True Freedom from Predatory Charge Cards

True Freedom from Predatory Charge Cards

Recently I fought against Discover in court. I used the Constitution as the basis, not new charge card reform acts. Our country was founded by people that had given up everything to find a new land, to form a new nation based on freedom. Many were already subject to tyranny of wealthy landlords, employers and debt collectors. On their journey here they got drastically ill, died and lost loved ones. They were traveling to an unknown land not knowing what food they could grow, where fresh water was or if they could even make it. There was no 911, no doctors, no medicine, no electricity and no communication with the ones they left behind. Think about that. Still …. They came. Freedom from all of this was as important to them as the air they breathed. When they wrote The Constitution they built in these guarantees from oppression and in their brilliance wrote it in a manner they makes it a current and living document. Use it or lose it. If we don’t believe in the rights and freedoms established for us, someday a government will take them away. Maybe someday soon. After 9 months of court Discover, who had brought suit against me, asked for a dismissal. They expected me to go away and my claims to be frivolous. Not so.

I used the card for 4 months in the beginning in 2001. I transferred and charged a total of $2207.50. After almost 7 yrs of paying they tried to say that I still owed $4500.00. I offered to settle and close at 3x or 300% of the original amount that I put on there. They said, “NO.” Think….Would not any lender of mortgages or cars be thrilled with a 300% return in 7 years? FOCUS PEOPLE! ….THINK!….. BANKS, CREDIT CARD COMPANIES AND OTHER LENDERS…… WOULD NOT EXIST WITHOUT OUR MONEY! THEY WOULD BE NOTHING BUT EMPTY BUILDINGS…NO EMPLOYEES…. NOTHING WITHOUT OUR MONEY! THEY HAVE ONLY IMAGINARY POWER GIVEN TO THEM BY US AND OUR MONEY! SO…. STOP PAYING THE THIEVES! If they fail to exist… .so be it. Print, sign and send or deliver the Patriot Card Proposal to your local Community Bank or Credit Union. Tell them what we want. Do it now!

Before I give you the details…. Think about this. 70% of our economy is based on Consumer Confidence (which has now become Consumer Ability to pay). At what point does this illegal and predatory debt become treason? Since the beginning of time enemies have tried to destroy one another with blown up bridges, blocked trade routes and ports and any method to bring their supply and economy to a screeching halt and bring the country to its knees. We see this issue right now all the time with Iraq. We call it sanctions. FIRE ONE! So these debts these companies say we owe are lies and un-Constitutional. FIRE TWO! Then they go whining to the government begging for our tax dollars to rescue them and LYING that the debt is real and fair. IT IS NOT! FIRE THREE! We the people pay them again and pay China a lot of interest to pay these companies debt that was never owed! FIRE FOUR! Did you know that every time that you swipe a card that the business that you are using it at pays them too? Then the businesses have to raise the prices in general to make up the hit they take on the card transactions and we pay again!…. STOP PAYING THE THIEVES! Once again, read the Patriot Card proposal…. Print, sign and deliver it.

What they did to me:
1) Is this FRAUD? At the very beginning, they put $1526.06 in the cash advance column at 23% when they advertised 0%. Hell of a difference, no? And believe me, it was hell. They never changed it after numerous attempts to straighten it out.
2) Is this EXTORTION? At the very beginning they started charging me for a product of their own company called Account Guard (now called Profile Protect) They refused numerous times to remove this. They finally did not bill me in 2006 for ONE MONTH and then resumed billing me the next month but here’s the best part! Since I could not get them to stop, I figured that I might as well use the service. This product is designed to protect your accounts including credit reporting. So I called. Big mistake. My credit report had been slammed illegally by most of my parents’ creditors. Both of my parents died within 9 months of each other. They were divorced and I was executrix of both estates. Their creditors put all of their bills on my credit report which is also illegal and used to intimidate me and make sure the estate paid them off. So I called Account guard since they were forcing me to pay for this anyway GUESS WHAT? Instead of fixing the situation and protecting me …. They used this information to profile me and lower my line of credit to below what I transferred over in the beginning which $1500.00 of it was still in the cash advance at high interest (23%). Now they are charging me OVERLIMIT FEES. Remember I have not used this card since the first 4 months back in 2001 and this was 2002! THUGS! They ask for fear money to protect while they never provide that service and then use it against you when you need it! Is this extortion … pure and simple…. By law? It kept hanging in court.
3) Aren’t these R.I.C.O. violations? R.I.C.O. is an acronym for organized crime type activities. Now listen. They lowered my credit limit below the imaginary debt they say I owed. BUT! They still charged me for their product of Account Guard! I could not use that card anywhere else to buy anything, but they were still charging me for their own product. NO!!! Isn’t forcing someone to pay for a fictitious service owned by them and not allow the card to be used for anything else like money laundering? It is definitely organized. How about a crime?
4) The interest rate are not just the problem. Were your cards charging you interest on their own products they they were forcing you to buy? More of the same!

The road has been paved. Be honest. Admit to what you borrowed and some fair interest on it. Discover really came around when they saw everything that had been done and The Constitution wasn’t going away. There have been laws against indenture servitude and usury law for a long time now. It is not allowed to work to pay off a debt that the lender decides how much is due with constant and unpredictable changes. Do you work? The laws were already there. You don’t need to owe more than $10,000 like the commercials say. Stop the madness and the destruction of this country.

Be a hero. Worried about your credit rating? Really? When it’s a lie? Put on there by crooks and liars? How many lies are you going to be afraid of? What lies will you let change your life? What about all of the brave young people putting their life on the line everyday? Still worried? Can you accept the fact that if you don’t act an elderly widow, sick person or injured veteran will have this happen to them? While you did nothing? Even though Discover saw the light and will be happy to set your account right and help rebuild this country others have not. Simply contact Discover’s legal department. They have decided to be patriots and make it right. And for all of those that are still predators or change back into that, STOP THEM. If you stop paying the thieves, they’ll sue. They’ll have to come to you, your time, your turf on their dime and it’s a very fat dime. Are there any attorneys out there to take on a huge class action suit? No? Yes? I am a single Mom with no real money in a small town in a fly over state. I did this for everyone that choose to fight for this country and defend from the destruction within. IF you can help me with the legal bills, please send $1. (Yes – even $1 will help) I am still paying them monthly. If I can do this, anyone can.

Get the court record from:

Fulton County Court Eastern Division
204 S. Main Street
Swanton, Ohio 43558
Case# 08CVH956

Contact me:

C.C. Forche
106 Pennsylvania #1
Swanton, Ohio 43558
>> note: this address needs to be updated

It is time for everyone to be a hero and straighten this country up.
This will benefit everyone. We the People. If you think that you haven’t had problems with these companies answer me this. What is your house worth? Got a job? Is it what you want? How is it going for your kids’ school? We pay thieves instead of schools? Fire and police departments? Really? Wake up and realize how important you are to everyone. Choose to be part of the problem or part of the solution … the clean up crew. Stand up attorneys NOW! If little o’ me can … why won’t you?

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