’t involved in our creation, our birth, then we truly know that we won’t be involved in our departure, our death. No one that ever lived, no one that lives now or will live in the future is more important than YOU. On the same hand no one that ever lived , lives now, or will live is less important than YOU. Christ did what he did for everyone and that means YOU.

It is time for each and every person to go straight to the source, Christ himself. Really see what he says and decide for ourselves about our own spiritual journey. It is time to live, celebrate life, all life, love one another, love God and get real. It is not the time to listen to groups, churches or other people without choosing to learn and know for ourselves.

Choosing not to pay attention is also a choice, a valid choice, a serious choice. As long as we are willing to live with the consequences of our choices it seems only intelligent to know what our choices are. It is definitely time to choose. Thank God He gave us the freedom to choose.

                                                2 Peter 3;3-9

    First, I want to remind you that in the last days there will come scoffers who will do every wrong thing that they can think of and laugh at the Truth. This will be their line of argument: ” So Jesus promised to come back, did he? Then where is he? He’ll never come!

   Why as far back as anyone can remember everything has remained exactly the same as it was since the first day of creation.”

They deliberately forget the fact: that God did destroy the world with a mighty flood, long after He had made the heavens by the word of His command and used the waters to form the earth and surround it. And God has commanded that the earth and the heavens be stored away for a great bonfire on judgment day, when all ungodly men will perish.

   But don’t forget this dear friends, that a day or a thousand years from now is like tomorrow to the Lord. He isn’t really being slow about his promised return, even though sometimes it seems that way. But he is waiting for good reason that he is not willing for any to perish and he is giving more time for sinners to repent.



sinners- those who choose to separate from God

repent- say we are sorry and change

Wouldn’t a good reason for God to do “His thing”,be that humans were going to destroy the earth anyway?

                                     Revelations 21;1 and 4

Then I saw a new earth ( with no oceans!) And a new sky, for the present earth and  had disappeared.

   4 He shall wipe away all tears from their eyes and there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying, nor pain. All of that is gone forever.

                                        MATTHEW 5;5

” Humble men are very fortunate!” he told them. ” for the Kingdom of Heaven is given to them. Those who mourn are fortunate! They shall be comforted. The meek and the lowly are fortunate! For the whole wide world belongs to them.” Said Jesus Christ.


a definition

meek- humble to God, gentle to people, deep desire for God to be in control- not weak but strong in truth and faith- not courageous because they have no fear-

Fear and faith occupy the same space in the heart, mind and soul- the meek are faith filled people





                                          SAY YES TO FREEDOM

This is for all of those people that celebrate Easter.

This is a check up. How much have you let the pathetic attitude so prevalent in society, change you? How much have you accepted as ” that’s just the way it is-“?

We are constantly changing. The momentum is there. All that we need to do is steer in another direction. Find the road that is lost.

359,528 beige skinned Union soldiers died to stop this country from our own stupidity, greed and evil. They didn’t just speak up….. they died.

It was called the Civil War.

Hiding inside our own safe circle of life did not make change happen then and it won’t now. Taking a stand, stepping up and speaking out will inspire change. Tell people why we are so miserable.

Don’t judge the people, but judge the acts and the attitude.

If things continue to get worse and you have done nothing, you are equally responsible for the mess. Right now, no one has to die to make change happen. Can you guarantee that for our future?

Look around. Isn’t there anyone you will love enough to want something better, for them? 359,528 Union soldiers thought this country was worth it. At least honor their ultimate sacrifice keep us from becoming slaves to the greed hatred and violence that we see grow everyday.

Don’t hide… See…. Speak







Sometimes we get confused and think

                                   IT DOESN’T REALLY MATTER

Somehow, someway, you find yourself at the foot of the cross as a witness to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

You walk up standing tall and proud ready to be there for Him.

As you approach, reality…. the truth sets in.

Then you say:

“Lord, I didn’t know it was like this. I am so upset!

I need your help to get me through this so that I can be there for you.”

You can see the warm glow in His eyes as the love for you shines through.                                                                                  1

You continue

“Lord, I need you to tell me how I can help you. I don’t know what  2

to do. How can i make this better?”                                                    3

“This is so awful, Lord,. Are you sure you need to do this? I’m not sure that it is really going to matter. You walked this land healing people and teaching of God s love and look what they have done to you. If people don’t accept what you have done as a gift, why would this change their minds? Lord, you are really starting to bleed more from that gash, in your side.”

“No, Lord, it-doesn’t really matter. The world will be run by money.    4

People will sacrifice their whole lives in pursuit of money and what it can buy. Maybe if you would have had a fine house and great clothes, you would have done some networking through extravagant parties. Maybe, instead of informal hillside chats,(that were for just, you know, everyone?) you could have figured out a way for the right 5 kind of people to make money spreading your word. You could have avoided all of this.”  6

“Even myself, I have bills to pay and I want much more than I have. You’ve heard my prayers, I mourn over the stuff I don’t have. I need a bigger better house and more things to impress the people in my circle so that I can move up in the world. I realize that your life here has been simple and maybe that was good enough for you, but let’s face it, that “daily bread” is a comforting thought, but its not enough. That true riches thing you speak of, well, maybe it will work later.” 8

“Lord your feet are so broken from those spikes How do you stand the pain?”

You see, it doesn’t really Matter! When I have pain from disease or injury, I will know that you have abandoned me. You healed so many, but yet got me? I know you say these are God jobs because your strength shows up best in those that are weak, but why do I have to do it? Others can keep mercy, compassion and sacrificial love as qualities alive for us .I’ll feel bad for them, but I’ll never understand that you have chosen me to nurture some of your best.”    10

“Lord, you must be really thirsty now. You have lost so much body fluid from sweating and bleeding.. I don’t think what they gave you to suck on was water because you made a terrible face. I’d go ask for some real water, but they might hurt me, too,” ,

“Lord, this CAN’T really Matter because I will see the world turn so angry. People hurting each other for no reason other than to hurt. Our youth will be so confused that  violence will just be their way   11 of  life. I, like others, will stand by complaining about the world saying, ‘What has the world come to?’. Yet, I will do nothing accept the things to benefit my own.”

“I know you say even the Godless can love their own, so why do you do this? I will work even harder to give them the material stuff, that they need to make it here. I’ll be  so focused on this short life 12 on earth that I won’t develop character and soul in myself or my children. These gifts of faith. hope and love, I will not even pray for, because of my desire for stuff. This will make us think that we are  13 happy. We will think that we don’t need you.”

“ I’ll also make sure that my kids have the best education, they are going to need it to make money. I want them really challenged to learn. I’m sure they will pick up the concept of what you have done somewhere along the way. I won’t recognize the challenges you give me as love. I know you say that you will challenge us as a loving father challenges his children, but for our soul .I won’t see it.”         14

“I’ll take Credit for all that is good that has happened even though you created me, the earth I live on, every ounce of knowledge, everything. Then I’ll blame you when something goes wrong( in my opinion) and look to the sky saying ‘Why me, Lord? Why me?”       15

“I know you are suffering and all, but let’s face it, I will think that no one will care about my family as much as I do, not even you. All of my hard work and  sacrifice has to count. I know that we are only 16 here for a minute in the grand scheme of eternity, but it is all we will care about. I know we are supposed to be visitors. Yearning for our true home in heaven, but ‘I gotta do what I gotta do!’ Your sacrifice might count later.”                                                    17, &18

“Lord, you are really starting to slump now. I am surprised the small bones of your hands have not torn away from those spikes and you have fallen over head first. I am sure by now that you wouldn’t have enough strength to hold yourself up. Why did you need to do this publicly? I bet you really want to lay down to die. It would have been so much easier. You could have just got stabbed and be resting in a bed with cool cloth on your forehead and water in your mouth. You could still die and all, but maybe it would have been better in private you know with dignity?”

“You see, Lord it doesn’t REALLY MATTER! I will take ten cents too much  in change and say it is someone else’s fault that I stole. I  19 will not carry your word into my business world because no one else does. Screw or get screwed is the way it is It’s all about the money!” 20

“I will even choose my relationships based on money and status. Be assured , Lord, that I will make sure that someone really loves me, is devoted to you and me and they are generous before I will even     21 begin to care. You See, that two become one thing, that unconditional love and that forever marriage, well, they just aren’t working here. I know you’ve got my back covered on this one . Any true heart that I shred, you can heal. The good part is that you won’t have to heal my heart because I won’t have the faith to accept your gift of true love anyway. I’ll choose another relationship for entertainment and everything they are willing to do for me, give me. To wait for someone wanting the real thing, a Christ centered relationship, your way, would be far too lonely.

“Lord, it looks like you are crying. Its hard to tell. You have sweat so much and there is a lot of blood dripping from those thorns. No.. Yep, those are tears. That’s good, Lord, it means that you aren’t completely dehydrated, yet. It will be even more painful when you are. It will even hurt with your eyes closed.”.

“I know because I’m obsessed with my physical appearance. I work out a lot. I thought about helping those that are ill and can’t even walk, but my workout routine takes up too much of my time. People judge us by the way we look just like our money. We need looks   22 and money to get ahead. I know people are nurses aides, child care workers and so on and what they do is important, but without college what are they really contributing? Taking care of the sick, dying, elderly and very young is nice and all , but it doesn’t pull in the       23 money. Think about garbage collectors. They keep our planet clean from the waste of our own stuff, but really Lord you know what I’m saying. Don’t you?”

“Lord, your face is so drawn. Your eyes barely open. At least as you get weaker the pain will subside or so I’ve heard. This is terrible! This didn’t have to be!


“Why didn’t you just leave us alone here? You could have changed us in the blink of an eye when we die. Why did you care that we     24 could have faith here? We all have free will and we go about our business almost like you never did this at all anyway. Even with this that you have done for us, we have created our own hell on earth. Why did you care about our time and our soul while we are here?”

“Lord, think about this, look at our lives! IT DOESN’T REALLY MATTER! I’ll go to church, it will make me look good. I’ll witness to others that already agree with me. I’ll counsel those in trouble and I’ll feel good about being the expert. I won’t lead them to your word, it 25 will be ‘all about me’. I’ll accept any pedestal ( foot-stool) offered,even though you refused one yourself. You showed us that with the powerful example of going beneath your disciples’ feet to wash  26 them. I won’t show them the path to your love and your arms, I’ll want them to depend on me. I’ll believe when I need you, when times  27 are tough. I’ll ignore you when times are good. I’ll never admit my stupid and faithless mistakes even though your glory and love would show from my witness of your answers.             28

I’ll make sure that my church is elite, a select few. That’s the opposite of you, but its better that way. I’ll make sure this church is right about everything and knows everything, even though you   29 yourself said there are things “only the Father knows”. This church will not be interested in combining with all Christians as you  30 request. I will not understand that my faith is my relationship with you and my church is simply where I choose to celebrate it. We will put others of our faith down and judge them. This church will teach   31 us to pray for stuff and make it all about what  we get from you for 32 life here on earth. I’ll feel good and it will be good for my reputation.”

“I’ll still live by fear, not by faith. I’ll set my sights on the failure of others not of what you have taught us. I’ll let the stupid and  33 cruel acts of others control my life, my love, my happiness I will let fear from events of my past determine my future, not you. I will   34 harbor resentment and I will not truly forgive others as you have just done.”   35

“WHY DID YOU DO THAT!? They wanted you to suffer. They   36 wanted you to die! You tell us to love one another as you have loved us. You tell us to even love our enemy , yea right! I will not give you 37 the power to  change me that would take way too much faith.”

“WHY DO YOU CARE!?          38

When I can so easily turn my back on you, not be there for you?”

“Lord are you listening? ARE YOU ? You must be near death, I know the hearing goes before you die.(Then you shout) LORD!!! IT REALLY DOESN’T MATTER”     39

‘WHAT YOU DO FOR US! How can I share your news? People will judge me! They will find out all of my faults. I know that I am human like anyone else. No one messenger is better than another, and it  40 is the message that counts, but. surely it is someone else’s responsibility to be a better person than I choose to be!”

“Someone else can pray for a stronger, richer, deeper faith. Let someone else take the hits! .This could hurt my public image and interfere with my ability to provide for my family, you know, money? How can my sacrifice make a difference? Its not like the early 41 Christians hiding in the catacombs just to share your news, nor like the ones killed in the arena or living in prison writing your books of the Bible. My life and your ultimate sacrifice can’t matter, IT DOESN’T REALLY MATTER! Does it?   42

“Does it matter to you, Lord?”

As He takes His last breath, you say,

“It doesn’t really matter.” The tears are now your own


You drop to your knees and tell Him how much it really does.













In these pages I give God all of the credit for anything good.

I accept all of the blame for anything bad.


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Over and over again the same


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